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  1. Ones with 7 offers Ksu, TT, UTSA, etc yes I'm worried why we didn't offer
  2. Will Kiffin Be Gone After 1 Year?

    You have fallen off your Rocker. The man makes 1 million dollars a year, I bet he's pretty proud of where he's at.
  3. Expectations vs. Lamar

    Side note, former player of mine Josh Jinning has been competing for a starting LB spot for them, brought him to UNT twice on unofficials we just filled up at the LB spot. He led their scrimmage today with 5 tackles. Looking forward to kicking their teeth in!
  4. Uniform Speculation

    Who cares? They're trying something new to excite recruits and players not 40+ year old men. FWIW
  5. Jenkins and Brooks are two best corners no questions asked, fall camp isn't when you get starters solidified and get 2s reps so you know what you got.
  6. Wilson made two NFL cuts at the last scrimmage, cuts I hadn't seen since Demarco Murray at OU. At least live with my own eyes.
  7. McClain, Wilson if he has huge year and stays healthy, Jordan Murray if he figures it out, Nate Brooks, Eric Jenkins and Caleb Chumley IMO.
  8. Current Class Rating

    Bowling Green offered towards end of spring ball. Every school loved him that came through, heck Baylor liked him a bunch and so did TCU. TCU coach said every G5 school in nation was crazy for not banging his door down. Harrell liked him a lot when he came to practice, they wanted to get him to camp so Reff and Littrell could see him with their eyes. Film is only part of the story. He does things that are just good football plays that you don't always see on film. Reff spent some time talking to me after/during camp breaks about him and his character/work ethic etc. I really think they're serious about getting kids in here who they can count on. It all checked out and they went back and watched his tape again, called him that night and offered. There is a lot that goes into this process. We were third offer. Bowling Green 5/26, PVAMU 6/6, UNT 6/8, Midwestern State 6/9, after the A&M Commerce mega camp on June 17th picked up ULM 6/17 and Illinois 6/22. Illinois had almost their entire staff at that camp their WR coach loved Jaxon and was the initial recruiter. It's a weird game, but I'm glad he chose UNT.
  9. Current Class Rating

    Why?? It was a steal, beat out Illinois. That's a STEAL. Also Gibbs had multiple big12 schools sniffing, with a lot of interest and a few PAC whatever they are now. This one was a steal no way around it. Especially a DFW kid.
  10. A look at Lamar's Quarterbacks

    Ha. This kid was a LAAAAAATE bloomer, couldn't keep his eyes right. Tore his knee up his sophomore year, played DE junior year bc he wouldn't read his OL. I convinced my D.C. to give him another shot and worked primarily with him, got his eyes right and he went off as a SR, problem was it was too late even for UNT. They liked his tape but had already taken the guys they wanted as LB. Same for Dylan Spears who is at Trinity Valley JUCO. I would love to be on staff. I'd take a HS relations gig any day. The HS wouldn't be able to keep me out.
  11. No it's not. Also Greg White was supposedly the "project" of the class from some coversations I've had. Crazy, he could contribute the quickest. THAT is exciting
  12. A look at Lamar's Quarterbacks

    This guy was my LB last year and can flat out ball! He signed with Lamar and is running with their 2s in fall camp. He may push for PT. I'll be torn but I told him I hope we wear his ___ out! Lol 😂 he said coach I got you!!! He's a great kid and I'm glad he's getting school paid for. Josh Jinning
  13. Rumor of John Franklin III...

    I agree whole heartedly.
  14. FAU scores again

    He was gunna play WR at Auburn anyway, not sure why he would leave. But, he is playing WR at FAU, in Briles offense. He's a grad transfer so he has this year to play.