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  1. Home Of The 109th Ranked Defense

    Because he MAY be 5'10 that's probably an inch too tall.
  2. EJ Ejiya JUCO (JR), Kemon Hall JUCO (JR), Tony Krasniqi (Fr), Ladarius Hamilton (So), McDonald (D2 Transfer), Ozougwu (So), Muhammad (So)
  3. And how many of those upper classmen playing are in their first year of playing.
  4. Commits: Week 8 Schedule (10/20)

    Gibbs had 6 tackles and a TFL. gave up one catch all night played man the entire game.
  5. Look, we got absolutely ROCKED. That start to the game was as bad as I've witnessed. That thing snowballed on us so fast we blinked and it was 21-0. We have a team who isn't used to winning consistently, and they dang sure aren't used to the expectations associated with that. The upper class men haven't done it, and the lower class men are starting to do it. We are starting and playing an inordinate amount of freshman and sophomores, and unfortunately things like this happen when that is the case. I'm still pissed about the loss, but I'll show up Saturday and cheer for UNT. This will be the wake up call that propels this team to a great finish to the season. If we tackle the RB in the first two drives on 3rd down we may be having a different conversation. We didn't and things got out of hand quickly. Games like this, you watch and learn from then move as quickly as you can onto the next on and get ready to compete.
  6. Calling Out The Defense

    Who said I was good with the score? I thought they'd kick our ___.. didn't think our D was ready for Baylor tempo nor their quality RBs. I think pool day today was bad idea, again I'm not a coach on staff and I can't see their reasoning. They saw it necessary for some reason. Maybe kids practiced tight all week, trying to get them to calm down. Idk? Coaching is 80% psychology 20% execution Ok. You're the AD you're trying to make the job attractible. A trip to the other destinations... not so much? Quit _itching about stuff that has no Bearing in our game.
  7. Calling Out The Defense

    So you *itch about them taking one trip, and in the same breath want proof of multiple trips taken? Come on man.
  8. Calling Out The Defense

    Too bad your work place doesn't promote family. First thing I ask when interview opens up for questions. Coaches spend 90% of their day away from family, if family isn't a huge deal where I'm applying I ain't interested. Coaching world has enough issues, if my family can't be around I'm out. Also this was the night before, and wives only picture FWIW.. No money in HS coaching, just a love for your kids and the game.
  9. Calling Out The Defense

    You have to be kidding... you have a family?? Ever spent 3-4 months away from them, I'm talking 6 am-7-8 pm maybe later for college coaches. And done that for 6 days a week. The one day you don't is show up to work by 2 pm and get home when everyone's asleep.
  10. Question no answer, you've never seen a team come out and lay an inexplicable egg?? Shit happens in sports, I'm as pissed as anyone FWIW. But I also thought FAU would have their way with us
  11. Calling Out The Defense

    What scheme are you referring to?
  12. Calling Out The Defense

    Good lord hell no!! My best guess if Littrell fired Reff is Koonz or Littrell took over
  13. New Age Recruiting Strategy

    I'll disagree, wasn't a player on fau team that I wouldn't switch our starter for right now.
  14. Calling Out The Defense

    Lol guys they were trying to get kids to relax and loosen up. If you've never tried to get kids ready to play a big game after they've won a HUGE game, you'll never understand. Idk that I agree with pool day today but I damn sure won't question it. Littrell knows his kids better than any of us. Defense got drove early, but offense helped 0.... tell me how our first three drives went. Defense can only be on field so long before the gas tank becomes empty