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  1. GMG24

    Recruiting Update 6/16

    Can’t buy into the 2nd round 3rd round 2 Star No star guy. The numbers are in these guys favor to be “more successful” because their are more of them. Sure the top level guys should pan out but when they don’t guess who is there waiting in the wings. 2nd and 3rd level guys so on and so forth. I just like to watch kids tapes we get. Tells me most of what I need to know.
  2. Me too, profile picture and this post go hand in hand IMO
  3. Currently holds in this order of offers, UNT, Cornell, Tulsa, Southern Miss, Northwestern, Yale, TX State, Air Force, Lamar, Sam Houston State, ULM, and picked up Tulane yesterday afternoon. Everyone relax. We will be ok. 🙂
  4. GMG24

    WKU Stikes Again

    WKU uses a ship on a 5 star kid we offer a walk on... lol if we win any game against them we're making noise in NCAA tournament IMO.
  5. GMG24

    19 QB Chase Griffin - Hutto

    Chip Kelly strikes again.
  6. GMG24

    Change to Redshirt Rules

    In Fines case... sit/RS since he hasn’t used it yet.
  7. GMG24

    Change to Redshirt Rules

    This could be beginning of end for G5’s.. kid like Fine or FAU RB blow up for 2/3 years all of a sudden may decide to head to bigger program to compete... not a huge fan but I understand the reasoning behind it. Coaches can go school to school with no penalty kids are told where they can’t transfer to and have to get permission to transfer
  8. 17 billionaires in Dallas 7 are SMU football boosters m... blah blah blah you won’t struggle to find work etc like I told my kid ask how many graduated football players have jobs..
  9. 6’1 175 pounds moved from WR to DB this spring for West Mesquite and is pulling in offers left and right. Holds Utah, UNT, Tulane, and UMASS with a ton more interest. Kid can go! Saw him at two different camps and man did he impress!!!
  10. He holds offers from TCU, SMU, and UNT. He is 5'9 170 pounds and ran a 4.38 at TCU and a 4.41 at SMU. He also returns kicks and punts and was the 14-5A 2 way Player of the Year. IMO he was the district MVP but they gave that award to seniors this year... don't get me started! He he is being recruited as an ATH by all the schools who have offered but most like him the best at WR. He will play slot for us this year as well as RB and maybe some Wildcat QB who knows. The kid is electric with the ball in his hands.
  11. Have you not realized this staff prefers JUCO DL? Typically those guys don't get the ratings and attention as high school guys unless they're sec level guys.
  12. Check Boises last 2 classes tell me you wouldn't be ok with someone who was part of that joining our team. Man you really love to find anything to crap on don't you? It's really old.
  13. You are completely delusional if you think a kid that has a legit offer from OU that he will pick UNT over OU. IDC if the best recruiter in America was here... how many times have you seen a big time kid stay home? I can think of an Ed Oliver once in a blue moon. It just doesn't happen often. FIU landed 2 pretty big time kids, no idea who was actively recruiting them or what there story is. Bottom line is, we haven't proven squat except offensive progress under Littrell and winning more games each season. Our facilities leave ALOT to be desired the only thing the coaches can sell is their relationships and experience. Be nice when athletic complex is done and we have more selling points than Apogee.