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  1. SL Hypothetical

    I need more hypothetical information before I can answer. Who are we losing conference championship games to and what are we doing in bowl games?
  2. Roll call

    See you there
  3. Saturday Morning Tailgate

    Wife and I are staying in the Hyatt Regency, guess we'll see y'all in the Borgne
  4. Anyone in DFW driving to game?

    I would leave earlier, but the winery doesn't open until 1:00. Gotta make sure the wife enjoys the trip.
  5. Anyone in DFW driving to game?

    Leaving Pottsboro around 9:00 a.m. Friday. Stopping at On Cloud Nine Winery near Shreveport for a little 'lunch' before heading down to the Big Easy. The I-20 shut down is far enough west that it won't affect us, we get on/off at HWY 69 near near Lindale, so we're likely coming home the same way on Sunday.
  6. “Winnable Game”

    Agreed. I was pulling for Arkansas State last night for that very reason. Troy is a good team. our guys can beat them, but only if they are totally prepared. If they don't look at troy as a worthy opponent it will be a nationally televised disaster. I'll be there. Go mean Green!
  7. Me too. But if I get up my wife will expect me to do housework, so...
  8. All of them? There are 19 places named Atlanta in America. There is one place named Atlanta in South Africa. There is one place named Atlanta in Nicaragua. There is one place named Atlanta in Costa Rica. There is one place named Atlanta in Belgium. There is one place named Atlanta in Austria.
  9. If this game is at a neutral site like Atlanta or New Orleans, I start thinking about buying tickets as soon as we clinch. As it is, we couldn't make travel plans until the east was decided. (I'm not going to start booking flights and rooms because I'm 'pretty sure' tye game is going to be in Boca)
  10. We shouldn't punt in this game. It doesn't seem to matter much where they take possession anyway.
  11. Field goal on opening drive a positive. I hope we see some timeouts on defense or something to slow down that super tempo stuff.