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  1. Home Opener Against SMU

    I believe Chad saw the writing on the wall. All the gentleman that killed us this year will be gone. But it is the first game of the year and anything can happen.
  2. UTEP (12/28/17)

    Feel like for the first time all the calls are going our way
  3. next years game at Pig land

    It’s a pipe dream to think we can beat Arkansas. I believe we can keep it close but their depth will beat us. We will have to fire on all cylinders for us to have a chance and I can’t remember when the last time we have done that. Sorry to be a downer.
  4. 2018 Early NSD official thread

    Maybe for north Texas is the best class but national ranked 100 will not keep us competitive . We have a long way
  5. Hope this doesn't hurt our recruiting. If I was a QB recruit seeing this O line I would pass
  6. How does attendance look on TV?

    Looks like less than 10k
  7. Bowl attendance?

    I see total attendance will be 3000 Troy 8000 Mean Green going to be a very empty stadium
  8. Hope it happens I voted for the first round of athletic fees
  9. Ready for a brand new OL

    These guys are bad.