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  1. Saturday Morning Tailgate

    Yeah I would never go for a turnaround that quick. Over half of the appeal of this bowl is the city.
  2. Thinking about ordering this customized hoodie

    People on this board are the last to ask about sartorial decisions. Horrible taste abound
  3. Student Travel Package Extended

    As a guy just about to leave his twenties, this is the first thing that came to mind. Half the pull of a NO bowl trip is the ability to go out and drink with other MG fans in one of the best cities for that kind of thing in the entire world.
  4. SMU considering Littrell among others

    You completely pulled this out of your ass
  5. Mason Fine

    Y'all won't even be the second best front 7 we've faced this year.
  6. Head Count for NO Bowl

    me plus two
  7. Really Worried About Troy

    all of the kicking in that game was atrocious. Troy's kicker looks like a bad high school kicker. I honestly think that my washed-up ass could go out there and do better (supposing I could get a few beers in me first).
  8. Looks like I'm flying solo on this one (literally and figuratively). Any MG fans wanna shoot some craps at Harrah's with me?
  9. Scrappy

    Yeah, this is where I am. Definitely A+ mascot work. C- costume work.
  10. Again, I do not like this. I think this is settling, especially if FAU goes to the Indy bowl.
  11. Brett McMurphy says North Texas Lock for NOLA

    Hate to throw more gas on this fire, but the FAU community is talking as if FSU v FAU in Shreveport is a foregone conclusion.
  12. Horribly derailed FAU look-a-like thread

    May we tee it high As the better bird takes flight Shut the Motor down
  13. 3 Keys to Success... UNT vs. FAU

    We have 100% confirmed that we won't see a surprise appearance by Mr. English tomorrow, right?
  14. That's their new branding scheme. Looks kinda like a flaccid penis on their helmets if you don't look very closely.