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  1. Weekend of 1/13 Visitors

    Thanks! Figured, but was hoping for a bigger weekend coming out of the dead period
  2. Any news here on OVs?
  3. DJ Draper

    Absolutely! DJ has earned every minute he has ever played here, and then some!
  4. Rice (1/13/18)

    ESPN box score gave him one less, I think. They had him at 39 but he had 42. Also, more conference wins than all of last year, now. 3-0 on the road to start conference for the first time since 1991
  5. Rice (1/13/18)

    No. ESPN (Rice) did an awful job. Putting him in the box score was incorrect. One of numerous errors on the scoring by them today. But they showed us winning, so they got the important thing right
  6. Rice (1/13/18)

    Completely agree. That three late against Indiana State, the two against UTSA in the second half, and had one late against ODU. All catch and shoot threes. Love to see that
  7. Rice (1/13/18)

    And he was being sloppy with the ball. He has picked it up, and Smart is taking over now. That's what we needed
  8. Rice (1/13/18)

    Gonna really need Temara and Woolridge to pick it up
  9. A.J. Lawson is out against Rice. Full story.

    Tough news. Wonder why Duffy is out too
  10. '18 T/G Thomas Preston III (Scottsdale CC)

    Everytime I see this school it gives me Brock Berglund flashbacks
  11. ‘18 Tyree Thompson LB (LA Valley CC)

    Jordan Murray
  12. Tyree Thompson De-commits per DRC

    He didn't sign anything
  13. Old Dominion (1/6/18)

    A few thoughts: 1. If Smart is off, we probably aren't going to win. At least against teams in the top half of the conference. He didn't play awful but he missed a lot of good looks. We need our best player to make teams pay on those and he didn't. This is a also a disadvantage of having your best player be a pure shooter type. Even the best shooters are off sometimes. Gotta find other ways to score. 2. AJ Lawson continues to struggle. Plain and simple, he isn't a good shooter. He has never been a shooter, but he's good at getting into the lane and getting decent shots off around the basket, which he is not converting enough of. Contested, but good looks and he has missed way too many of them. He is a guard shooting 54% on his free throw attempts and 20.5% on his 3-point attempts. Our point guard is shooting 59% too. Lawson may never be a good shooter, but surely he can get up to around a 33% 3-point shooter and close to 70% on his free throws. I wonder if we had a healthy Gibson, how much less Lawson would be playing, particularly in crunch time and on games where he is off. He gives a lot defensively, but he has been a liability on offense. 3. This team has made a lot of losing plays down the stretch, and it finally caught up with them the last two games. Against USD we blew it down the stretch to let them get to OT, then let them steal and inbounds pass and have a chance to tie the game at the end of OT, which they missed. UTEP, they also stole the inbounds at the end but missed a game-winning shot they got from the stolen inbounds. UTSA, we blew a 6-point lead in the last two minutes, plus Holston missed the front end of the one and one after Temara's block. Fortunately they too missed a game-winning attempt. Finally with Charlotte, they made us pay for blowing a 4-point lead in the last minute and Holston missing a free-throw to put us up by one, by sneaking by us for the game-winning put back with no one paying attention. Yesterday we had a bad possession going before the questionable Woolridge travel call, after missing a lot of free throws in the second half including the front end of one and ones. Still a young team learning how to close teams out, instead of them letting the other team close themselves out.