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  1. 11-0 when shooting 70% or better from the foul line is pretty telling. We lost so many one or two possession games this season where we were awful from the foul line, turned the ball over too many times, and were not good enough at hitting jump shots. This tournament has shown how good we can be if we are taking care of those facets of the game.
  2. Can You Believe This Sh@# !?

    I don't know about you guys, but this just had the feeling after the first two games like there was no chance today would be anything less than a convincing win.
  3. UNT Basketball Stat Watch

    Smart is now up to 689 points on the season. Smart needs just 40 more points to set the single-season school record for points in a season. With at least two games left he has a really good shot at that. Needs 11 more to pass Jon Manning's 1978-1979 season mark of 699 to move into second in school single-season history. Smart also now has 153 made free throws on the season, which is tied for 8th most in single-season school history. His 126 made threes has him just 6 away from breaking into the top 10 in school history for a career. Woolridge is now up to 205 assists on the season, which means he is just four assists away from setting a new school single-season record. At 272 career assists, next up is Chris Jones who is 6th in school history at 282 career assists. Some significant records that have been held for decades are in jeopardy of being broken. They were achieved in significantly less games, but still.
  4. Jacksonville State (3/21/18)

    Many NBA people think Ben Simmons should do the same thing
  5. Jacksonville State (3/21/18)

    We have annihilated three teams who have combined to win 68 games this year. Can't be understated.
  6. Jacksonville State (3/21/18) to donate to their relief efforts
  7. Jacksonville State (3/21/18)

    Woolridge now 7th in school history in career assists and is just 5 assists away from breaking the single-season record for assists in a season.
  8. Jacksonville State (3/21/18)

    Miller was just shooting with the wrong hand, as an ambidextrous guy. Lawson can't just switch to his left hand. He has never been a good shooter. That's why he, as a 6'5" guard really didn't have a great offer list. He obviously needs to work on it, but if he's going to be effective here I think it will be by taking a lesser offensive role and being surrounded by shooters so he can make teams pay when they try and man up the shooters around him. He can take guys one on one off the bounce.
  9. 1-1. Only other double double he had was against MTSU, which was a loss.
  10. Hate to break it to you, but this is a guard offer. When Allante Holston and Mike Miller start at the 4, they are listed as guards. This dude would play 3 here, maybe some 4. Either way he's a perimeter player and Mccasland would list him as a guard, I'm fairly confident.
  11. Jacksonville State (3/21/18)

    Brings me back to the good ole days when I was high on AJ. Hopefully he can still reclaim that and get back on that Josh Howard Wake Forest trajectory
  12. Roosevelt Smart is now up to 669 points on the season. That is third in North Texas Single-Season history. Next up is Jon Manning (1978-1979), at 699. First is Kenneth Lyons (1982-1983) at 728. Smart is looking to join Lyons as the only NT players with 700 point seasons. With 122 three-point field goals made, Smart is 10 away from cracking the top 10 in school history for career three-point field goals made. Smart's 149 made free throws this season is 2 away from putting him in the top 10 in single-season school history. And is 2nd in school single-season history in free-throw percentage. Ryan Woolridge's 196 assists this season is 2nd in school single-season history, to Walter "Weasel" Johnson's 1976-1977 season mark of 208 assists. Woolridge's 263 career assists puts him at 8th in school history. Next up is Furmia Nealy at 269 career assists. Among other things, this tournament has been a great way for these guys to pad their stats. Let me know if there are any other stats you think should be tracked. These guys are just sophomores and already are getting their names in the record book. Plenty of stat tracking to come with these two.
  13. Mercer (3/19/18)

    Particularly from the Benford recruits. Mccasland's recruits have decent numbers at the line, relative to their position