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  1. Class is definitely taking form now
  2. BillySee58

    '19 QB Will Kuehne (Owasso)

    Also nice that even if Littrell and/or Harrell were to leave, this is likely a guy we shouldn't have to worry about transferring.
  3. BillySee58

    '19 QB Will Kuehne (Owasso)

    Boom! You called it
  4. BillySee58

    North Texas Lands BIG Commit

    Back to back years we get someone from out of Grand Prairie who holds a P5 offer! Get this man a thread
  5. BillySee58

    19 QB Chase Griffin - Hutto

    When I disagree with someone on this board, and they disagree with me, it opens the door for a good back and forth as long as facts and logic are used to support each side. And I get healthy conversations on this board born from disagreement. But from you all I seem to get is you acting butt hurt by my posts and calling me an expert in air quotes (which I have never claimed to be), or otherwise talking about my recruiting background. I disagreed with your post, but I don't see why you don't choose to defend your stance and explain your logic. I don't make things personal, and I'm always up for a back and forth that brings up points and facts I hadn't considered. That sounded self righteous as hell, but you get what I mean.
  6. BillySee58

    '19 QB Maverick McIvor (San Angelo)

    Commits to Texas Tech
  7. BillySee58

    19 QB Chase Griffin - Hutto

    Hm, I always seem to get a downvote notification when I get a response from you. Wonder why that is. I mean, it's promising because Littrell and Harrell have done such a good job with Fine, but there's zero indication that the other guys who have never thrown a division one pass would provide tougher competition than UCLA's QBs. And from the standpoint of a recruit, they aren't committing to UCLA because they're scared off by competition from a bunch of G5 signees who have never thrown a division one pass. I think we'll sign a good QB this class, and with no other QB commits, plus a junior QB who will be gone after they redshirt, the situation actually should be in our favor for a high school QB.
  8. BillySee58

    19 QB Chase Griffin - Hutto

    Interesting. Thanks! I don't know what to call this, but I see it a lot on here. People think just because they can name players on our roster, that makes our depth chart better and more daunting to incoming recruits than the depth charts on other rosters. It's pretty prevalent on here, but I'm slightly surprised that it even extends to P5 teams like UCLA.
  9. BillySee58

    '19 S Rashad Wisdom (Converse Judson)

    Commits to UTSA
  10. BillySee58


    Fine didn't have any other offers. Didn't take good recruiting skills to get Fine to choose us over walkon offers. It did show tremendous evaluating ability and development.
  11. BillySee58

    19 QB Chase Griffin - Hutto

    Where do you think we go at QB from here? Keuhne?
  12. BillySee58

    Last Scholarship

    I think the coaches are good with the roster as is it's constructed, so I think the spot is not going to go to a player that plays a specific position. I think it's going to either go to a good grad transfer who comes available late, a regular transfer who comes available late and will have to sit out a year, or a high school player who qualifies late or otherwise comes available late. I think they're going to use the scholarship to be opportunistic and get a guy who comes available late when most other schools are out of spots. And could live with giving it to a guy who has to sit out this year. That's the benefit of having a solid roster that you're not still trying to round into form.
  13. I remember a lot of similar comments when Mccarney was here. I'm not going to give any staff a pat on the back for being early on a guy who ends up with multiple P5 offers. If we see a guy who ends up going P5, I sure hope we are good enough at evaluating to recognize that kid is worthy of an offer from a CUSA school. That being said, it does seem like this staff is good enough at evaluating players who are more borderline. They're also starting to actually land some solid prospects, which is the most encouraging.
  14. BillySee58

    Revisiting the 2014 Signing Class

    Avery Fortenberry, Aaron's younger brother, was a part of the 2014 class as a grayshirt. He never played a meaningful snap here, though. And yes, Kirby was a starter whose father passed before his senior season. Kirby came in fall 2012 as a walkon freshman.