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  1. UTEP moving to Mountain West?

    This information comes from the NMSU Chancellor and is linked below for authenticty: Activity Report March 3 – March 9 By Office of President | Published March 13, 2018 Chancellor Garrey Carruthers "While at the WAC Basketball Tournament, I met with the Presidents and Athletic Directors of the WAC schools to discuss business as well as the challenges facing the Conference regarding membership. The WAC is initiating an aggressive membership campaign. Commissioner Jeff Hurd said “something was going to happen and happen soon” regarding conference alignments and realignments. One rumor was the Mountain West would become a 16-member conference with two-8 member divisions. NMSU could come into play as a new member, along with UTEP."
  2. WKU over UAB 72-57. 20th NCAA tourney bid. No one comes close. Go TOPPERS!
  3. WHEN READING the Conference USA tournament pairings, don’t do a double take. Marshall plays a Thursday quarterfinal in something called the Ford Center at The Star in the northern Dallas suburb of Frisco, on Court B at 7:30 p.m. Eastern. You may have seen on the previous line that Middle Tennessee plays on Court A at 7. Whatever the heck is going on?
  4. Ray Harper rumored to be their guy. Read more:
  5. 2017-18 ALL-CONFERENCE USA FIRST TEAM Jon Elmore, Marshall, Jr., G, 6-3, 185, Charleston, West Virginia Nick King, Middle Tennessee, Sr., F, 6-7, 225, Memphis, Tennessee Ahmad Caver, Old Dominion, Jr., G, 6-2, 170, Atlanta, Georgia Chris Cokley, UAB, Sr., F, 6-8, 238, Savannah, Georgia Justin Johnson, WKU, Sr., F, 6-7, 245, Hazard, Kentucky 2017-18 ALL-CONFERENCE USA SECOND TEAM C.J. Burks, Marshall, Jr., G, 6-4, 195, Martinsburg, West Virginia Giddy Potts, Middle Tennessee, Sr., G, 6-2, 217, Athens, Alabama Roosevelt Smart, North Texas, So., G, 6-3, 185, Chicago, Illinois Jhivvan Jackson, UTSA, Fr., G, 6-0, 160, Bayamón, Puerto Rico Darius Thompson, WKU, Gr., 6-4, 190, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 2017-18 ALL-CONFERENCE USA THIRD TEAM Brian Beard Jr., FIU, Jr., G, 5-10, 180, Rancho Cucamonga, California Ronald Delph, Florida Atlantic, R-Sr., C, 7-0, 245, Winter Haven, Florida Jacobi Boykins, Louisiana Tech, Sr., G, 6-6, 175, St. Petersburg, Florida Ajdin Penava, Marshall, Jr., F, 6-9, 220, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina B.J. Stith, Old Dominion, Jr., G, 6-5, 215, Lawrenceville, Virginia 2017-18 CONFERENCE USA ALL-FRESHMAN TEAM Anthony Duruji, Louisiana Tech, Fr., F, 6-7, 198, Germantown, Maryland Zack Bryant, UAB, Fr., G, 6-2, 180, Hastings, Florida Jhivvan Jackson, UTSA, Fr., G, 6-0, 160, Bayamón, Puerto Rico Keaton Wallace, UTSA, Fr., G, 6-3, 170, Dallas, Texas Taveion Hollingsworth, WKU, Fr., G, 6-2, 175, Lexington, Kentucky 2017-18 CONFERENCE USA ALL-DEFENSIVE TEAM Brian Beard Jr., FIU, Jr., G, 5-10, 180, Rancho Cucamonga, California Ajdin Penava, Marshall, Jr., F, 6-9, 220, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina Tyrik Dixon, Middle Tennessee, So., G, 6-1, 184, Bentonville, Arkansas Ahmad Caver, Old Dominion, Jr., G, 6-2, 170, Atlanta, Georgia William Lee, UAB, Sr., F, 6-9, 206, Selma, Alabama
  6. Would be a feather in the MWC hat!,amp.html
  7. Budget Council recommends athletics budget cut of over $1.3 million link:
  8. ODU looking to bail C-USA?

    Old Dominion joined Conference USA in 2012 for what, at the time, appeared to be all the right seasons. C-USA offered ODU a chance to play in the Football Bowl Subdivision and to begin hosting games against schools such as Virginia Tech, Virginia and North Carolina. C-USA basketball also had a pretty good reputation, and the TV contracts were lucrative. Each school received more than $1.1 million yearly in revenue, along with a ton of national TV exposure. But things have changed dramatically since, which is why it's time for ODU to begin looking elsewhere for a conference home. Journalists who cover C-USA agree that Florida International, North Texas and Charlotte, and at times ODU, are stating attendance figures far above the number of people actually at the games. Link to article:
  9. AFTER C.J. BURKS seized two victories last weekend and was named Conference USA Player of the week on Monday, I am having a difficult time picturing the Player of the Year not wearing a Marshall jersey. Jon Elmore, leading the league in scoring and assists for the second year in a row, is the obvious choice after 14 of 18 games. Or is he? In some ways, this discussion feels weird. I am writing about not one but two Player of the Year candidates from what will likely be a fourth-place team. But at the very least, Elmore and Burks belong on the all-conference first team. To illustrate how big that would be for the Thundering Herd, a reminder of how C-USA does it: five on the first team, five on the second, five on the third and no stinkin’ honorable mention. One may be added to a unit, but that’s about it. So I’m talking about the Herd having two of the top five players. And if the nation’s leading shot-blocker, Ajdin Penava, is left out of the top 15, that’s criminal. There is a smidgeon of precedent on Marshall’s side. read more:
  10. It looks like this is going to be a expensive ticket for what we are getting...unless you really care about women's tourney and watching all of those games. the “Institutional Use” section is for the schools and ticket cost is $180 and as far as I can tell there will not be any single game tickets sold in this area The GA Premium section $180 all session there are 850 seats in this section. There will be single game tickets sold in this area. I;m waiting on a email from the UNT ticket office to clarify cost on this. Talking to them was confusing because the way I understood it ticket cost goes up each round. But I believe the person said $45, then $55 and then another price for the championship. Had a bad connection so I'm not 100% sure on that. GA Green section is $125 and I believe they said $35 for single game ticket The all session passes are usually a good deal if you want to watch all of the tourney. But that's not really the case this year. As you can see from the below schedule, 2 mens game will be played basically at the same time. One starting 30 minutes after the other. So you are missing almost half of the will get a peak because of the 30 minute start times different. But that's it. So if your team goes to the finials you are paying $45 a game seed 5 & below and $60 a game for the top 4 seeds. Of course you can watch half of the womens tourney because they are scheduled the same....2 games going on at once. Why they decided this was a great ideal...I don't know. Common sense says play a mens game on court A and a womans game on court B. That way you at least get the choice of watch the whole mens tourney...with a $180 ticket Once I get the email I will confirm ticket cost for single game ticket. One other thing...each section will have ushers .."can I see your ticket, please" so no moving down from the green ga even if those side court seats are 90% empty Wednesday, March 7 - First Round 11 am Women's First Round Game 1 (Court A) 11:30 am Women's First Round Game 2 (Court B) 1:30 pm Women's First Round Game 3 (Court A) 2 pm Women's First Round Game 4 (Court B) 6 pm Men's First Round Game 1 (Court A) 6:30 pm Men's First Round Game 2 (Court B) 8:30 pm Men's First Round Game 3 (Court A) 9 pm Men's First Round Game 4 (Court B) Thursday, March 8 - Quarterfinals 11 am Women's Quarterfinal Game 5 (Court A) 11:30 am Women's Quarterfinal Game 6 (Court B) 1:30 pm Women's Quarterfinal Game 7 (Court A) 2 pm Women's Quarterfinal Game 8 (Court B) 6 pm Men's Quarterfinal Game 5 (Court A) 6:30 pm Men's Quarterfinal Game 6 (Court B) 8:30 pm Men's Quarterfinal Game 7 (Court A) 9 pm Men's Quarterfinal Game 8 (Court B) Friday, March 9 - Semifinals 12:30 pm Men's Semifinal Game 9 (Court A) 3:00 pm Men's Semifinal Game 10 (Court A) 5:30 pm Women's Semifinal Game 9 (Court A) 8 pm Women's Semifinal Game 10 (Court A) Saturday, March 10 - Championship Game 4:30 pm Women's Championship Game (Court A)
  11. MTSU now ranked #24 in AP

    Really proud of these guys. Class of the conference along with Western Kentucky.
  12. 2018 C-USA Preseason Power Rankings

    UNT ranked #86 Link to SBC Nation
  13. This is just based on how things stand today: 1st Round - March 7 Quarterfinal - March 8 Semifinal - March 9 Championship - March 10 #8 La Tech vs #9 USM Winner plays #1 MUTS #5 UNT vs #12 Texas El Paso Winner plays 4 Herd #7 UAB vs #10 FIU Winner plays 2 ODU #6 UTSA vs FAU Winner plays 3 WKU Out - Rice & Charlotte I’ll be honest, i can’t see anyone hanging with Middle. They will win it all but you hope the higher seed teams can hang so we get some additional spots in Big Dance and NIT.
  14. Very disappointing news today. Athletics Fee Voting Results For – 1,439 or 23.3% Against – 4,734 or 76.7% Transportation Fee Voting Results For – 1,857 or 30.1% Against – 4,316 or 69.9% "The fee increase was requested to enhance the students’ experience at UTSA sporting events, support recruiting student-athletes, maintain and upgrade athletic facilities, upgrade video equipment and expand staff to televise programs at Conference USA standards, and hire and retain athletic managers and trainers to support student well-being." Some are holding our faculty partly to blame, as some faculty had "Vote No" signs in their departments. Convenient that students don't get to vote on tuition hikes, salaries, lab fees, etc.