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  2. C-uSA Basketball Preview
  3. FBI make arrests

    The FBI arrested 10 people on charges of charges of fraud and corruption in college basketball on Tuesday. The Department of Justice announced Tuesday that four college basketball coaches at University of Arizona, Auburn, and Oklahoma State University and had been arrested, as well as managers, financial advisors, and representatives of a major international sportswear company. Link:
  4. Anybody know what channels? I have Roku and can stream BeIn.
  5. If you know your kicker can kick the ball through the end zone why the hell cant you kick it out of bounds? I disagree with what UAB did, the coverage shouldn't have allowed the return, and the young man made a great play - but was curious if there was a better call there. Squib kick? Pooch is what I'd have done. I think.
  6. UTEP cans OC

    Pease was given his walking papers. Kugler is not long for this world either. Tough times "out in that west Texas town of El Paso."
  7. G5 Top 25 Ranking Week 3

    Week Three Group of 5 Rankings From Messey Ratings
  8. Liberty even offered to open its checkbook. Sources told me that in 2016, Liberty offered Conference USA millions of dollars more than the usual $2 million admission fee for an invitation. How many millions more? One source pegged the offer at $24 million. The offer coincidentally came at about the same time C-USA was learning its TV revenue would soon crater, going from paying $1.1 million per school annually to about $200,000. Read more:
  9. Marshall will be starting its own TV network similar to The Longhorn Network as well as SEC Network and BYU. Pretty cool for them and the conference.
  10. Great realignment inequity article

    Bennett has witnessed it the same as everyone else. The Power 5 conferences — the nickname bestowed upon the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, SEC and Pac-12 — and the Group of 5 leagues, which includes C-USA, have each gravitated toward opposite ends of the financial spectrum in recent years. In 2005, Texas A&M generated $64.2 million in revenue, while Southern Miss hauled in $18.2 million. More than a decade later, Texas A&M’s (which joined the SEC in 2011) total revenue has increased by 203 percent. Over the same span, Southern Miss has seen its number grow by just 42 percent. For Bennett, the gap became vastly more precipitous with the advent of television networks solely dedicated to the coverage of certain leagues and the influx of cash attached to them. “I think it really started when institutions started seeing significant dollars related to TV rights and packages. The ability to market and sell TV rights to organizations in the media really set us on a different trajectory,” said Bennett, the first Southern Miss president to serve as chairman of C-USA's board of directors in its 20-plus year history. The course in question began moving toward the stratosphere in earnest a few years ago. The SEC reported $527.4 million worth of revenue in 2014-15, the first year of the College Football Playoff and the SEC Network. That figure represented a more than 60 percent increase over the previous year and brought in more than $33 million per SEC institution. In fiscal year 2015, the Big Ten made $448.8 million from its media rights agreement. C-USA, on the other hand, is headed into the second and final year of a media rights deal that will net $2.8 million.
  11. Houston area thoughts and prayer

    Hope all our Rice and Houston pals are staying safe during Harvey. This storm is a biatch!! Things are getting worse every hour in Houston, it sounds like it is turning into a Katrina like situation with flooding all over. I have seen some estimates of 50" plus of rain, that is just unreal. Please stay safe, Owls, and update us when you can
  12. Nothing too major but worth the read IMHO.
  13. Weird timing no?