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  1. It has seemed very quiet for having had four scholarships and still having two left. We could still out on top, but it hasn’t seemed as eventful as years passed.
  2. I remember many were hoping we would land him out of high school, but he followed Johnny. We could have used his power in the paint. I’m staring to question our offseason.
  3. Are the men going to even use all their scholarships... ?
  4. Andrew

    How Do You Want To Fill The Last 3 Spots?

    More aggressive 6-8 to 6-10 post player, 6-6 to 6-7 wing who is a solid defender, and a 6-3 to 6-5 guard who can knock down the three. That’s at least the basic of what of what I would to see.
  5. Andrew

    NCAA deserves it's reputation

    Perfect example of why AAU shouldn’t exist. It’s a racket.
  6. I just hope we sign a few guys who can play defense and guard a 6’7” wing on the perimeter.
  7. I guess my only concern is the height/ability to defend taller and longer guards and forwards. Holston and Lawson were actually a large part of our success in the last game against SF. Holston only played a couple minutes, but his defense in that time was huge! Miller and Tope are aggressive and fill this void, but if we go out and get 3 players under 6’5” we will run into a lot of miss match issues on defense.
  8. Is this not concerning to anyone? Hopefully the bleeding stops, because if we loose anyone else we could be in for a long season. We have lost very little offense, however Lawson and Holston both brought length, athleticism, and defense. We are very undersized already. Hopefully we get some length and defense to replace these guys.
  9. Andrew

    NT - Single Season Win Shares

    It’s essentially an estimated number of wins a player led their team to. So without Smart we lose 6 more games according to the stats/metrics.
  10. Andrew

    2018 HS - Trace Young - 6'8" SF

    This is exactly what we need! I was hoping for a Jordan Williams style player and this kid seems to fill that void with a little more height and versatility in the post. We land him and we will be dangerous next year (more dangerous than we already will be).
  11. Andrew

    Unt Wants Nit But Not Cbi Or Cit

    Really? What is it? He always added a lot to the basketball board.
  12. Andrew

    Unt Wants Nit But Not Cbi Or Cit

    I miss NT03 :/
  13. Better that Guyer Shaka Smart and Roy Williams have stopped by and everybody suddenly falls in love with those teams. It’s time local schools support the local universities. That includes UTA as well. The top players from the area should call UNT home.