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  1. Rogers State (11/22/17)

    Well hopefully Tikhonenko can join the team soon and we will see how it works. Next year we will be guard heavy. We still need a solid post.
  2. Rogers State (11/22/17)

    Hopefully the rules will continue to change as they close the gap with the NBA. I would like to see th me refs hold the whistle, the shot clock moved to 24, and the assists definition to match the NBA. They are far more relaxed when it comes to that.
  3. Rogers State (11/22/17)

    Fair enough. I still believe he can hit the three. Stay late and practice more. He was a SG in high school correct? To me he is a versatile player and our best defender. I enjoy watching him play and hope he continues to get the chance. I haven’t been impressed with Miller or Duffy. They were both top 40 JC in the nation, but haven’t had that one big game yet.
  4. Rogers State (11/22/17)

    Then I guess we are lucky he is suspended for 3 more games haha. GT will only get better as the year goes on.
  5. Rogers State (11/22/17)

    I like playing Holston at the 4 right now. He is a great defender with good length. He can also play on the guards if there are switches. He is also 3-6 from three point range which is better than Smart, Duffy, and Miller. I believe only Temara is shooting a higher percentage than him from deep. Why do yo think he cannot hit the three when he was originally signed to play the 2 guard? I wish Woolridge would be better from three and the free throw line. It’s the only part of the game keeping him from being elite. I always want to compare him to Jason Kidd (possible triple double guy), but he needs to work on his outside game. I love that he can break down the D and get into the paint easily, but you gotta make your free throws. 50% from the line for a point guard is not good.
  6. Rogers State (11/22/17)

    Two of their tops scores are suspended and they are still winning. The only list to UCLA by three and their top returning scorer stayed home. It’s not impossible, but on the road against an ACC opponent is never going to be easy. I’m thinkkng there will be some home cooking just like Nebraska. Jackson will also be returning for the Yellow Jackets which will give them some fire power.
  7. Rogers State (11/22/17)

    Your a funny guy. Pretty much every major college basketball preview had them as a one and done in the tournament and 70 (Sagrin ratings) is the highest I have seen them. Who is going to stop Lammers in the post? We haven’t rebounded well and if we can’t shoot the three ball consistently it’s going to be difficult to win. We are really missing the one big time post player who can body up and bang down low. I was hoping Brice would adapt, but that didn’t pan out.
  8. Rogers State (11/22/17)

    When was the last time we beat a top 40-50 team on the road? Sagrin has them at 70, but they were projected around 38 to start the year. They will be difficult to beat, although anyone can win on any given night. Lawson and Smart get hot and anything is possible.
  9. Rogers State (11/22/17)

    Isn’t there a 12 point pattern? Maybe we only lose to Georgia Texh by 12 if this continues.
  10. Rogers State (11/22/17)

    It said that at half time.
  11. Rogers State (11/22/17)

    Thanks. Box score says he has a couple points and rebounds and was confused... Edit: I refreshed and it now says Fuller. I can see how they could have gotten them confused.
  12. Rogers State (11/22/17)

    ESPN box score shows he has played. Is this true?
  13. Rogers State (11/22/17)

    I’m on vacation and only watching the box score. Have we only played 8 guys? I like shortening the bench and maybe playing 9 guys tops. Simmons, Duffy, Miller, and maybe Arikawe when needed. JJ used to run a solid 8 and it allowed for chemistry/consistency. If you go deep you better be pushing the pace and pressing.
  14. Rogers State (11/22/17)

    That should really belong spread the floor. Not trying to overlook this season, but next year we should be able to win 20 games. Hopefully we can get a solid player with Temaras scholarship. We need a rebounder.
  15. Rogers State (11/22/17)

    A D-2 school at home should be an easy 20-30 point win. It won’t help me get over the loss 2 days ago, but a win is a win. We need to go into Georgia Tech competitive.