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  1. UNTexas

    Coaches Caravan

    The irony is I live in Frisco but I want to go to the caravan in Houston because I have several friends down there who said it was really fun last year.
  2. UNTexas

    Coaches Caravan

    Is the coach's caravan going to Houston this year?
  3. UNTexas

    2 C-USA QBs drafted in 2018

    I know we can never actually know a players height and current weight from the media guide or websites, so, exactly how tall is Mason Fine?
  4. UNTexas

    Hello everyone!

    This sums up this thread. It's a great set up. There's nothing to talk about this time of year!!!
  5. UNTexas

    ODU new stadium info

    Since they have won so many CUSA championships, I can see why the AAC or even the SEC would want them. UTEP will probably be next because they won a national championship in 1966.
  6. UNTexas

    Heart of Dallas Bowl

    I think the Frisco Bowl would like us selling out Toyota Stadium. I'd love for us to play in this bowl. We'd sell it out. Not to mention I live one exit down from the stadium. It would be a blast.
  7. UNTexas

    Heart of Dallas Bowl

    The HOD Bowl won't be around much longer.
  8. UNTexas

    UTEP moving to Mountain West?

    UTEP is terrible academically and awful at sports. Not a loss if they go. The real question is why would MWC want them?
  9. UNTexas

    Heart of Dallas Bowl Under Fire

    That's not gonna happen. Frisco rolls out the red carpet big time for that game. Denton doesn't support two universities located in Denton. Frisco knows how to attract teams and events. Hell, the PGA is moving to Frisco now.
  10. UNTexas

    Heart of Dallas Bowl Under Fire

    EP has nothing else going on. I lived there. I also knew people who worked for the Sun Bowl too. It's the only show in town. Of course 20k will attend. El Paso has 700,000 people and it's the only show in town. When you live there you run out of things to do pretty quickly. DFW has over 7 million people with tons to do. As far as the HOD, for me anyway, the Cotton Bowl is awful. I dont like Fair Park at all. The stadium is kind of gross too. It's not exactly somewhere I want to go to. Especially when I usually watch games at Apogee Stadium, Toyota Stadium, AT&T Stadium, The Star, or even Ford Field. The Cotton Bowl is underwhelming to say the least. Sure, I love us playing in a bowl no matter what but I'm not going there to watch anybody else.
  11. UNTexas

    Heart of Dallas Bowl Under Fire

    I tend to lean your way on this. I know the Frisco Bowl got a lot of negativity here on GMG but we would sell it out. The headline of a sell out is way better then a turnout of 30k in a big stadium. The HOD crowd did look really sad last season. I'm not sure how long this bowl will be around with last year's results.
  12. I know its one writer's opinion but it is a problem. The turnout for this game has been really bad. I'm not sure how long this bowl game will be around. https://www.dallasnews.com/opinion/commentary/2018/03/13/nice-bowl-game-fair-park-every-year-dallas-keeps-coming-bg-loser
  13. UNTexas

    ODU looking to bail C-USA?

    Bottom line with our fans, we wanted out and away from the Sunbelt. We don't want to merge with them and most of us just don't pay attention to the belt anymore. NT is doing a damn good job moving ahead and should not be looking to relive the past. Schools in the end need to do what's best for them, not a conference. There's no chance our current administration is going to try and be a part of the Sunbelt. This is just off season nonsense talk because everyone's bored. The next thread will be uniforms...
  14. UNTexas

    ODU looking to bail C-USA?

    As long as the discussions are related to delusional obscure sports writer, I'm ok with the merger rumor.
  15. UNTexas

    ODU looking to bail C-USA?

    True, and very good post. ODU can't compete within Conference USA for championships but they think they are to good for this conference. I get it isn't the same conference, none are though. Part of the reason college football is losing its luster is it's getting watered down. There is a reason good athletic departments are spending big money on stadiums and facilities. They see that's part of what it takes to be D1. Then there's the way we were, or schools in high school type stadiums, borrowing stadiums, or ancient dumps and that's just football. Not everyone deserves to be D1. At times we sure didn't. Maybe ODU should go FCS in football? I'm also sure DC has far better venues than The Star in Frisco, Texas for them to lose in. The Star is a dump and should be torn down. Shame on Conference USA for choosing it as a destination for a tournament.