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  1. DRC breaking news -- UNT fee vote passes

    Good news for the university!!!!
  2. Good thing the government wants to interject itself into even more parts of our lives. Free country my ass... Also, baseball has the highest death rate amongst kids, let's ban baseball too.
  3. DRC: Results of UNT fee vote delayed again

    I predict the Athletic Department won and a student got angry.
  4. Place your bets

    Maybe it was the Russians?
  5. Place your bets

    Unbelievable. Only at North Texas. My guess is athletics won and some pposing students freaked out and cried foul. But who really knows.
  6. Place your bets

    You know what would be cool? I think election results would be cool.
  7. Place your bets

    Unbelievable!!! Friday!!!
  8. Place your bets

    Exactly. Crickets...
  9. Place your bets

    Sadly, no. I wish it were yes but my gut says no.
  10. That's exactly my thought.
  11. So does this pass or fail? Also, does anyone know the outcome of the first vote that was nullified in December?
  12. FAU's new OC - 24 year old, Charlie Weiss Jr.

    He stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
  13. looks like UTEP found a QB

    Good stuff. I use the have season tickets with my dad growing up. Back when UTEP basketball still had Haskins. I use to watch Tim Hardaway & Greg Davis all the time. Denton is awesome. I'd love to retire too! Sadly this stuff below is the crap you see outside stadium. (Granted this one brawl made Deadspin.) Grown men too. The crap people yell at you if you wear opposition apparel is ridiculous. We got a lot of racial crap because our area had white and black people in green. (Won't bother explaining as it's not worth repeating. They also thought no one would understand what they said when they switched to Spanglish slang.) They threw stuff every once in a while but the bathroom drunks were the worst. I grew up going to their badketball and football but those days are distant memories. I'd never take my kids back to a game there. Sad. Half my family went there and feel the same. Even more sad.
  14. looks like UTEP found a QB

    The conversation leaned towards why not get a men's Soccer team that is super competitive and take care of any title 9 issue they ever imagine. I thought it sounded interesting with no chance of happening. UTEP is a very tough sell to coaches and players alike. I never considered playing at UTEP. Even my dad who went there said not to. Many coaches who I knew that coached there said it was really really hard to get high school kids to go. Growing up we had season tickets to UTEP and it was different back then. There's an absolute zero chance I'd take my kids into that stadium or parking lot to watch a North Texas game. I actually had some people stop by and apologize for the way people were behaving. I even had UTEP fans sitting with me. At least the brawls have stayed outside the stadium from what I've seen. However, the old man with his dukes up was funny though. As was the kid getting jerked off on TV. Not exactly family friendly though.
  15. looks like UTEP found a QB

    I'm ok with UTEP being 0-12. Especially after the last time I watched us play at UTEP. Those fans deserve 0-12 every season until they drop football. (Which I heard was discussed from a buddy of mine.) I doubt it will happen though.