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  1. Two courts are one too many for C-USA tournament

    I won't get into on that part of Frisco and how gaudy I think the area is (guess I just did). My chief complaint with the facility was that in typical Jerry fashion--it looks nice but cheaped out on a key detail. The leg room on the seats were terrible. I realize I'm a tall guy, but my knees were all the way pushed in the front of the jagged seat in front of me. Other than that I thought the set-up looked a little cheap. Just a big curtain separating the two courts. Ironic he won't put on up in the stadium to block the sun but that's the solution for college basketball tournaments. I also thought they could have put more seats/bleachers down next to the court. Looked like a lot of extra room down there.
  2. DRC: Breaking news -- UNT men to face South Dakota in CBI

    I stand corrected. So there's no chance of us paying any fees in this tournament? Just travel expenses?
  3. DRC: Breaking news -- UNT men to face South Dakota in CBI

    It's a bit of a joke tournament. As you can tell, there's no criteria except being invited and paying the 50k entrance fee. That's why the field is pretty unimpressive, most big schools pass immediately if it's not the NIT. In all seriousness, I understand the getting more experience part. It's just the pay to play thing that gets to me. Maybe I am wrong but I read that there is a 50K entrance fee no matter what, someone feel free to source alternative info.
  4. DRC: Breaking news -- UNT men to face South Dakota in CBI

    Call me a negative nellie, but $50,000 for basically an extra exhibition game or two? I'd rather them spend that money on private free throw lessons.
  5. Star Telegram Sh*ts All Over UNT

    GWTOMMT title gore edition.
  6. Krasniqi

    Not sure why, but this isn't uncommon. Recruiting is a numbers game. You just hope you can hit on more guys than your opponents. Some commits don't make it to campus, some don't see any playing time, some transfer, etc.
  7. '18 QB Cade Fennegan(Dallas Wilson HS)

    Peddling religion... your bias here is obviously against Mormonism and not the young man himself. Plus isn't riding a bike a sport? Those backpacks look heavy and Texas gets hot.
  8. NCAA Transfer Rules could be changing

    I mean honestly, how many guys do we have right now that a P5 school would even want? Not many. Now how many guys are sitting on a bench at A&M that could help us win. Probably quite a bit.
  9. NCAA Transfer Rules could be changing

    I would think this would be a good thing for G5s. Pick-up kids who would sit on a bench at a P5 school for 4 years after they figure out they aren't going to cut it at that level. Can work the other way too, but that seems like it would be less frequent than transferring down.
  10. Rice (1/13/18)

    I think they got Smart's points wrong too. Sounded like they gave him an extra 3, but I wasn't sure.
  11. DRC: UNT announces Choice as RBs coach

    Excellent. I actually met him once when he was a Cowboy and he has an affectuous personality and is very energetic. He's actually gotten in trouble on the sidelines with refs for being too energetic before.
  12. Charlotte (1/4/18)

    That was a very frustrating first half to watch.
  13. UTEP (12/28/17)

    Concerned about the bench but good thing about college basketball is the games are short and these guys are young. You can afford to keep your key players out there for a while. Seems like one of Bedford's problem was over utilizing the bench. I remember JJ teams when bench players didn't see much action.
  14. UTEP (12/28/17)

    The game @ UTSA looking to be a good one.
  15. UTEP (12/28/17)

    Good first conference win. Might be a down year for UTEP, but I'll take it.