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  1. Arkansas hasn't removed him yet. Keyword everywhere being "transferred"
  2. dmaxel

    Austin Aune former Argyle Qb available?

    As far as I'm aware, he enrolled in the spring. Even our own signees do early enrollment (Kason Martin has been on campus since January) but it does not affect their eligibility.
  3. dmaxel


  4. dmaxel

    Arkansas game seating

    I sat in the sea of orange and blue during the Florida game. Yeah it was a little rough 😬
  5. This happened last month, but I didn't see anything posted about it already. Great to see him doing this well!
  6. What happened to his rating? He's currently at an .81, not .85
  7. I feel like rankings you find online of UNT's engineering programs lag behind their actual quality. I went to UNT for both of my degrees and have already been very successful thanks to them. I have zero concerns about the origin of my degree limiting where I could go and what I could do.
  8. How do the endzones look???
  9. dmaxel

    Future OOC Games

    I'm super pumped for 2019. Great OOC opponents and our core from last season will mostly be seniors and juniors.
  10. dmaxel

    Apogee Turf Project Underway

    I think the most important thing was left out, the design itself!
  11. Finally took the time to look it up, and you're right. Examples include Ohio State, Arizona State, and Penn State.
  12. I hope so. I'd maybe be more OK with it if there were examples of other universities doing the same and having it be beneficial to them.
  13. I'm just afraid that these branch locations are going to be like community colleges but with the UNT name on them (unless it does spin off to become its own institution a la UNT-Dallas, then that becomes less of an issue). I just don't want the quality of the programs on main campus to deteriorate, both in reality and through perception.
  14. How is this kid still not rated when he has offers from Kansas, Indiana, and Texas Tech? That's gonna change very soon, I'd think.
  15. Could you actually share why you think it'll be good? Because right now I'm trying to come up with my own reasons to justify it but I'm very much in the "invest in main campus instead" camp. And apparently I'm in the minority for not liking this Frisco expansion. I get that there's a good chance it'll turn into UNT-Frisco much like we have UNT-Dallas right now, but what does main campus get out of adding another institution to the UNT System?