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  1. Even if he does retire (someday), I really hope that he helps with finding his replacement before he's out. I would highly trust his opinion in that regard.
  2. New CUSA TV Deal

    Mo money, mo money, mo money.
  3. 19 WR Kennedy C Lewis (Melissa)

    Ah dang, I really wish I still had some contacts up in Melissa, but I don't besides maybe a couple teachers outside of the athletics realm. Melissa is where I went to high school. His younger brother Brendon is the QB at Melissa and already has an offer from SMU. I think it would help a lot if we offered Brendon such that it's a little more enticing for Kennedy to pick UNT.
  4. Best Ways to Impact/Stay Involved as Alumni

    Alumni Association should be free for the first year (there's a little fee that normally would be returned to you but you can opt for the university to keep it in exchange for a year in the Alumni Association). Afterwards it's $40/year unless you opt for the lifetime membership. Other than that, give to whatever you want. This page is your one-stop place to make any donation you wish. From that page, you can pick athletics (Mean Green Scholarship Fund), Diamond Eagles, College-level funds, Department-level funds, etc. Departments (at least in the College of Engineering since that's my familiarity) tend to have generic funds, "excellence" funds, etc. It's best to ask the department what the difference between them are -- some go specifically to costs incurred by the department chair, for example, while others go to student scholarships. There's also the generic "where my money has the most impact" which is the most open donation bucket which the university can use for whatever they want. And of course, try to attend games and events! I hope that helps!
  5. More info about the Diamond Eagles can be found here:
  6. Quidditch is/was a competitive team representing the university (think of chess club then if you don't like calling it a sport). I included it for the sake of diversity -- sorry if you had an issue with it. :) The bottom half of your post was new information to me, so I appreciate that. In any case, like ipd054 said, there are several (more traditional) club sport teams as well that are student-funded.
  7. Yep! There are several pages that talk about UNT's club in the sport, but this is their entry in the same website that you linked.
  8. Yes, ice hockey is not sponsored by the athletics department. Instead it's just a student organization ("club") which still competes in the name of the university along with other club teams. There are several other clubs that do the same -- Lacrosse, Quidditch, rugby, men's soccer, baseball, and bicycle racing to name a few. As mentioned above, even UT Austin's ice hockey team is just a club team. Besides the little bit they can get from the university as a student organization, the rest they have to fund themselves.
  9. Your UNT Ice Hockey club team has won the TCHC, beating the Texas Longhorns in the final game of the tournament to win the conference. They're now raising money to fund their trip to Regionals! I'm sure any help from alums would be greatly appreciated! Even Wren Baker has chipped in (he's listed). Go Mean Green!
  10. '19 QB Maverick McIvor (San Angelo)

    He's already at .8600 without any P5 offers to bump up the rating? Oh boy, he'll be collecting LOTS of offers soon.
  11. UNT Fight Song barbershop version

    It can happen! I made it work ;)
  12. UNT Fight Song barbershop version

    I've actually seen this before and never thought of posting it here for some reason. If you actually open the video into its own tab, you'll see that it was uploaded on March 31, 2014. Assuming 4-year collegiate careers for everyone, they should already be graduated by now even if they were just freshmen during the video.