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  1. North Texas QB's

    Increase from 168 is a plus. Hopefully he is 12 to 15lbs heavier! With his work ethic should not be a problem!
  2. Haven't been hit with the sanctions! Once that happens recruiting and fundraising will get hit. Penn cost I believe with the suits has been around $100m in cost to the University.
  3. DRC: Friday practice notes and thoughts

    Has anybody seen where Caleb is lining up? Slot or standard TE? Thanks
  4. In defense of AD Baker.

    One guys opinion on a topic does not make it mob just because he post 20 times on one topic. Still just one uniformed guy! Thanks Wren! GMG
  5. Rivals updated recruits

    Would be nice to finish recruiting with an 87 nat'l ranking! GMG
  6. CBS Pre-Season Rankings 1-130

    Goal top 1/3 in C-USA recruiting ranking. Get in the 80's on the Nat'l team rankings. GMG
  7. New UNT "Letterwinners" Association

    Great news! It would be neat to have former plays at away game watching events. Fuzzy Taco!!!
  8. Really glad to hear this. I am pulling for him to earn the starting position ! GMG
  9. IPF is happening

    University is matching every dollar raised by the AD. Raise $10m they get a match! Might be better than a refi!
  10. IPF is happening

    I was told today that UNT has 2 large $ commits for the IPF. That gives them about 2/3's of what they need and they have 2 more strong possibilities they should hear from shortly. It will be a rounded roof line and they are shooting for a finish date of next fall. They hope to have the donors set up shortly and announce maybe by September. This is just for the IPF! GMG
  11. DRC: Friday practice notes, video highlights

    Saturday practice is open to the pub.