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  1. I will not understand not taking any time outs in the first half for the D! A major turning point for me was the back being down on a 3rd down play but because of the hurry up it did not get reviewed. Score was 24-7 at the time. Then not pulling Fine really did remind me of pig headed MAC!
  2. Spit spit spit! Know matter what the record I still have trouble getting that soured taste out of my mouth! Thought we had some momentum! It is the first time that I question Seth's coaching decisions!
  3. DRC: Five thoughts on UNT's loss to FAU

    Kiffin is gone after this year. The UNT coaching staff got schooled on what is a creative OC. No timeouts in first half were used and should of been for the D! Also leaving Fine in is inexcusable! These are Seth's call!
  4. Why not pull Fine?

    2 int , 1 fumble first half ! He looked gimpy and slow to me! If you have no excitement or energy maybe Quin could of brought some and we could of rested Fine. I know the D was the biggest issue.
  5. DRC: Five thoughts on UNT's loss to FAU

    I often wonder on away games what kind of impact travel time and weather conditions have. 75 - 80% humidity can be a struggle.
  6. That is the worth first half I have ever seen ! Not one stop! On the continueason play with the arm down take a timeout!!!! On the 4th and 1 at the goal take a timeout! Seth is really getting out coached in front of 4,000??? Fans!
  7. You can call a time out for the defense!! Good news we saved all 3 of our timeouts! Terrible coaching!
  8. Watching Memphis/Houston

    Should of hired the D.C.!
  9. Is it just me or...

    Just realized not one pass thrown to Guyton? Must of been doubled up?
  10. Mean Green Miracle

    Man o Man those are great headlines!!!
  11. I believe he would be a strong candidate if Seth leaves. A really successful season and Seth could be gone!