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  1. Uh uh how do you measure momentum? I am sure they are operating off targeted goals with hard numbers.
  2. How much time do you give a new hire to determine success or failure? How much time for a turn around situation?
  3. if you are not a HC recruiter then better hire some assistants that are. UH uh Wilson was once an Assistant! How much would an annoucement on an IPF make?? GMG
  4. I thought the reference was on the start of his motion which I really did not see and can be fixed. This is a little more concerning and a lot harder habit to break in my opinion. I thought his feet and pocket pressence looked good. I know it is a highlight film but it looks like he can make all the throws against a high level of competition. He comes close to last years stats he may be hard to hold on to. Nice to see a pick up in talent at the qb level starting last year.
  5. Chad should win this year and move on to a better gig. If not his pitch will start to get lame! GMG
  6. This will be Seth's biggest class which will have a big effect on our ranking. I believe it is 20 spots. Ranking in June with 5-7 verbals doesn't mean a lot except for creating momentum!
  7. Size does matter because that is what gives access to the equipment. Example would be squat decks! Can't put them in not enough room. If a group wants to go get in an extra work out they can't if the volleyball team is using the facility. I would encourage all alums to visit the weight room and rehab/ trainers facilities used for all sports. It will open your eyes. Coach Zack is the 3rd most important Assistant Coach in my opinion! Bust their butts coach Zack!!
  8. What a bunch of crap! Another educated in his own mind ANAL yst!
  9. Congrats to all. He has one of the better videos that I have seen. I also believe that has a big advantage being a coaches son and running the same offense! If he can achieve this season with what he did last year there will be other offers! Hold on to this kid! GMG
  10. It really is shocking to see this when you consider the difference in facilities and the more prestigious educational side. It just proves how coaches can overcome many obstacles! Western Michigan! Wilson will be hired away before Seth even with them both having success on the field!
  11. Not only have we spent the $$ on head coaches, but maybe more important UNT has spent the $$ on Assistant Coaches. We have people in place that possibly could be head coaching material. We have also done the same thing with the Assistant AD. When we do loose somebody I hope we have the talent to promote from within. This is how you maintain continuity! GMG
  12. Can doing better than expected last year be a curse?
  13. It was also mentioned, during this project that they wanted to move the scoreboard to open up the patios. They are considering a scoreboards in every corner as a possibility. I never understood the scoreboard location.
  14. Their will be an additional weight room. Right now all sports share the same one which is ridiculous! They will also build an additional area for rehab and the trainers. Trying to get a local hospital involved. Our cost on the stadium was a bargain! With the current cost of construction we will need big $$$ for the IPF and the additions!