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  1. Again watching the draft coverage is an example of how bad they suck! It is like 4 talking heads trying to come up with a re quotable quote! It ain't going to happen. Remember the first for letters of ANALyst!
  2. Their non game programming is terrible. They would be better showing game re- runs! It is like watching one of those house wife shows! I This is why a conference needs to create their own distribution and cut them out. We will all have our own custom content eventually!
  3. Dickens are in the details. As discussed before the student fee and the university fee are revenue streams to athletics. What really stands out is the revenue from BB! I am back with season tickets, I hope others are also!
  4. slot,slot ,slot! We can go with a speed guy or a size guy. Needs to be very productive in this offense. We did not have that last year. GMG
  5. 6' wether WO or DB is not a little guy.He is now 170, a year and a couple of off seasons could easily get to 190. D hair is the water bug! Love getting athletes that gives us options!
  6. It seems to me we have gotten bigger in the paint not just ht but size with the new guys. Also the new guards seem to be quick. This should play out well with us playing a stronger D and pushing the ball on offense! Lawson could really light it up.GMG
  7. Awesome... congrats to all!! Going to enjoy my seats this year!!
  8. I wish!! Hard to understand.
  9. Allen and McKinney are building new conference centers. (DMN) A quote from one of the developers "Having the city's participation is a major component." If you look at the IPF at Boise it has a grind floor plan for conventions to be able to be used for conventions by the city. If we are going to build an IPF and eventually a new basketball facility on the hill why can we not get the city to participate, and build a nice hotel? One of the big advantages we have unlike Allen and McKinney is UNT can be involved! It would greatly increase the usage of a fixed asset, therefore increasing revenue, and cost could be spread over the different entities! Imagine the additional events at the stadium and the club level. Denton would see additional revenue and increase exposure, with an awesome location. Is it still the Denton attitude of 1970?
  10. TV revenue is not the driver anymore does that diminish the UNT brand potential? I still believe our location will be one of the attractions for another conference. For UNT to move to a better conference that means other schools have to move up to a better conf to create the opportunity. OU, Texas, OSU, WV need to move out of the Big 12...Houston,Cincy, Memphis, Temple move up to the new conf, SMU will never move up because it has no fan base. We will be making major investments in facilities, whatever conf we are in we need to be top 4 or 5 in wins on a consistent basis to get attention. We are going to have to be strong enough to over ride the SMU veto even if we have to take a lower revenue split to start! I do not want to have ULM or NMSU in the same conf!
  11. This could be the best front 3, with a 4 man rotation since The opening of the App! I like the quickness of our linebackers! Very excited to see an aggressive dominate D!
  12. I have found Seth, Wren and the few coaches I have meet to be very, very approachable! If you have a question introduce yourself and ask. They seem to be down to earth guys. GMG
  13. Merger makes a lot of sense. West div and east div with a championship game. You would have one administrative staff so cost there could be cut by 50%! I like the C-USA name.
  14. In the Cas offense they should thrive! Hopefully they feel the same way and do not want to sit out a year! I hope so!
  15. Does this mean we have one more opening?