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  1. Mercer 78 Duke 71

    Was trying to figure out where I had heard of Mercer before. Duke was a 3 seed 4 years ago. GMG
  2. Tweaks

    New lighting for the weight room! (dungeon is gone).Will also be removing the glass blocks and wood doors on the north side. Will be adding glass and glass doors so you will be able to see the deck and stadium from the weight room. Paint and graphics also on the way! GMG
  3. Save the money for the IPF! Let it fly!
  4. MGN: Final Thoughts on The Venue

    Was there only one entrance and exit to the floor? If so this needs to change. The venue is great and presents an upscale image for C-USA! GMG
  5. Two courts are one too many for C-USA tournament

    Only time I could hear the other side is when the band played at certain times. Let’s hope we can do it again 1st class. Nice going to Mi Cocina then walking to the game!
  6. Point

    In a league known for smaller very quick point guards is Wooly a 1 or a 2 guard playing a 1? I really would like to hear some analysis. Thanks
  7. Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    How many were front end? Very disappointing!
  8. Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    You can’t hit you attack the basket and not with 3 sec left on the clock!!!! GMG
  9. Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    Go go to the frig n hoop. I hate this stay outside and wait!!
  10. Congrats to all!! GMG
  11. MGN: NT vs LT Preview

  12. This late in the process I would think it would be a PWO!
  13. Raining like hell in Dallas tonite!

    My rain was harder than your rain! GMG
  14. Congrats to all! GMG