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  1. Wag Tag

    Recruiting Prediction

    Detective Austin Fron Unt! Turning into a Law and Order episode!
  2. Wag Tag

    Recruiting Prediction

    Where’s the beef???
  3. Wag Tag

    Recruiting Update 6/16

    You the man!! Thanks for the updates!! GMG
  4. Wag Tag

    Recruiting Update 6/16

    Is this more HYPE? Kidding! GMG
  5. Wag Tag


    Is this the most pre season hype we have ever seen for football or maybe any UNT sports team? Mason, pre season conf pics, forcasted to win the West, Mason top 20 qb and more!!
  6. Wag Tag

    '19 S Rashad Wisdom (Converse Judson)

    I’m thinking the same thing! This had to be a spur of the moment decision! GMG
  7. Wag Tag

    '19 S Rashad Wisdom (Converse Judson)

    I can’t imagine any tougher place to recruit than UTSA! No real facilities and not viewed as an academic juggernaut! This seems to be an academic type kid based off his offers, but this is stupid!
  8. With the family location being so important that will kind of limit options. I can see Kansas making a run after this season but why not stay at UNT and make $1.5m a year? I sure hope so! GMG
  9. Kansas or Tech don’t know if he leaves. OU or OSU he is gone. Good news is they are set for a few years. Would like to see him with Fine through his Sr year. Fine maybe an all- American?
  10. Wag Tag


    SMU you seems to be killing it! I don’t know how this will relate to the early signing period! Is the Virginia qb still committed?
  11. Wag Tag

    Texas at San Antonio preview

    Every time I see Josiah the linebacker I get pissed off! So much for messurables MAC!!
  12. The anticipation of the B.B. season with Tony was off the charts, with a let down once it started. Hope that is not the case with all the positives football is receiving! GMG
  13. All this preseason of great recognition is making me nervous! Kinda like Tony Mitchell nervous! GMG
  14. SMU is getting a lot of verbals early !
  15. Wag Tag

    Who will be our first signature win?

    Arkansas home field and their team speed will make it tough. Would be a big win!! GMG