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  1. Decommitments from The Woodlands

    They move their scholarships into other categories but it can still cost you some bucks. Also they have summer internships with companies during the summer which can add up to $30 to 40k a year. out of that they would have to pay for your lodgings.
  2. ‘18 WR Andrew Nwachukwu (Wylie)

    Has some quicks and what great size!
  3. Hope some of these guys have put on some major lbs!!
  4. I can agree that we should target top 25% C- USA ranking. If we can hold 6 maybe 5 that would be a positive compared to the last few years. The quality of Qb and Wr has improved greatly. That also needs to become true for all positions. Then maybe we can break 80% on the Natl rankings.
  5. Fact.. 9-5 Conf QB MVP, RB over 1,000 yds. 3 bowl appearances in the last 5 years! And you with no faith? Boo hoo
  6. How else can UNT solidify its DL and OL, if not through red shirts and Juco? This seems to be the only option we have since we have trouble signing highly rated lineman out of HS.
  7. Congrats to all!! GMG
  8. Arizona hires Kevin Sumlin

    Good for him. Look for a lot of Texas boys going to Zona!

    Ah this is what’s happening in the world! You read a head line and you act like an expert!
  10. Harrell and Mainord

    Dont see this happening with the uncertainty of coach hair gel! Harrell is far from being a head coach in waiting!
  11. Devin Singletary not turning pro!
  12. Riddle Me This: North Dakota State

    Hot chicks in Parkas!
  13. UCF Commentary- Bob Ballou, CBS Austin

    Why G5 needs a playoff. MWC C-USA Mac maybe Sun Belt
  14. UCF Commentary- Bob Ballou, CBS Austin

    Yea and poor Boise can't beat OU or Pac10 teams. What a bunch of crap. When are the G5's realize they will never get a shot unless they expand the play off system. It is rigged DUMMY!