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  1. Rashawn Fredericks commits to UNT

    Hmm... even after reading this thread and all, I got no clue what this decommitment means. Is this just a case where UNT moved on, or did he start getting more attention, was he actually a good player, or more fringe. I got no clue, somebody elucidate this for me.
  2. Pitino Sues Adidas

    I really think this is only about trying to get something while settling out of court. If Adidas does not play ball and says ok, lets go to court, he could be in a world of hurt though.
  3. Littrell post game FAU

    This was in many ways a laydown a la UTEP last season, with the difference that this is in the middle of the season. Given a full off season they came back and were a very excited team to start the season. I think SL and the team will come back to prove that they can bounce back. If that happens, then eventually SL will be hired away (maybe not this year after all, but eventually) and some players will find their way to the NFL. If it does not happen then eventually (also not this year) SL will be fired at NT and the no NFL draft streak continues. But ovrerall, besides all the psychology, I think SL has to look himself in the mirror and realise he needs to spend resources on recruiting better (and maybe also simply more) front seven players. More than anything we were outphsycalled from the start. Yes the team then packed it in, but the difference was big from the start.
  4. La Tech vs Southern Miss & Other CUSA scores?

    Yeah I do too. however the commentators clearly have trouble with the OT rules
  5. La Tech vs Southern Miss & Other CUSA scores?

    And then they do the same thing again, only this time they get the TD. This is madness
  6. La Tech vs Southern Miss & Other CUSA scores?

    Wow... USM offensive Coordinator did just a super boneheaded thing.
  7. New Age Recruiting Strategy

    Oh, with that I can agree. I think you are going a bit over board here Ben. The team was absolutely horrid today yes. And yes, I think this game shows exactly what the limits are with the current recruiting. And we absolutely do need SL to improve his recruiting at certain positions . But that shouldn't make us forget that the team has also been incredibly clutch at times this season and that we did have several games where UNTs game plan and execution was simply better than that of the opposition, and that included some C-USA foes that are also our peers.
  8. New Age Recruiting Strategy

    Yeah, but the upper classmen left to Kiffin were clearly higher rated than what Mac left to SL, (particularly those from the 2015 class) and the more than 30 players Kiffin added included loads of 3* and numerous former 4* players.
  9. New Age Recruiting Strategy

    I have to disagree here. Yes this was the worst coaching and effort game of the season. But at its core we were outphsyicalled by a team that has a looot more recruiting "stars" than UNT. SL is awesonme at developing his players, but if today showed anything, it is that there are limits to how much you can do with development, and where the limits are, particularly on the lines.
  10. Why is Fine still in

    Reason 5 your starter is already banged up and the game is out of hand and you want to give him some rest and send a positive signal to your backup. That one would have completely applied Fine stayed healthy, but that is the bad kind of hindsight. He might not have. If Fine goes down on a meaningful play I get that, its part of the game. If we lose him due to being stubborn when down 45... lets just say that I personally would say such an injury would be on SL Also Fine doesn't need more reps as bad as he needs to be completely healthy. He already has a very good grasp of the offense.
  11. *****OFFICIAL UNT vs. FAU GAME THREAD*****

    Yeah, but this reaaaaaaaalllllly is the bad kind of McCarney stubborn. And it may send a signal to the starting QB and the team. But it sure sends a horrible signal to the backups, saying you believee that thy are under no circumstances important enough to play other than straight up injury.
  12. *****OFFICIAL UNT vs. FAU GAME THREAD*****

    Has one wondering what Shanbour might have done to be that deep in the doghouse. I can't imagine what that could be from a guy like him though.
  13. *****OFFICIAL UNT vs. FAU GAME THREAD*****

    Wow. An FAU punt!!! only took 55 minutes of play Sorry too early, they're going for it
  14. *****OFFICIAL UNT vs. FAU GAME THREAD*****

    Fine still out there.... we are approaching McCarney level of the bad kind of stubbornness
  15. *****OFFICIAL UNT vs. FAU GAME THREAD*****

    Wow. I am starting to be speechless. If we still trott out Fine, then i can see this as nothing other than punishment my SL. however this game really is on the D. Yeah the offense didn't help much, but the defense here....wow this is bad. I am starting to be really angry.