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  1. I saw that too. Any clue what that is based on?. They dated it back to his earlier tweet
  2. You really think you can stop me from freaking out. Thats cute. Now get me the darn video back up!
  3. it does not look super good. But they have this comparisson feature. And when you look at other texas schools that are G5, UNT is generally not so far out there. UTEP is a few million better for example, but that is all basketball. That vaunted Houston program... has more revenue, but also a bigger deficit (altough I am betting their recent success has led to donor contributions that are nowhere to be found in this hole stats sheet).
  4. It is over. Lost the first three matches. Not that the others were looking as we would have gotten even a single point.
  5. Thomas Rosenmuller, who was tied for first individually after two rounds, is having a horrible third round. But at least the rest is performing okish. Still UTEP is now 4 shots in th lead. But at least UNT is still second and 11 shots ahead the tie for 4th that MTSU and southern miss are in. So they should easily qualify for the match play.
  6. I am surprised, I thought that the third round would not start before tomorrow.
  7. Rosenmueller (now tied for first individually) and Snyman had another great day, and Churchman was decent too. However Hudson and Jackson had rounds in the 80ies today. Overall UNTs day was +9 which is 5 shots behind todays best teams (Charlotte and MTSU). For the tournament UNT is still in the lead by one shot, and is now 13 shots ahead of 5th spot.
  8. That is of course true and wrong. First you got to make it wednesday, seeing as only 4 teams qualify. But being 12 shots ahead of 5th place is about as much as you can ask for after day 1. But being 30 shots ahead by tuesday will not do more than being 2 shots ahead.
  9. I got no clue why it is in arkansas of all places. But I do know UNTs boys are leading by 4 shots after day 1. You can follow here UNT did profit from the rule that the worst player of the day does not count tough.
  10. oh, don't get me wrong I am definitelly not a big defender of Kee. She has responsibility for being in this situation. But if the team has a good run now, then the narrative changes, given that the team is young. If the narrative remains that this team is a barely a .500 team if that, then I too hope WB finally shows he can also be tough.
  11. I take it he made some unofficial visits, given how close it is etc.
  12. UNT got barely through the first round, winning a must win tie breaker, but then cruised today vs ODU. Now off to the semis vs number 1 seed Rice. I do have to say that UNT might be a bit underseeded, due to a pretty tough schedule.
  13. I think this is a bit too early to call. I agree with pretty much everything the article says, and can see that there are quite a few bad signs, but this season so far is slight progress over last season. And yes the coach might need more than that due to her own problems keeping players, but if they make the second round there is at least a solid argument for things trending in the right direction with a young team. And yes like a few of the other posters I am also still wondering if the AD is only playing nice or if he also has a mean streak to him when necessary. Then again, spending big on softball doesn't seem like a big priority right now, when we already invested so heavily on mens basketball and football.
  14. Thy don't really have to, but since being a preferred walk on at an FBS school (with I guess a guaranteed roster spot) is still an achievement, a lot of schools now comemorate it with a sort of signing ceremony. Probably is a try to make themselves look good too ("we get our students to play at the college level")
  15. They sure are recruiting the JC really well. Now all they have to do is prove they can win with those guys. Previous history at arkie State and before should let people be optimistic about that.