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  1. There were obviously more games:
  2. Wouldn't it just be awesome if UNT went to Arkansas, and gave him a shot with a few seconds left and he kicks the game winner? If that happens, then I want somebody to make and post a video of the reaction of the person who posted this video
  3. outoftown

    Recruiting Ratings for Offensive Line

    I think that getting ratings right is probably harder for the O-line than pretty much any other position. Given that O-linemen don't collect any stats and one does not always know what their exact assignment on a given play is, given that opposition quality usually differs more on the lines than any other position between different high school classifications, I feel size and high school of origin is never more overvalued in the rankings than there. And yet it is obvious do you do need size at that position. That said, there really is not much to argue that UNT recruited all that great at OL the past seasons. p.s.might it be that overall, there are less highly rated OLs than there should be given how every team is starting 5 each game?
  4. I think that is the way to go. However, if the right job(s) opens up, I think you might have to root for more than one other school. I don't think T-Tech is the right job. Agree. Its that or an SEC or super high profile ACC job (Miami, FSU, Clemson, with the only likely one to possibly open and him taking it being North Carolina, but don't think he'd take that either). Beyond that I think he will stay another year or two to build his resume while enjoying being close to home and taking advantage of the improved recruiting. UNT DID do what is UNTs power to make this a nice place for him. If he leaves, there oughta be no regrets. Overall, reading the article I also think that Tech fans slightly overestimate their schools place in the college football universe. For example, Sonny Dikes is on there just behind Littrell. I doubt they could poach SMUs coach after just one season.
  5. Not sure I liked all the parts of his game there, but the part I sure did like was his shooting and general behavior in the clutch situations at the end.
  6. That's ok. We'll take him. Seems like a nice and well behaved kid.
  7. It's an interesting article. I did notice, that they only looked at how those players did with the NFL if going to a power 5 school. I do wonder how being at a G5 school impacts players draft chances. Is there a possibility that 80-85 players actually do better in terms of NFL if at G5s?
  8. outoftown

    Amid less C-USA revenue, UAB forced to make tough cuts

    No excuse for this for the AD. It was clear all along what C-USA TV revenue would be for this year, that didn't only come up at the fiscal end. It is also clear that it will be 200k more next season. If he thought that hiring a new SID was too expensive, there is no reason he would have needed to engage in the process in the first place. He endangered a family's economic well being with his incompetence.
  9. outoftown

    Times have changed at UNT

    We don't do that kind of thing anymore :)
  10. And with that, UNT moves into 4th among G5 teams, way ahead of all other C-USA teams. Really the only slightly sad part about that is that SMU is in first.
  11. outoftown

    Vote vote vote

    Seriously, SMU almost 20 spots ahead of a mason fine led unit???
  12. outoftown

    Sebastian Munoz back on PGA tour next season

    Munoz ended up tied for second, taking down 53k. Ortiz was on his way to a top ten result also, until he double bogied on the last hole and ended tied for 15th. That was still worth 9.6k though and brings him close to the point where he too might get a PGA Tour card next season.
  13. outoftown

    Sebastian Munoz back on PGA tour next season

    Day 3 of this weeks Web.com tour event is in the books and Sebastian Munoz is leading the field by a shot. Carlos Ortiz is tied for 6th.
  14. outoftown

    Time To Vote

    Currently in 3rd place with 13.62%
  15. If this is not against the rules, how is it that we are not hearing about this being done all the time by schools with more cash???? how is it this does not happen in Football with "analysts" ? Bama could pay each and every parent. So could A&M and several other schools. I somehow have a hard time contemplating WKU being in the clear here.