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  1. UNT alumn Carlos Ortiz' bid to get back to the PGA tour had a good start this week. He got second place at the Bahamas open, which was worth somewhere north of 64k and has him starting the year in a good place on the money leaderboard. Fellow Mean green alumn Sebastian Munoz did not fare equally well and missed the cut.
  2. Marshall QB declares for NFL Draft

    The folks at herdfans did not seem overly distraught over this. That is all one needs to know about his chances to make a roster. That said think about it: If Mason were 4 inches taller they'd be talking about his draft stock already. As it is he may never get drafted, purely due to size.
  3. Harrell and Mainord

    If they fire Kingsbury then that is likely because this season went badly for Tech. That is likely to reflect on everybody who is present. If they lose 6 games again, that is unlikely to convince convince folks at Tech that the OC who lost those 6 games is great and has what it take to be the new HC. If they have a rebound season, Kingsbury will stay. On top of that, hiring Harrell would certainly remind people extremely of the failed Kingsbury hire (alumn, hot shot OC with an otherwise somewhat short cv when it comes to becoming a P5 head coach). Usually programs overcorrect after firing a HC. I agree with several here: Replacing Mainord may actually be a bigger problem for UNT.
  4. Wilson Signs with Leigh Steinberg

    Hope this works out for him. He deserves a shot somewhere.
  5. Good luck to him in his retirement.... for UNT this is an opportunity to move onward and upwards
  6. Nope. Even though he has now proven he really is a good OC and a good recruiter at more places than Baylor, we still don't know if he is a good HC and- more importantly- we still don't know enough about whether he can run a clean ship. After his presence during the Baylor scandal, I can't be the only one looking at that FAU roster full of players with checkered pasts and feel a bit too uncertain about that to want the FBS program of my affection to hire him.
  7. SBC Bowl Season

    Halfway (dis)agreeing with aquila there: I think you are right when you say it is not about market size in the old tv kind of thinking way. However I believe school size, as in student and alumni numbers etc will matter in the future. Attendance is declining across CFB, yet we can all see that it is actually becoming a more central part of the revenue at G5s as the tv dollars are declining even faster. If you have more students and alumni you are less vulnerable to that decline because you can live with a smaller percentage of your students and alumni supporting the program. Moreover there is just some sort of cultural fit that connects big science oriented public schools, the same way there is some sort of cultural fit that connects small private schools. I have this feeling that after a few years of perception adjustment, a conference completely full of small privates and devoid of large schools would become completely donor dependent while a conference full of large public schools would be just fine.
  8. Arizona looking for a new coach

    Just when I thought the HC coaching carousel was done for the season. No clue who they are gonna get. Doubt Seth is on the radar, but who knows. Maybe time for someone to get Troys coach. Or they might go after Fresnos coach. Or since its already late, and the early signing period is over simply wait for NFL firing season and pick up someone there? Really hard to tell. From all these press releases I get the feeling that if he had won 2 more games this season, the university might have taken the lawsuit risk, since they didn't find anything by themselves (which is why he is getting his buyout).
  9. CFP Payout

    I thought only the counting was delayed but the votes themselves are legal
  10. At AZ Bowl in Tucson-big NMSU crowd

    Lets hope this is another good example for Bowls and the powers that schedule the teams into places. Lets hope they take the lesson to heart that it is better to get an excited, close by G5 team, than to get an unexcited P5 team from a thousand miles away.
  11. I think if Littrell has shown one thing, then it is that he is pretty good at hiring assistants. Would be a pity to lose Harrell, but not the end of the world. Doubt he will go to tech a year before a likely coaching change. That said, it would be nice to have a bit more continuity this off season than last. And I think we will get it.
  12. Are we rooting for UCF?

    I get the fear of the AAC. then again that conference is 3-3 this bowl season, which includes a 51-10 drubbing of SMU at La-Techs hands. And I don't think they are gonna let the AAC in unless there is a legal ruling. If they were even remotely close, then this UCF team would have been ranked in the playoffs, after all they were undefeated with several top25 wins, which is not the case for a single one of this seasons playoff teams. A legal ruling however can then be used by all of the G5.
  13. Barf

    This has me wondering: has anybody seen a follow up on that 10-year contract he seems to have signed (I.e what the actual buyout for a school would be)?
  14. Are we rooting for UCF?

    If I think UCF will sue the NCAA for being left out, then I want them to win. If they are going to be too cowardly to do it, then why should we want the AAC to look any good.
  15. Home Opener Against SMU

    Hmm. I don't agree. It was not "they" that killed UNT. It was Courtland Sutton almost all by himself.