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  1. UTEP moving to Mountain West?

    Hmm. I wonder if the MWC may be willing to give out temporary membership to the two schools similar to what the Sunbelt did with Idaho and NMSU) to see how it goes. If that were the case this would, however, be a huge gamble for UTEP. It's probably no coincidence that this comes out of NMSUs kitchen since NMSU has nothing to lose and certainly wants discussion and more fluidity in the conference landscape.
  2. Baker and Littrell both deserve extensions and raises. However, I really think that the buyout clauses for coaches really need to be separated from the presence of the AD and president at the school. I absolutely hated those clauses in the last contracts, where the buyouts for Littrell and MacCasland gets slashed in half if Baker or Smatresk gets hired away (or fired/ not renewed). If someone comes to grab Baker, this means that Littrell/MacCasland could also be gone for cheap, and the school is left holding the bag and not just having to replace the AD, but having to start over completely. And it sure feels like there is a conflict of interest when the AD negotiates such a clause, as it gives him negotiation leverage when negotiating his own contract.
  3. If they do decentish on the tournament this weekend, they should get ranked in the top 50.
  4. New CUSA TV Deal

    I somehow hadn't yet known about this page. I like it!
  5. New CUSA TV Deal

    To me this is clearly a better deal than the last one. Honestly, with the way ESPN is going, there is almost no improved reach vs CBSsports anymore even less if ESPN is trying to push leagues to ESPN+. Stadium is a good thing, and has proven to be decent quality. But most importantly the increase in money seems to be quite big. If WB is correct and this is really a 400% increase for the primary tv part then I guess we are back to almost half a million or so per school with the added benefit of having to ship less money back to the networks for production. That is not at all negligible and decent negotiating I would say. Definitely beats the belt deal in my mind.
  6. This costs 50k? This seems steep and makes this look less like an achievement than buying entrance to the postseason
  7. Down Goes The MUTS

    Same here. The idea that the bigs are getting unfair breaks is hard to deny.
  8. So there is not one or two, but actually three different UNT alumni starting the final day of the Web.ccom tour event in Mexico from within the top 20. Sebastian Munoz is tied for 3rd, 3 shots behind the lead, Carlos Ortiz is tied for 9th, 5 shots behind and Rodolfo Cazaubon is tied for 14th, 6 shots behind. Let's hope one or two of them can properly profit from the situation.
  9. NT Women vs. WKU (CUSA Semifinal)

    Ladies playing really well so far. Up 19-13
  10. Down Goes The MUTS

    This is unfortunate for the conference. That said, C-USA really needs to improve its OOC game to the point of where a tournament upset does not reduce the number of bids to one.
  11. Littrell on The Solid Verbal

    awesome. I listen semi-regularly to that show.
  12. UTEP (3/3/18)

    Also watching the women at Rice. Currently down 40-31 with 7:32 to go in the 4th. Playing pretty good defense, but horrible shooting from UNT.
  13. UTEP (3/3/18)

    halftime. UNT 29, UTEP 28 The last 6 minutes were not good at all in terms of offense, and UNT gave up a pretty decent lead.
  14. Expectations for UNT in 2018 tourney?

    I too think, that tendentially this season is already a success. What I expect from the tourney depends a bit on whether UNT manages to avoid being an 8 or 9 seed and avoids MTSU in round 2. If UNT has MTSU in round 2, then losing in round two is sadly enough very likely. If UNT can get a 7 or 6 seed, then I kind of expect a second-round appearance at least and think there is a punchers chance in every round thereafter. That by itself is a big improvement from last season.