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  1. I don't honestly think the case has all that much merrit in court. But FAU and Kiffin will be very unwilling to go to court and talk about it, as the tactic may be mostly legal, but it will still be a bad look toward potential recruits etc. So I assume they are chasing money via a deal, thinking that FAU and Kiffin will settle out of court in order not to have a media spectacle. That is not to say that Kiffin didn't use the guy in a Kiffin doing Kiffin things way.
  2. And so it starts. Kiffin doing Kiffin things.
  3. I think TWU could work, but it would have to be done the slow way, well thought out, giving both sides time to properly weigh in, so TWU could keep a decent bit of its culture while not keeping UNT from attaining its goals and causing more administration than its worth. The problem is, that if a chancellor looks for a quick project to point to and tries to get this done fast, it will be bad for both sides.
  4. This sure is necessary, although I would almost rather see two year contracts, which would mean schools have to pay buyouts if they want our guys, but would take a more long term commitment from both school and coaches. I am sure it would be a good argument in recruiting tough, if the assistants that recruit a player are more likely to stay because their contracts are not only yearly. Particularly happy about Reffett and Browns raises. Not so sure about whether Harrell really already proved whether he deserved a raise.
  5. Today, was the last day. In the end UNT ended up 7th out of 14, beating 4 teams ranked in the top 50 and all the unranked teams. This should give UNT a push in the rankings, which could be useful later in the season, in case UNT needs an at-large to make the NCAA regionals. That said, this tournament was itself very much like a regional and 7th would have fallen just a bit short of making the final tournament. On the individual front Thomas Rosenmuller tied for 4th.
  6. Second day didn't go quite as well. UNT fell from to tied for 6th. Still the best unranked team tough and ahead of 4 ranked teams (including schools like Texas, FSU and Arkansas)
  7. Overall I think the non-revenue sports are not that bad. Half of them are already regular contenders. However small moneys can make a much bigger difference here than in football. So here is my .02$ evaluation: Womens soccer: 4 Titles. Enough said. The question is at the most what can be done to make them from C-USA upper echelon to regular top 25 team. Definitely the right coach. W. Tennis is always contending, usually has a good seed and is essentially unlucky not to have won the conference yet. Adding a few resources and improve infrastracture could really help push things to the top here. Definitely the right coach. Mens golf is always competitive, and womens golf has made a good jump back from awful to at least the middle of the pack this season. It could go fairly fast here too. I actually think that mens golf, which has been to several NCAA regional tournaments in the last few years, is the most likely to make a final NCAA tournament right now. We are planning to invest in infrastructure on top of that, so I expect great things here. Definitely the right coaches. Cross country: Don't follow super closely, but tends to be contending on the mens side (won one title, usually top five, more often top 3), womens side could still use a small push I guess. I think this sport is among the more difficult to influence for the AD. Softball... who knows, but I think WB will eventually have to intervene. I am not sure that RVs last hire there was the direction to go. This season might be improvement, but we cratered last season and did miss the conference tournament -which UNT hosted- so improvement should have to be more than marginal. In Volleyball the current coach probably deserves a chance so show what he can build, but if it doesn't work out, throwing money at the gym etc is likely not enough. This is a sport where throwing money at the coach is quite essential and the jump from assistant to head coach is quite substantial. I think we are at best 2 years out. Track: No need to evaluate until about a season or two after the new venue is created. Swimming and Diving: I got no clue. Can't be interested in everything. Womens Basketball: Well theres a whole forum for Basketball. I guess most will agree with me, that coach Michel has things pointed in the right direction (improvement from previous seasons), but we could argue that it was slow progress this season and we are still in the lower middle of C-USA. Feels like no need for intervention in either direction right now, but like it is at least two or three more season until we are C-USA contenders. Mens B-Ball: Has a whole forum to itself. Completely (and predictably) cratered this season. We all know we just threw some real money at the problem and I guess we should be hopeful that things will improve fast. There will be a decent bit of pressure on the new coach, given the money that was invested. Football: Also has a whole forum to itself. Here we can't outspend the other C-USA schools to a degree where the sheer money will guarantee us outcomes . I guess we are currently trusting our young HC to build and trying to improve the surroundings including infrastructure and recruiting (and maybe assistant pool), to give him the best chance to succeed.
  8. Mens golf is currently at the Valspar collegiate. So far this season our men are 71st on Golfstats. This week they are playing the valspar down in Florida. That one is an excellent messuring stick, fully on the level of a NCAA regional tournament, with 10 of 14 teeams ranked in the top 50, and 6 ranked in the top 25. The first day went very well for UNTs boys, as they are third out of fourteen, ahead of lots of 8 ranked teams. Follow thee results here
  9. oufff... I guess that sum is so outlandish, I didn't even contemplate that as a possibility. Oufff.
  10. you mean 3 years 6 mil I guess. Yeah, crazy the sums being bandied around by middling P5 programs.
  11. I guess if UNT hadn't been willing to spend quite as much, this would have been the 400k option with small buyout. Could be real good, but there is some risk here with less experience and also a bit of regression this year.
  12. I do believe teams punt too often and don't onside kick enough. That said, if everyone would do it, the data for the analytics would change, because the coaches and players on the teams on defense on 4th down and receiving the kick off would adapt. For example, it has been shown that coaches don't onside kickoff enough in the first half (when the opponents don't expect it), but that onside kicking does not have great percentages at the end of the game. Also FBS players will not allow you to recover 25%. Also not punting and onside kicking it all the time is also a message about your defense (or at least it should be): If you have a dominant defense that can hold your opponent from advancing often enough, then the only thing you want to avoid is giving the opponent the ball in the red zone. However, if you are Texas Tech, (I.e. no defense but good on offense), why would you ever punt, if your defense can't stop the opponent, no matter if he gets the ball at his own 20 or at your 20. But I do have to say, that I have been wondering why there aren't more funky formations out there, and why few coaches have tried too run rugby style plays (as in with laterals etc).
  13. Happy the base is not 600, but 500 (with probably easy incentives getting him to 600k tough. Wren seems to really like his Bball. That is basketball, not baseball, because if UNT builds a new Basketball venue soon, then it is not likely to build a baseball venue soon.
  14. I am split, but mostly on an optimistic note. The fact that UNT is making a commitment is definitely a plus. And I guess this is a much smarter commitment than when RV extended McCarney at a high cost. That is because while extending Mac at the time made kind of sense upping his contract that much really didn't, given that there was no market for an aging coach with health problems (RV was essentially bidding against himself). For MG there is definitely a market, and if he is successful, some of that money just might come back from a P5. That said 600k as a base likely means there is not that much in incentives (or if there is, then UNT is reaaally splurging). Also, if this thing goes unexpectedly south, we will almost definitely have to ride this one out. One question I got is how WB got to have that much money to spend. Somebody must have made a big commitment. Was that just the Prez? Is that why WB went to visist with mattress mac?
  15. Honestly that hire going south quite as bad as it did surprised me then a bit. On the surface the Peterson hire had made a lot more sense than Benford. But that said, he had been at a very particular place before (Wake Forrest), and while his overall records were nice Petersons in conference records were never above .500. I guess we all thought that was due to Wake forrest being the little redheaded child in the ACC, but conference IS a sign of how you do against your 'peers'.