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  1. This ranking is not worth the space on my screen. ODU number one? really. Its nice to tout the sellout streak, but if Apogee only sat 20k, UNT would have also had plenty of sellouts. And UAB 4th after their self inflicted death penalty?
  2. Lets hope UNT will always be in a phase where a number of donors want to leapfrog the ones who already give :) If that were a fairly constant state, UNT athletics would be sure to benefit.
  3. A very nice thing to do by Mr Kuehne.
  4. I don't think they would demand a cut. It is advantageous enough for them to come into the region and be able to get to see and talk too that impressive a number of players. I would assume getting to Denton and working this thing is in their recruiting budget. If they start asking for a cut, you can always bring in someone else the next year. Also, I doubt that the money is that great for UNT. There are expenses too for this thing.
  5. There were more than a 1000 players at camp today? Wow. Then again, was it smart to let Oklahoma and Oregon attend. I mean yes, this will bring more players but it also means that if there is a diamond in the rough, they will snap him up.
  6. You never know when it is the home town boy. Remember Kingsburys CV when he got the crazy well paid T-Tech gig? If he goes 7-5 SL looks like a safe bet compared to that.
  7. Which part? That UNT goes 7-5 or better? That Riley might have a bad season? Or that OU would go for the home town guy with a great OC record because he only has two years as a HC?
  8. This is exactly what I though too. Its possible they look at SL for OC now, but I kind of doubt it as Riley is an offensive guy. But beware if Riley dos not have a good season UNT goes even 7-5, then we better start looking.
  9. Is it the great move I hoped it would be? No. But is it as bad as I feared it would be? no again as Houston is likely to attract more fans than Army, and I think will be on a downward trajectory under Applewhite (just my personal oppinion). That said, this still mean something has to happen with the 2021 schedule where we currently have 5 OOC games scheduled. I think the options are (in order of likelyhood) -we will get rid of the army series altogether, which would open a slot in 2020 - We agree with army to move the game to 2022 -SMU has decided to not like that game or wants out for a year - We are buying out or at least postponing the Missouri game (which would give us a 7 home game season in 2021)
  10. That is jealousy. I personally think that UNT is not super smart with this raise at this point in time (I'd a rather increased the assistants and recruiting budget more), but I do like the commitment to athletics and it raising eyebrows elsewhere. Eventually it will yield winning in basketball or football (my money is on basketball getting there faster). And with money being behind it, people (Houston, SMU, etc) will have to very grudgingly accept that UNT is their peer now in a way
  11. I don-t know that I believe it yet either, but given that they only have one OOC game in 2019 so far scheduled, Houston is as at least as likely as any other team I looked at, and I looked at a good number of potential home opponents.
  12. FBschedules is as correct as it can be with the information given, which means it is wrong. That is because it is kind of written between the lines, that WB is likely planning to get rid of the rest of the army series completely and will probably also ditch the 2020 and 2021 parts. In other words, enjoy the game this season, army isn't likely to return for another decade or more. But he isn't likely to say it until he has figured out with whom to replace Army. I doubt he would have mentioned the ditching of 18/19, had Liberty not wanted to tell it to their fans so badly.
  13. Weelcome!
  14. Not liking that either. It is however very similar to McCaslands buyout clause. Why it also inclues Smatresk I don't know however. I mean smatresk is not 40 anymore. It could however be a power play in the sense that when Smatresk and Baker negotiate their own contracts it gives them additional leverage.
  15. The problem with that reasoning is, that when coaches are still on somebody elses payroll, they usually don't ask nearly as much money in the immediate and have the salary increase after the old school is done paying. UNT has done that in thee past. Usually you can only recoup a fraction of the buyout.