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  1. 2019 game @ Wisconsin moved to 2025

    Thats the kind of one and one, that I think everybody would be clamoring for.
  2. 2019 game @ Wisconsin moved to 2025

    If I would have to bet, I would bet on it getting replaced with the away game for a one and one with someone. Or we could move the liberty home game up to either 2019. or 2018 (and play the away game 2019). In any case this created some space for WB to move things around.
  3. 2019 game @ Wisconsin moved to 2025

    Actually, I just looked it up, and the 2019 game is still on the same date for Wisconsin. I don't really understand why Wisconsin would care to flip the games... But maybe Kent State asked for it? Maybe they need money? Their 2019 OOC is pretty gruesome: @Arizona State, @Auburn and now @Wisconsin. Thats a lot of money games. Also they play three P5s away in 2018 also, so that really might be it need of money and UNT and Wisconsin were simply happy to oblige. Looks like Kent State will have 5 home game scheds all from 2017 to 2019. If I were their coach (or their fans) I would HATE that. If that isn't it, I still can't come up with a reasoning for this swap unless it is UNT who asked to move it because we are also moving something else.
  4. 2019 game @ Wisconsin moved to 2025

    Hmm. ok. must be something about the available dates within Wisconsins 2019 schedule then.
  5. 2019 game @ Wisconsin moved to 2025

    Another options is that we now move the @Liberty game to 2019 if need be. I think Liberty would be willing to play ball, as Liberty has 6 home games in 2018 now, but only 4 in 2019. In any case this allows to visit someone else in 18 or 19, and then get that team to visit UNT in 2022 or 2023. If there is a good name desperate for a home game that late in the process, we could get a nice home and home.
  6. 2019 game @ Wisconsin moved to 2025

    Hmmm.. interesting. Why move it all the way to 2025?. Why not, for example, move it to 2022? Something is in the offing, as I doubt it was Wisconsin who asked for this change.
  7. Which game would you rather win?

    Went with SMU, as that would do more for recruiting and that is the longer rivalry.. That said, losing to UTSA would also kind of mean UNT doesn't win the conference. That is what made it close.
  8. Bold Predictions for North Texas in 2017

    I feel like there is nothing bold at all about predictions 2 and 3-
  9. 12 NFL Team Scouts Have Watched UNT This Fall

    So, if I got that correct, the Bills sent someone for the second time this season. Scouts returning is an even better sign than them showing up once as that means they saw something that really interests them.
  10. 12 NFL Team Scouts Have Watched UNT This Fall

    I think scouts primarily come for Murray and McClain. But while they are already here, they will also look at some other players like Wilson, in case he has a huge year.
  11. DRC: Wednesday practice notes

    Glad to hear Chumley is back out there.
  12. So, I feel pretty even keel about this. When scheduling winnable FBS teams to home and homes, I guess we could get it a bit better, but it is not overall a horrible move. Its value really also depends on where UNT will be both success and finances wise by then. That said, that game with Liberty being an even contract keeps looking worse and worse. WB totally got pulled over the table in that negotiation or whatever it was. Very concerning. If one really feels like UNT has to play Liberty, then Wren simply left half a million on the table there. Marshall just signed a home and home with Liberty. The difference being that Liberty pays them 500 K when MU goes there and will pay nothing when Liberty visits them.
  13. FAU scores again

    So he is immediately (as in "this season") eligible? He would miss most of the preseason practices, having only little time to get to the playbook. I feel this is unlikely to be the difference maker it looks to be at first glance. UNT plays them in week 8. It is more the role running that has me slightly worried.