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  1. DRC: Results of UNT fee vote delayed again

    This is a direct quote from the article: "No results from this week's second vote were announced. Outside colleges, election results typically are released immediately, and then election challenges are heard by an impartial body." Who knew North Texas was an Inside College?
  2. Blast from the past

    I didn't know we won that many Sun Belt trophies.
  3. "When the FBI revealed its findings about the corrupt connections among shoe companies, agents, a few big-time college programs and coaches, and the Amateur Athletic Union or AAU (the first “A” increasingly looks like a misnomer), no one near the sport was shocked." The article:
  4. New Recruiting Coordinator Announced

    Does this position, Recruiting Coordinator, have any on field duties?
  5. Big 12 and C-USA FB media days are back to back

    We need to advertise our media days as, "Main Event."
  6. Scotty Conley gets new gig

    Just an observation: A post about a former NT employee moving on to another gig, still on the first page, and already a face sctatchin' fight.
  7. Louisiana Tech (1/18/18)

    WBB Final Mid TN 56 NT 48
  8. The family is asking for your prayers.
  9. ‘Anywhere but here’ She scored 50 points as an eighth-grader, and Mya Fourstar’s name spread across Montana. But making it to college basketball – and off the reservation she calls home – won’t be easy.
  10. Frank Wintrich going to UCLA

    Congratulations, Coach! I wish you the best. Happy New Year!
  11. CUSAtv - UTEP game

    It's a big fat joke. Not funny.
  12. Ladies on ESPN3 Tonight

    Officiating as bad as I have ever seen in any sport.
  13. A new tradition I would like to see get started

    I think it's a grand idea. Thanks!