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  1. I was thinking of having one made. I suppose one could purchase a plain white cover and carefully cut out a template to use use like a stencil...but, that might look cheap-o. I'm sure a good upholstery shop could make one. If you hear anything let us know and I'll do the same!
  2. Greenrex

    The Top G-5 programs who have a Playoff shot

    If FAU's accomplishments are honorably gained, it is a positive for the conference. Any conference member's success shines a favorable light on all of us and ultimately makes us better. I just want the Mean Green to be that leader and I think we are headed in that direction. Beat SMU.
  3. Exchanging Army for Liberty was a heart breaker for me and, we may never know the real reason it was done. I don't think it has anything whatsoever to do with the style of play. My first thought was that there must be some sort of personal/religious sentiment on the part of the athletic director but, that's pure speculation.
  4. Greenrex

    In honor of Cinco de Mayo

    In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I watched "The Drive" video eleven times while playing a game of Take a Shot of Añejo Every Time North Texas Wins. May the fifth be with you.
  5. Greenrex

    USA Today top 25

    This looks like the pills I take every morning.
  6. Greenrex

    Jeffery Wilson Draft Profile

    I can guarantee that I have fandom room for the team on which he plays.
  7. Greenrex

    How about this historical BB nugget

    I was there. Joe was friendly and would always say "Hi" when we crossed paths on campus. I don't remember missing a home game.
  8. Greenrex

    DRC: Results of UNT fee vote delayed again

    This is a direct quote from the article: "No results from this week's second vote were announced. Outside colleges, election results typically are released immediately, and then election challenges are heard by an impartial body." Who knew North Texas was an Inside College?
  9. Greenrex

    Blast from the past

    I didn't know we won that many Sun Belt trophies.
  10. "When the FBI revealed its findings about the corrupt connections among shoe companies, agents, a few big-time college programs and coaches, and the Amateur Athletic Union or AAU (the first “A” increasingly looks like a misnomer), no one near the sport was shocked." The article:
  11. Greenrex

    New Recruiting Coordinator Announced

    Does this position, Recruiting Coordinator, have any on field duties?
  12. Greenrex

    Big 12 and C-USA FB media days are back to back

    We need to advertise our media days as, "Main Event."