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  1. DRC: Follow-up thoughts on UNT's depth chart

    Probably QB counter but I see what you mean. Him sticking it up w the big boys.
  2. DRC: Follow-up thoughts on UNT's depth chart

    That looks like its supposed to be buck sweep but the backside guard gets cut off from his pull, basing on the WR crack. Just my opinion
  3. DRC: Follow-up thoughts on UNT's depth chart

    The Florida play I would call power or g. That is the Guard pulling and the play side TE kicking out
  4. DRC: Follow-up thoughts on UNT's depth chart

    Lol wrong. Power is what the line does. See above post.
  5. DRC: Follow-up thoughts on UNT's depth chart

    Power is guard pulling backside. That is power. Also known as “G”. You can kick out the end w a WR, Slot or TB it’s still power. Pulling a tackle is not power. That is Dart, counter or GT
  6. DRC: Follow-up thoughts on UNT's depth chart

    Literally just showed y’all what power is lol
  7. DRC: Follow-up thoughts on UNT's depth chart

    Thats not Power...Power is pulling your guard and kicking out playside end or overhang.
  8. Jason Bean

    Dude is a burner
  9. Marcus Trice Update

    Lots of UNT players now coaching. Lots of UNT regular alum coaching too! Hell here my central Texas district I coach safeties, my buddy coaches our CBs and over at Belton Brandin Byrd coaches backs.
  10. 2018 signee Shorter

    Of course I was there! I’m the head track coach ha. Ellison has a great squad. We took 2nd. Alternate for our 3rd leg for us this week. Shorter looked great!
  11. 2018 signee Shorter

    Man track starts early now! That was a practice meet. Most 6a programs start the outdoor season right after MLK Day now. Our programs in KISD have year round track with an athletic period. It’s great if you’re the head track coach!
  12. 2018 signee Shorter

    Ok ok ok...time out. I will say this kid is fast no doubt, but this is a little misleading. This is a practice meet btwn Killeen High, Killeen Shoemaker and Killeen Ellison. We, including Harker Heights, open up the real season this Saturday and Ellison will be there. I’ll record the 4x1 this week for everyone. There will be some serious heat on the track. Here is one our meets last year. If you know 4x1 times then you get it.
  13. '19 QB Maverick McIvor (San Angelo)

    Youre right...Mike Canales is a hot name in the OC world (yawn). Im not saying he sucks, and appreciate everything he did at UNT, but facts are if he was that great he would have up and left when Danny Mac hamstrung him. I dont buy that he had no say in who he recruited at QB. They all sucked and that is a fact. SEC coach? 1 shitty year at a terrible Tennessee team. Go ahead and join everyone in reality. Have you ever heard a recruiting pitch in your life?
  14. '19 QB Maverick McIvor (San Angelo)

    I need to clarify. SL has recruited 5 QBs HERE better than any 1 QB Chico ever recruited HERE. This is still a dumb argument. Nobody is going to UTEP Bc Chico coached Phillip Rivers. It’s a what have you done for me now world.
  15. '19 QB Maverick McIvor (San Angelo)

    Seth Littrell has recruited 5 better QBs than any 1 Chico ever had here. Facts.