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  1. GrayEagle

    DRC: UNT recruiting status report

    Do you think that Coach Martin was hired by Syracuse just to (try to) get former players that he might have considerable influence with? Wasn't there some sort of moratorium on this?
  2. I absolutely won't give up on Bryce English until he gives up on himself and I just don't believe that will happen. It may take awhile but if he can be rehabbed to 80-90% of what he was he will still be a terrific lineman. We need him. Young and Tauualo are seniors. Hamilton has potential. McMillan, LeBlanc, Saafi and Shaw may need time to develop. With a healthy English we could be formidable this year. I believe that Bryce will bounce back or bust a gut trying.
  3. I like everything about this recruit candidate including his high school colors. I believe that he's strongly considering Minnesota and it may come to the Gophers and a Texas university. Not to be negative but remember we're about a thousand miles closer and 40 degrees warmer in the winter.
  4. GrayEagle

    The Top G-5 programs who have a Playoff shot

    Well, they also have Marshall on the list so CUSA is one fourth of the possibilities according to Brown.
  5. GrayEagle

    Texas at El Paso lands big time fullback

    The "best fullback" was the 7th leading rusher at K-state last year averaging 3.2 ypc on 19 carries for the year. He did have four TDs rushing and one receiving so he could be dangerous if he gets close to the goal line but to call him the best fullback in the market might be a stretch.
  6. GrayEagle

    AD is posting real donor numbers

    I believe that the AD stated that this year was our greatest year for fundraising. I believe that a figure of $8.9M was quoted. So we have some decent sized donors; we just need more to participate. A good place to start would be to follow Wren's suggestion...increase last year's amount by 10%.
  7. GrayEagle

    Revisiting the 2014 Signing Class

    My bad. Yes, it was Kaydon Kirby who walked on, became the starting center, and had to give up his final year of eligibility due to the death of his father.
  8. GrayEagle

    Speaking of facilities......

    At the first Coaches Caravan Wren said that we were about $500,000 short and that construction would start after the coming season is over. I believe that the total cost was around $14M.
  9. GrayEagle

    Revisiting the 2014 Signing Class

    To that list I would add Aaron Fortenberry. He was a starter and if his dad hadn't died he could've been a solid player as well.
  10. I have a feeling that Coach Yellock may have some inside knowledge about this player. Hope that he can convince him to come here. We still need defensive linemen.
  11. I think that he's been given an illegal HGH. Not yet two years old and he's already finished high school, weighs 230, and can deep snap at the FBS level.
  12. I believe that Guyton will still be double-teamed a lot and Lawrence is a great safety valve so he should have the greater numbers. Guyton will still have the greater number of TDs but Lawrence more receptions and yardage.
  13. GrayEagle


    What happened to Iwuakor and Jalen Jackson?
  14. GrayEagle

    DRC: UNT to install new turf at Apogee

    Although there's still about a half million to be raised it is expected that dirt will be turned after this season is over.
  15. GrayEagle

    Mean Green - Cinderella - Bleacher Report

    To be fair, this year will be Reffett's second year as Defensive Coordinator. He was co-defensive coordinator in 2016 but the degree of input that he had is unknown. I spoke to Seth at the caravan and asked him about the defense and if it would be better this year. He said that it had better. I took that to mean that he needs to see improvement on the defensive side of the ball. Although we won nine games with a rather porous defense we can't become much of an elite team giving up the yardage and the points of last year (and the year before for that matter).