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  1. ODU new stadium info

    Back in the early 80s when Division 1 split into 1-A and 1-AA the top division required a 30,000 seat stadium. Maybe we could have stayed in Division 1-A if we had known how lax they would be in their enforcement. Today, there are 20 universities in the FBS that do not meet that requirement. There will be 21 next year when Liberty enters with a 25,000 seat stadium. Three who are now shy (Wyoming, Buffalo, Louisiana Tech) qualified originally, but subsequent remodeling caused their capacities to fall below 30K. Charlotte, FIU, Old Dominion and Western Kentucky are among the non-qualifiers who are in Conference USA. It doesn't add to the stature of the conference.
  2. Picks to Pop: North Texas' Tre Siggers

    The only reason that I can fathom as to why your post might have gotten a downvote is that the voter considers him to be an outstanding running back candidate. In fact, I would have liked to see him play offense since I don't believe that we have a punishing runner. I also thought that his height wasn't conducive to playing safety but then I realized that we've had a couple of very good short safeties. I feel confident that Siggers will excel wherever they put him. I want him to be happy but more than that I want to see him at a position that is best for the team.
  3. Michael Lawrence Placed On Scholarship

    It's a little bit apples and oranges. Lawrence was a PWO which pretty much assured him a scholarship if he made the team (which he did in spades as statistically he was our top receiver). DJ was a walkon on academic scholarship who definitely contributed but was/is not a starter. He may (or may not) receive an athletic scholarship in spite his great work.
  4. MWC, CSU upgrades! Wow

    You don't think that the Denver market can support two teams? The question is will each have enough fans? Colorado already does and CSU will if, elevated. If the criteria is only one team per large market, why wouldn't Houston and Cincinnati be a P5 in their respective markets? In my opinion, since cable it really doesn't matter the size of the market but if there are sufficient alumni and fans located within the conference broadcast area to attract viewers.
  5. I agree with all of the accolades about Dr. Smatresk but I would be hard pressed to put him in more than a tie with Dr. W.J. McConnell who changed us from a teachers college to a university.
  6. San Francisco (3/30/18)

    I'm pretty sure that Brown University is the only Ivy League school that wears brown jerseys.
  7. Game Day: Last One of This Season

    TEXAS!!! We've never lost when I respond to the second chant. Actually, we've never won either so I ask the team to give me a winning record (like they'll have for this year).
  8. No, but I don't think that there are many defenses that can dominate our offense; especially our second team defense. They did seem to improve as the scrimmage wore on but it appears that our offense is so good that many times when the defense was covering they were still able to make the play. Recognition seemed good but one cause for concern was broken tackles. We have some backs and receivers that if you don't wrap up, they'll get additional yardage or even break clear. To me, this defense seems a little quicker and will become even more so this fall when more speed arrives. Also, I'm still waiting to see English and hoping that he'll be both a dominant player and a spiritual leader for the defense this coming season.
  9. Interested in UNT thoughts on this realignment

    I'll admit that there needs to be some degree of overhaul but this is not the answer. I don't like the one conference to begin with. I predict there were many different amounts paid to join a conference and dividing any revenue that many ways is unfeasible. TV contracts would have to be redone. What would happen to the basketball tournament conference slots? There should be standards set and any teams that cannot meet those standards should drop to 1-AA/FCS. Lastly, who flip-flopped ULM and La Tech geographically? No way, in my book.
  10. UAB stadium getting close

    I think that with a competitive team that UAB can average 25-30k in CUSA. If taxes finance the stadium and UAB does not have repay from their revenue then they should be fine.
  11. Baylor Being Baylor

    Actually it's Chip and Joanna who are shuttering Fixer Upper. Waco is going to need Baylor again but not with their bad press.
  12. Finals - Best of 3

    Twenty win season sounds great but don't tell them that we had eighteen losses. Still, a 20 win season after five years of Benford is quite an accomplishment.
  13. Heart of Dallas Bowl Under Fire

    Vous avez raison. If they can't sign CUSA vs. Big XII then just make it At Large vs. At Large and pick the nearest FBS teams that they can.
  14. CBI Update

    According to the CSI tournament website JSU will play the Fightin' Camels and we will play San Francisco (who held on to beat Utah Valley). The games will be on Wednesday but the locations haven't been determined. Edit: I just went back to that website and the information has been changed. Another site says simply that the bracket will be redone after the semifinals and it hasn't been changed yet. Since JSU likely can't host their semifinal bracket, maybe we'll get matched with them and we can be ready to go on Wednesday. Anyway, I would expect us to be a semifinal host. JSU sustained damage to their basketball area and Campbell may have the smallest basketball facility in Division I.
  15. Mean Green For Life

    Good memories. Thanks, Cooley!