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  1. ‘18 Tyree Thompson LB (LA Valley CC)

    This Although, I choose to think that most North Texas fans react to this news with by overcoming the appropriate level of disappointment with perspective and understanding. Those reacting otherwise is likely a vocal minority. Until a player formally signs, this should be all but expected. I only hope the change of heart is a result of receiving counsel from trustworthy, well-intentioned people around him.
  2. DRC: UNT announces Choice as RBs coach

    This move has been assumed for a long time but glad to see it finalized. Appreciate what he's already contributed to the program and excited for what's to come
  3. 2018 UNT Athletics New Years Wish List

    2). A healthy year for Bryce English...big fella deserves it
  4. During the off-season and non-conference slate, I wanted to see evidence of a program culture change - both on and off the court. I think we've seen evidences of exactly that. To get an A, there would have needed to be a noteworthy upset win (Neb, GaTech, Geogetown, UTA) Gets a B+ from me and I remain excited that he'll have the squad as a dangerous out in the CUSA tourney come March
  5. Thank you Players and Coaches

    Stepping back to look at the larger picture, this program is making substantial progress and is further along in that effort than I expected. That's a huge credit to the staff, players, and administration. These last two games have shone a spotlight on areas that need to improve but I remain confident that the improvement will continue. Time to prepare to spoil Sonny Dykes' regular season debut with the Ponies
  6. Missouri home and home in exchange for...

    Listening to Bill Connelly's "Podcast Ain't Played Nobody" he partially joked that Harrell is the next Mizzou OC when covering the New Orleans Bowl. Prompted me to do some more digging to see if there was any further news to uncover hear and came across a couple SB Nation posts Bill Connelly outlines 25 options for the Tigers... Where will Barry Odom turn to replace departing offensive coordinator Josh Heupel? David Morrison compares candidates to Josh Heupel... The search for the next Josh Heupel I'm hoping we can keep him around Denton because I think his relationship with our QBs has been incredibly valuable
  7. Prediction: UNT edge Troy in New Orleans Bowl

    If we can get our running game on track early, I think the rest will fall in to place.
  8. Hadn't seen this posted yet. Good read as we start gearing up for Sat... http://www.lindyssports.com/college-football/column/college-football-look-ahead/north-texas-offense-troys-defense-square-off-in-new-orleans-bowl/461182/ Pulled out these sections as it seems clear that this game pits strength vs strength
  9. Sonny Dykes to SMU

    I must be in the minority but I think it's a smart hire for SMU. Has HC experience so should be able to step in and maintain what Morris began to build. Knows the state/region well. Probably would enjoy stability so he's less of a flight risk (as opposed to someone like Sumlin). Honestly, if Littrell had gone elsewhere, Dykes would've been on my shortlist of replacement candidates
  10. Familiar Face in at OC at UTEP

    Excited for Chico. My avatar of a goofy facial expression made on an episode of Beyond The Green will always be my personal tribute to the guy. Will always appreciate him for his commitment to and representation of our program and players despite very tough circumstances. Very classy throughout. One thing is certain, the gates will be locked in El Paso
  11. DRC: UNT adds nonconference series

    This @Brett Vito got the Cal dates reversed. We already have ACU & Houston as home non-conference games in 2019
  12. World-wide Leader getting bigger

    With the uncertainty in the air, time to start re-watching episodes of "Beyond the Green" on YouTube to demonstrate demand so that it's picked up in some capacity for 2018
  13. CUSA 2017 Non-Conference Record

    Thanks for pointing that out. My manual process failed me. I've updated the initial post
  14. With bowl season up on us, thought I'd take a look at how the conference has performed in non-conference games so far... Vs Power 5 (2-18) ACC (1-4) 1 bowl matchup (USM v FSU) Big 10 (0-4) Big12 (1-2) SEC (0-6) PAC12 (0-2) Vs Group of 5 (10-8) AAC (1-4) 2 bowl matchups (La Tech vs SMU // FIU vs Temple) MAC (5-2) 2 bowl matchups (UAB vs Ohio // FAU vs Akron) MWC (0-0) 1 bowl matchup (Marshall vs CSU) Sunbelt (4-2) 3 bowl matchups (NT vs Troy // MTSU vs Ark St // WKU vs GSU) Vs Independents (3-1) **Updated to reflect MTSU over SU
  15. @ OU Sooners (11/30/2017) 7PM

    FYI...looks like I'm seeing the game on Fox College Sports (channel 283 on Charter/Spectrum)