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  1. jdennis82

    WKU Stikes Again

    I'll always welcome big time talent to the conference to raise our league's profile. This, along with the schedule creativity announced a couple weeks ago only helps the effort to become a multi-bid conference. Has to be the biggest CUSA freshman recruit since Derrick Rose (not counting Mitchell Robinson's no-show last season), right? This will only further motivate Coach Mac and the squad.
  2. I'll admit to being very pleasantly surprised... https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2780351-ranking-the-best-receiving-corps-for-2018-college-football-season
  3. Agree. Felt like he explored greater storytelling than usual. I imagine the slower pace of things on campus right now allowed for (or possibly necessitated) a change of pace in the style of writing but I certainly enjoyed it. I value the information we get from Brett in his typical writing but would certainly welcome more of these creatively crafted deep dives into the programs. Who knows, maybe there's some new freedom for the staff at the DRC now that the ownership change has had a full 6 months to settle in.
  4. I'll let you guys read without giving anything away but they certainly do a good job highlighting much of the intrigue of the coming season for our conference... https://athlonsports.com/college-football/conference-usa-football-2018-predictions Clearly, we know where the publication stands on it's view of our QB situation: https://athlonsports.com/college-football/college-football-starting-quarterback-rankings-2018 For comparison's sake, here's their 2017 article predicting a 5-7 finish for the Mean Green (of course, few projected the 2017 season correctly for our squad in Denton)... https://athlonsports.com/college-football/conference-usa-football-2017-predictions
  5. jdennis82

    Zachary Simmons AIA Blog

    Exciting to see a young man investing part of his summer this way. Hopefully, we'll get another entry about the last stage of the trip. I'd expect playing in such a unique setting with players from all over would be helpful to his development on the court and the overall experience can be drawn on as he grows into a team leader in the locker room.
  6. jdennis82

    Overseas trip

    Should be a great showcase for the program and a way to forge some non-traditional recruiting relationships - and with the way the major programs comb through the DFW area for talent annually, a program like ours has to take advantage of any opportunity to uncover a lightly recruited gem. Even without this recruiting benefit, I hope it's an experience the players will appreciate and enjoy. Without question, they will when they reflect on it as they grow older. Well-deserved reward for the players (assuming they see it that way)
  7. jdennis82

    Jeffery Wilson Has a Shot to Make the 49ers

    We know he won't be out worked and his pass protection skill should help him earn the trust of the coaching staff. If he can stay healthy and fix his ball security issues, I like his chances. The Niners play in Houston in Week 2 of the preseason. Would love nothing more than to see him show out 2.5 hours from his Elkhart hometown.
  8. jdennis82

    Revisiting the 2014 Signing Class

    Hard to truly assess this class based solely on on-field production because their careers may have been those most impacted by the coaching change. I'm proud of the guys who have finished (or will finish) their careers wearing green and supporting the culture change we've seen in Denton. When I think of Brandon Garner, I see him as being one of the key members of the team who embraced the new staff and grew into a leadership position based on his willingness to do so. I assume many others in this class could be described similarly - only difference being Garner has been more featured in Beyond the Green.
  9. Pretty creative way to "to help teams in the league improve their RPI and resume in advance of the NCAA tournament." I'm all for thinking outside the box here. Excited to see how it plays out.
  10. An observation as we look to end our NFL draft drought, no Mean Green seniors on the first team. I think it only helps NFL prospects at a school like NT to have pre-season expectations that would invite the eyes of scouts who might not make regular stops in Denton. That said, from Athlon's teams this time last year, here's how the CUSA 2018 draftees stacked up... Marcus Davenport - First Team Will Hernandez - First Team Tarvarius Moore - Not Listed Joel Lyiegbuniwe - Third Team Ito Smith - First Team Mike White - Second Team Boston Scott - Not Listed Cornell Armstrong - Fourth Team Alex McGough - Not Listed Richie James - First Team Six of the conference's ten 2018 draft selections were not included on the first team in May 2017
  11. I pointed out this Underdog Dynasty interview with Commissioner MacLeod a few days ago and she brings up a commitment made by each university to raise the level of their home broadcasts to allow the streaming model to have consistency in broadcast quality/standards. I think this is key to sustained success or even growth. Here's the interview: https://www.underdogdynasty.com/2018/5/18/17369154/underodog-pawdcast-a-conversation-with-conference-usa-commissioner-judy-macleod
  12. Would be a great pickup and I'm thinking we have someone on campus who Layden's pretty...um...well-acquainted with
  13. Didn't see this posted yet. Great read for any football fan to get inside the mind of an NFL linebacker as he diagnoses plays pre-snap...even better read as at fellow NT alumn. Proud of the career he's forged and the intellect demonstrated by this piece is a huge reason why he's been so successful.
  14. Hadn't really heard much from her before so I was interested to give this interview a listen. Would have liked a better line of questioning to pull out more informative information but it's a casual SBNation podcast, so those hopes may have been a bit lofty. Either way, she does indicate that there's more information to come on additional broadcast options for the conference and addresses a few other issues as well. Worth the listen just to better know the perspective of our conference leadership...
  15. jdennis82

    Does UTEP start factoring in C-USA West?

    For the benefit of the CUSA image nationally, I hope they can pull themselves out the cellar quickly. As for sustained success, given how long they've hoped for an invite to the MWC, I suspect that if they demonstrate that they're substantially improved across the athletic department by consistently challenging for division titles in football and conference titles in men's hoops, they will be very aggressive trying to find a way to saddle up with a new conference with a geographical footprint that better fits their needs