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  1. Thank Goodness We Built Apogee &

    The "purchased land" is across the street from Apogee and the athletic center. The old Liberty Christian property. Apogee and the athletic center sits on the old UNT golf course, so we've always owned that land. IMHO, it's one of the reasons we were able to build such a nice facility for such a reasonable price. We didn't have to buy the land or tear anything down to build it. We just scraped off the empty land and went to work.
  2. ...and the Friday before. As a reminder that the next day is game day,
  3. What are the official dimensions of the flag?
  4. Basketball and football are over

    Lots of people want and need baseball at NT. It needs to happen.
  5. Basketball and football are over

    yep. Two minutes left on the clock is equal to 15-20 minutes in real time..........possibly more.
  6. Basketball and football are over

    So I'm told. The only thing slower is golf. I'm a boomer and I have an above average attention span. But most of the conversation going on is about stats. I never understood what they (the statistics geeks) were talking about. AND statistic geeks (like most men) are terrible teachers. So, it was even more boring for me. I'm going to try and attend the North Texas day Rangers game.....for the first time. But mainly to support the alumni association........and get a real cool cap.
  7. Basketball and football are over

    Because they GET ON WITH IT! The pitcher and batter act as if they have a shot clock on them, and they don't fart around in the batters box. No scratching and spitting. Someone (I can't remember who) recently said that there was actually only 18 minutes of action in a typical baseball game. From my perspective i think they are being generous. Baseball.....slow, slow, slow. Women's softball.......(by comparison) fast, fast, fast.
  8. Basketball and football are over

    i'd rather watch a women's softball game than a men's baseball game anytime.
  9. DRC: Friday practice notes and observations

    Okay, here are my observations. First all, Guyton (#9) and Fine were hooking up on some good plays early in the practice. The second half was completely different. Guyton would go one way and Fine's passes would go another. Very strange. #9 on defense stayed with him all day long. Rutherford caught three balls in a row at one time during the practice. Unusually consistent for him. Duhon (#89) caught a couple of good throws. Brewer (#18, transfer from Kansas) was having a great day. Several great mid-distance catches and some yards after the catches. And one TD grab of 50 yards or so when he got behind the defense and caught the ball fully stretched out almost on the tips of his fingers. This guy wants to be in the two deep.....and might make it if he keeps this up. Torry (#29) still looks very dangerous. He's is very fast and quick......and he's pretty strong. Smith (#21) looked okay. In one of the best defensive plays in the scrimmage, he got nailed in the backfield by #22 after he took a handoff and went about three steps. A couple of DB's were able to tackle Darden (#84) one-on-one on two or three occasions. That's encouraging because tackling opposing WR's in space was a problem last year. Get this, they actually wrapped him up! On one occasion, a group of five defensive players ganged up on Brewer and brought him down.....finally. And now the answer to my question regarding the presence of a power runner on the team. A week or so, I wondered if SFA transfer Easley (#23 on your program) was a speed back or a power back. Turns out he's both. Easley switched to #27 and came in and made some very impressive power runs in traffic......great moves and great power. Then he took a handoff and took it to the house for about a 50 yard TD run. I feel pretty good about our RB situation. Fine and Pearson look......okay. Martin (#17) he is fresh out of High School. I don't think Pearson is worried.
  10. DRC: Saturday practice notes, thoughts

    After today, I've pretty much given up on Rutherford. Too many drops and bad routes. I could be wrong, but all I see now is lots of unfulfilled potential. Addendum to my first post: I noticed that they were having Darden (no surprise there), Duhon and Lawrence shagging punts today. Also, Brewer (#18 transfer from Kansas) made a pretty good grab in heavy traffic. And while he didn't get much yardage afterward, it took two guys to bring him down. He may bear watching. Addendum #2 BV has mentioned Shanbour having some sort of injury and not being able to go. He didn't scrimmage but he did hold for kicks. I couldn't see any braces on either knee or tape on his ankles. But I did notice about an 8 inch long strip of that new tape that they use that kind of looks like duck tape, was on the backside of his right knee. So I'm assuming that he has some sort of muscle or tendon strain. Chumley was out there in his jersey and shorts. He wasn't limping nor did he have a brace on either of his knees.......or tape on his ankles.
  11. DRC: Saturday practice notes, thoughts

    I didn't see anyone that looked like Bryce English walking around in a boot on the sideline or amongst the group of players while they warmed up. Pearson looked okay, but not terribly threatening. All of the QB's today looked pretty much okay today. Only three Fine, Person and Manvel got reps today. Amongst the RB's today it was the DeAndre Torry show. The guy can move......really move. On one of his runs his "stop-start" was something to see. And I didn't see him brought down with an arm tackle. He's too low to the ground (5'7" X 185). The player working his tail off today to get playing time this fall was Quinetin Jackson (#13). The guy was making some very impressive catches......although some ended up being out of bounds.

    This is getting very annoying. It seems to me that if they are going to raise ticket prices, they might want to avoid annoying their fans/alumni who want to watch a few practices.

  14. He sounds like in his previous life he was a Prussian General. This reminds me of why I wasn't totally comfortable with an all volunteer army vs our previous tradition of professional and citizen Army. Professional soldiers don't easily integrate (is that a PC word?) back into civilized society. In fact that issue was first presented in the classic Movie "The Best Years of our Lives" which is being shown Monday at 7 on Turner Classic of my favorite movies. The modern (all volunteer Army) version of that issue is presented in the Movie "The Hurt Locker". After reading this article, could anyone imagine General Kelly being able to function in Eisenhower's role in WWII?
  15. Updated Roster for Spring Ball