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  1. Well, I know who should come through and develop. First, Zach Williams needs to develop into a clutch kicker. Every O-lineman and D-lineman needs to be stepping up. Greg White looked very promising in the fall drills. So did Siggers. Until the new QB's step up and take it away from him, Pearson is the QB of the future after Fine and Shanbour finish their tenure. He has a lot of potential.
  2. Kyleb Howell (LB) Walk-on

    Looking forward to the second coming of *Joe Greene and/or Booger to walk on as well. Down the corridor of years. I've observed that the LB's and DB's are much more successful when you have someone stuffing the run and making the QB run for his life......all the while screaming like an 8 year old girl. * I would also take the second coming of Walter Chapman or Rex Johnson.
  3. He sounds more like Singletary from FAU to me.
  4. Hmm, seems like someone else was concerned about the need for a power back as a change up to our quick/fast backs.
  5. Dennis Parker retires

    His overall record here was 11-21-1. He also was the coach that saw the talent of Mitch Maher and then brought him on board. Todd Dodge's overall record was 6-37. Totally agree.
  6. Connor Means

    Well, the scramble that I observed (that caused me to say wow!) involved juking a lb and a db, on his way to a 20+ yard run. What caused me to start thinking about him as a RB was watching the Alamo Bowl and the contribution that this guy made for TCU toward the end of the game........ Olonilua demonstrated some power and speed, but he wasn't particularly shifty in his run. I got to thinking about Mr. Means because (like Olonilua and our Wilson) he could provide a more pure speed-power option to our very quick RB's coming back this year.
  7. DRC: Three reasons UNT could be better in 2018

    I didn't see anything about a can't miss replacement for Tevor Moore. He was the difference maker in two games......possibly more.
  8. Absoutely. Someone who made the commitment to graduate from NT and has coaching experience is a great candidate to sell the program to the coaches in Texas. I've always believed that the best people to sell NT and/or work in it's best interest are NT graduates.
  9. A new tradition I would like to see get started

    The point that I was making by sending the link to the 1991 Band performance to Dr. Richmond is that North Texas has had much better Bands, and the 1991 youtube is just one example. What I didn't say, but it should have occurred to him, was that they should take all that energy, pride, and musical excellence that the 91 Band was putting into it's performance, and translate it into a grand-school-spirit-crowd-energizing-pre-game-entrance/show. What is it that all these PhD's in music, music theory, music education etc. etc. don't get? It's not like I haven't provided them with more than adequate visual aids.
  10. Bobby Bowden on playing NTSU in the snow 1976

    Well, Hayden Fry was a great AD. He was hired back in the days when head coaches were also the AD. After that, I have to agree with you 100%. I will also add that our administrators were just as incompetent in their management of our athletic programs. This is a University that, up until Jitter Nolan and Hayden Fry came along, forbid any sort of money raising for the athletic department.......or any department for that matter. That's why our endowment fund is a pathetic $309 mil. While Houston (established in 1927) has $716 mil. They passed on hiring Bill Brasher as Hayden Fry's replacement. He had been Fry's DC and was a North Texas graduate. This would have provided our program with continuity........and possibly a Gary Patterson-like regime. They hired Bob Tyler when his bosses at Miss St. advised against it.......passing up Corkey Nelson who also applied for the job. Nelson was finally hired the next year, but had to work with far less resources (moving down to 1-AA) They then hired Dennis Parker (a High School head coach) to replace Nelson. This actually wasn't as bad a hire as the Dodge hire. Parker had an overall better record, and he did recruit Mitch Maher. They eventually hired Craig Helwig, then RV who's first big hire was Todd Dodge, then Mac.
  11. i assume that KB is as good a recruiter as he is (allegedly) an offensive genius. Because what I saw in our conference championship game was an offensive group that was bigger, stronger, and faster than us. That has everything to do with the assessment of raw talent, and the ability to close the deal on getting them into your program.
  12. A new tradition I would like to see get started

    Excellent idea. When I found out that a new Dean of the school of music was about to take over two years ago, AND that he came from the University of Nebraska, I took it upon myself to look up how Nebraska's Band gets the crowd going. I sent him a youtube of a Nebraska pregame entrance/show and basically said that, as a long time NT fan. I would like to see something similar at our games. Since that initial e-mail i have sent him examples of Oklahoma, University of Ohio, LaLa, and Texas. His initial response was very polite and professional. I even got a history lesson about the University of Nebraska band. it seems that it was initially formed, by Black Jack Pershing, to help the ROTC troops at Neb. to march better. I was very polite, respectful, and after a while, almost pleading with him about the state of our football band. Most recently I got tired of sending youtubes of other schools bands, and sent him this youtube of the 1991 performance of the NT Band........... Here was my message to him. If you want to send something, here is the top guy Dr. John Richmond. Dr. Richmond prefers that you cc Dr. Williams in all correspondence to him. '
  13. Bobby Bowden on playing NTSU in the snow 1976

    .....and Helwig counted for two.
  14. Bobby Bowden on playing NTSU in the snow 1976

    I wonder if it would have been such a fond memory if they had lost. And there is an excellent chance that they would have if the conditions were more "normal" for that game. We were 6-5 that year (7-4 with the Miss St. forfeit). All of our losses were by seven points or less.
  15. Mason Fine Video

    He was player of the year in Oklahoma two years in a row, he wasn't too hard to find. What they did was do a good assessment of how his skills as a QB/leader could overcome being 5'10" and make a "ship" offer worth the risk. They saw in their interviews with him, pretty much the same thing that I saw in him the first fall scrimmage that he participated in......he just oozed with confidence. What he has, you just can't coach. Good job coaches!