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  1. DRC breaking news -- AJ Lawson to transfer

    Dang. That hurts depth wise.
  2. Favorite Mean Green Game

    Football: 1) "The Stand" game against Rice in 2013. 2) Lance Dunbar in the rain against MTSU in 2011 for the record in my last game as a student. Ran to apogee in the rain to watch it and it was the coolest atmosphere for a game with no one there. 3) "The Drive" against UTSA this year. Basketball: 1) Watching (from the little bro get his first career start in his last college game at Marshall last year. 2) The CBI Championship. The whole run and the way The Pit showed out as we kept advancing. 3) Rushing the court as a student after beating Tech in 2009? 2010? Honorable Mention: Attending NCAA 1st Round Game in OKC in 2010.
  3. TCU-WVU game in FW

    Been to SMU and TCU games in the last month and a half. I was extremely impressed with both facilities, The Super Pit is way behind both those. The atmosphere at TCU was much better than SMU, but I’ll say I did wish TCU served.
  4. When is the CUSA Champ game?

    Would be nice to see FIU win the next 3. I believe we would have a chance at hosting (if we take care of business as well) if that happens.
  5. Rewatched UNT vs UTSA Game

    Whats the best way to rewatch?
  6. 2017 Player Adoption Thread

    Give me Krasniqi. Will be a monster in a couple years.
  7. Lone Star Prospects Website

    I believe they also offer exposure as part of a "premium membership" for athletes. Think they might have a conflict of interest issue
  8. Lone Star Prospects Website

    Id take any rankings from that website with a grain of salt
  9. HOD Bowl 2017

    Dang. Lockheed Bowl is same date as UIL State Championships. Hope to be "working" that day
  11. DRC: Projecting UNT's post-spring two-deep

    If our D-Line ends up being good enough to not have Krasniqi on the 2 Deep, then they're dang good.
  12. IPF is happening

    Been in A&M's facility and they have a net that hangs down in an endzone with a field goal posts stitched into it.
  13. The Woodlands OLine is the real deal :/
  14. Most missed penalty in football, illegal man downfield on a pass off an RPO.......Ugh..... It's an offenses world out there.
  15. UTEP (2/16/17)

    Agree with Grand Green and Kram. Tough year, but last night was a good ball game and the best Ive seen us play this year, just couldn't close the deal. Some young talent on the roster for sure.