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  1. golfingomez

    Throwback: Houston at North Texas 1975

    the uniforms in this video of NT vs Houston are amazing. wish we still wore those
  2. golfingomez

    FAU at North Texas Game Moved up to Thursday

    Love it. we will need all the help we can get to beat this FAU team, and weird things tend to happen on Thursday nights.
  3. i can't find where the dorm is located?
  4. golfingomez

    Apogee Turf Project Underway

    love it
  5. golfingomez

    USA Today top 25

    Conference USA is moving up!
  6. Patterson is the first case for a non-graduate transfer to play immediately
  7. i'm still worried about the line on both sides of the ball... neither side has been very strong since '13 and it started to really show towards the end of last year
  8. well... it's nice to see Hambone at the top of his position... here's to hoping for an injury free season next year
  9. golfingomez

    Favorite Mean Green Game

    People hate it, but... 1.) Number 1 will always be the FIU 7OT game, just because it was the weirdest game i have ever been to. I was going to leave in the 3rd qtr, because it was such a crappy game, and my friend convinced me to stay... 3 hours later, i found myself with about 1,000 other people in the slowest field rush ever... As far as my proudest games: You could just peg the entire 2013 season up there. Ball St., Rice HOD bowl., but... 2.)the Stand in the Rice game was just unbelievable... Rice was definitely still in the game on that drive, then Orr, Trice, Lee and the rest of the gang just said eff you and stood up play after play. by the time it was over, i think they had run about 4 minutes off the clock while the ball was inside our ten yard line! We got the ball back and the game was in hand. It was one of the few times in my career that i felt like UNT was a big time program. 3.)Loved the Dunbar monsoon game against middle Tenn. also a game with very few people in attendance, and I wish we could have kept them from scoring. honorable mention includes tearing down the goalposts against Idaho in 2004 and demolishing SMU in 2014
  10. golfingomez

    Mean Green Finish Fourth In Total Rebounds.

    some good company on that list!
  11. golfingomez

    Regal Eagle is For Sale - $350k

    officially quoted.
  12. golfingomez

    San Francisco (3/30/18)

    What a game. what a way to end the year!
  13. golfingomez

    San Francisco (3/28/18)

    hell yes Mean Green!!! We are playing basketball on March 30th... let that sink in!
  14. golfingomez

    Littrell and Wilson both applied for Tennessee

    this will be Littrell's "Free Agent" year, when most folks expect that third year upswing/full results from a coach. This is also the year that other program's will look at a first time HC and see how he is progressing. a lot rides on this season, and if he gets hired away after this season, it means that UNT has had a great season.
  15. golfingomez

    Scott Cross fired at UTA

    Wow. Good luck to Cross, i hope he finds a new gig soon. and extra luck to UTA's AD in trying to find a replacement.