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  1. MeanGreenDan

    WKU 2/15

    Going downhill quick...
  2. They're the worst. More people would have them if they were better. We had them year one, and asked to have them pulled after trying them out for two games.
  3. MeanGreenDan

    Anybody Have Seats in 204/209?

    We're 208ers and love being high enough to see the whole field, and the video board. Also if there are still volume issues this year, you might be deaf sitting too close to the speakers.
  4. MeanGreenDan

    Georgetown (12/20/17)

    Falling apart here at the end. Great 3/4 of a game against a good team, regardless of how it turns out.
  5. MeanGreenDan

    Georgetown (12/20/17)

    The PA announcer at New Orleans Bowl dropped "North Texas State" a few times...
  6. MeanGreenDan

    Georgetown (12/20/17)

    Are these refs looking one sided, or are those my green shaded glasses?
  7. MeanGreenDan

    FAU - Boca Raton Bowl

    I was just sure Boca would outperform NOLA due to the primetime timeslot. Kind of wish I was wrong with the @$$kicking we got, but alas...
  8. MeanGreenDan

    DRC: UNT adds nonconference series

    When is the last time we've played on the west coast? I cannot remember! I dig these two additions!
  9. MeanGreenDan

    SMU considering Littrell among others

    Morris just finished his third season at SMU, Littrell his second at UNT. Morris has been coaching ten years longer than Littrell. Morris has OC of the powerhouse Clemson on his resume (where they finished ranked every year he was there), Littrell does not. Just off the top of my's not apples to apples.
  10. MeanGreenDan

    Bowl Game shirts

    Last year the preliminary photos that were put out had this helmet too, but when printed they had the wings.
  11. MeanGreenDan

    Tickets for NO Bowl
  12. MeanGreenDan

    Any day trippers out there?

    Flight in and out, same day.