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  1. meanJewGreen

    Austin Coaches Caravan Tonight!

    Is anyone coming tonight? Would love to have a good group so they come back!
  2. For all of you who live in the Capitol City- The Austin Coaches Caravan is tonight at 6 pm! It's going to be at Austin Eastciders- great place to socialize and sample some great beer and cider! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
  3. Bump. This is now at Austin Eastciders at 6 pm (never tried eastciders? I have about 60 cans in my fridge for any alum who wants to come down) There's a rock climbing gym right next to it, if any of you want to partake after the event. Oh yeah, and parking isn't so bad.
  4. Austin Mean Green - Coaches Caravan is June 13. Venue TBD. Just wanted to put it on your calendars.
  5. meanJewGreen

    NT Women vs. La Tech

    wow we are gonna blow this game aren't we
  6. meanJewGreen

    Official New Orleans Bowl Score Prediction Thread

    Until we can stop someone I don't see us beating better teams. Oh yeah, and troy BEAT lsu in death valley. Troy 44 UNT 35
  7. meanJewGreen

    Austin Mean Green- Conference Championship Watch

    Yeah man, wish @John Williams could come up with another great bar idea in ATX.
  8. ATX Mean Green Folks, Talked to my GM at Caroline and he said we could do a watch party at the Upstairs bar with drink specials (food is already fairly cheap). Catch is, I need to get at least 15 people there so we can continue to do more events at the bar/restaurant. Besides @Jason Howethcan any of yall commit to coming downtown on a Saturday morning to watch our Mean Green?
  9. was there tonight. Decent mean green showing. Got to hang with TheWren- just an awesome guy and we are lucky to have him. First ten minutes we dominated. Our D was the problem- gave them too much space near the 18 yard line- their footwork totally confused us. Wren said they were young so I'm looking forward to something big next year.
  10. meanJewGreen

    When is the CUSA Champ game?

    Sooooo true.
  11. meanJewGreen

    Soccer TV

    Is anyone else on here going?
  12. meanJewGreen

    North Texas draws Texas in first round

    Does anyone plan on going? I'm off Friday afternoon so I was gonna go.
  13. we are 22-2 and still only ranked 51st in the nation
  14. meanJewGreen

    Official ODU Game Score Prediction Thread

    ODU 46 UNT 35
  15. meanJewGreen

    Official UTSA Game Score Prediction Thread

    We've consistently fallen short in opportunity games so I see no reason to pick UNT until it happens... UTSA 44 UNT 31