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  1. Tech Needs an OC
  2. Combs @ LSU

    Appears his career is over as the ankle just can’t seem to heal. Really wish he had stayed here, but doesn’t look like he would have been healthy enough to contribute.
  3. 2018 Early NSD official thread

    Can sign 12/20-22, so through Friday. Then wait until February.
  4. Watching Denton Ryan v Highland Park on TV and announcers gave UNT some great pub talking about the two quality quarterbacks who are committed to us.
  5. Reffett on crutches

    I remember them announcing shortly after the uniform reveal at the beginning of the year that all the coaches were going to travel in “jumpman” gear. Not sure if there’s a specific agreement there, or if that’s just what they chose to purchase.
  6. Reffett on crutches

    Is that Reffett on crutches at the 10 second mark? Anyone know what happened?
  7. '18 ATH Kevyon Davis

    Vito posted on the blog that he had committed...then changed it to the current story about 15 minutes later.
  8. '18 ATH Kevyon Davis

    He retracted to now say holding off to announce his commitment 😕
  9. Chad Morris headed to Arkansas I think his Texas ties and recruiting are much more of the equation than his coaching record at SMU.
  10. Pep Rally

    If it helps even a little to get the fee passed, it’s a success. Would be a big moment killer if it fails, but nice shot in the arm of it passes.
  11. Pep Rally

    Agree. Expected a lot more. It was amost all students and not a ton of them.
  12. Pep Rally

    My wife is taking some masters classes, so we took the fam to the pep rally tonight. Had some giveaways, announced $10 tickets for students, and a package for first 160 students with bus, ticket, and hotel room with one other person for $60. Good deal. This pep rally though really was all about getting in front of the students to talk about the fee after giving away free stuff and cheap tickets. Great move. Wren basically said that if everyone there would vote yes, that it would pass. Hope they all did.
  13. Bowl News...Will We Know Today?

    Great game. Troy drives to score with under 30 seconds to win. A State gave away a ton of points and may be the better team. They keep saying that Appalachian State will be co-champions. Anyone know the tiebreaker rules to determine the bowl bid? Either way will not be an easy W in New Orleans.
  14. Expectations for UTA game?

    We were -18.5 underdogs. UTA’s only loss is to #25 (at the time) Alabama by 1. We coulda should woulda won this game and that’s after losing another ball handler to injury and having a crazy amount of touch fouls called. Also on the road with a decent crowd there for UTA. Cross has been building his program for years and does a great job there. We are young and don’t shoot well, but it’s obvious this program is headed in a better direction under McCasland. We lose this game by 20 with Benford.