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  1. looks like UTEP found a QB

    My grandfather is a major donor to UTEP. He has never mentioned them dropping football but he told me recently that there is a pretty good push among donors to drop to FCS.
  2. Charlotte (1/4/18)

    The dumb passes are killing us.
  3. Charlotte (1/4/18)

    Got CUSA.TV all ready to rock. Let's go Mean Green!
  4. CUSA RPI Update (1/1/18)

    It's amazing to me that wins over UTEP and UTSA caused us to have such a huge jump from last week.
  5. @UTSA (12.30.17)

    Just got home. The game was fun. Love seeing winning basketball at UNT again. We had a nice vocal crowd there tonight.
  6. @UTSA (12.30.17)

    UTSA favored by 5 and a half. I guess i'm not surprised since they are the home team. From their fans on the CUSA board, it seems we are really going to have to stop their 3 game.
  7. Solid article. Ready for CUSA play to start.
  8. @UTSA (12.30.17)

    Im about the same distance (Marble Falls) and I totally get it. It takes weeks to wash off the stench of being on their campus. Getting over the fact that they dont play basketball in a Division 1 facility takes longer. I brought my family to a game there a few years back and im still embarrassed about the gym and the fact that they are in our conference.
  9. @UTSA (12.30.17)

    Finally will get to see my first game of the season. Will be bringing a Mizzou fan who will be watching his first CUSA game. I just wish it wasnt going to be in that middle school gym that UTSA plays in. Anybody else planning on making it over for the game?
  10. Thinking about ordering this customized hoodie

    I know im in the minority, but I love both logos. That time period holds a special place in my heart.
  11. Brett McMurphy says North Texas Lock for NOLA

    We are assuming it is a given that it is a lock to play an SBC school. Bowls get traded all the time. There is still a chance that another conference ends up there with us.
  12. Final Week Bowl Projections

    USM beat writer Jason Munz posted it on his twitter. He didnt give a source.
  13. JMU and ESPN Gameday question

    They seem to do a game at an FCS site every year. Always seems to be at JMU or one of the Dakotas.
  14. Where did you find it in SA? Im out of Marble Falls, but I work in SA 1-2 days a week and would kill to find it.
  15. That shot of Littrell is the worst picture ever. Of all time.