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  1. That shot of Littrell is the worst picture ever. Of all time.
  2. Sounds like we have em right where we want em!
  3. Roll call for Iowa?

    I managed to get the wife in on going to Gainesville last year. When I told her where this year's money game was, she looked at me and laughed and told me to be serious. Needless to say, I will not be making the money game trip this season.
  4. It's GAME DAY!

    It's 8:55am on Saturday and SMU still sucks!
  5. OSU @ South Alabama

    USA fans on the Belt board said the game was nearly impossible to get to because the highways were so backed up with Floridian evacuees.
  6. Away game ticket help (SMU)

    It will also be my first time there. Im just happy to be surrounded by Mean Green fans. I was smothered by Gator fans last year in Gainesville and decided to start buying in our visitor section from here on out.
  7. Away game ticket help (SMU)

    $35. Plus the usual fees and such.
  8. Away game ticket help (SMU)

    Called and bought mine today. Rep told me ill get an email in a week where i can choose to pick them up at Apogee or pick them up at SMU on gameday. Got a hotel room nearby for a reasonable rate too. Lots of rooms available from quite a few hotels.
  9. We did it. We used our supreme numbers and outvoted everyone. Let this be a good omen for our new school year.
  10. Uniform Release Reaction Thread

    Absolute fire. Love em.
  11. #15 Scrappy in Elite Eight

    Apparently we are good at this. I guess we should keep voting and win this darn thing for our mascot.
  12. When will we get a new uni announcement?

    They switched to Nike for this upcoming season. Kind of a big stink locally for them since Russell is based out of Bowling Green.
  13. Over at Mid Major Madness, the mascots are in a fierce tournament battle and Scrappy has been rocking it for weeks. We dont win many things, but we can win polls with our large numbers. We face the Lumberjack of SFA this week. Voting ends tomorrow for this round.
  14. Lamar 2017 home opener: what's the plan?

    Alright, fine. Ill drive up for the Lamar game. Even though I said I would never come up for another FCS game, you guys have guilt tripped me into it. I hate all of you.
  15. Men's OOC schedule

    That tourney that includes Georgia Tech and Grambling State is called the Ramblin Wreck Showcase. Apparently it is a round robin and also includes Bethune Cookman and UTRGV.