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  1. #NewWrinkledHundredDollarBill

    T E X A S
  3. Fine's knee brace

    He's fine. Literally.
  4. Thinking about ordering this customized hoodie

    Shouldn’t it say “NTSU”?
  5. Bowl Game shirts

    Throwback uniforms for the game?
  6. It's a shame you're not still stranded on an island
  7. What is really disappointing and ironic

    To make me feel better, I’m telling myself it’s all to maximize ticket sales, interest in the bowls and wins for the conference. Neither us nor USM is going to move the needle of the casual fan for the Independence Bowl. FSU is doing all that. Ticket sales, again neither of us are going to outdo the other significantly there. That leaves potential wins. I think we have the better win probability against Troy. This is also why FAU is playing at home. Ticket sales. Poor bastards.
  8. Ready for a brand new OL

    I can’t believe I’m agreeing with you but this is exactly what I saw. Seemed like he was too scared he would turn the ball over since our receivers couldn’t get separation. The OL has problems on the run, but pass protect they held up fine.
  9. FAU Attendance

    At the stadium they announced 14,8something. Was about half full so that’s pretty close to butts in seats.
  10. What is really disappointing and ironic

    Has nobody seen Greg the Bunny? @untjim1995 I’m in agreement and still hopeful the Conference understands a loss by a Division Champ would reflect poorly on the entire CUSA.
  11. What is really disappointing and ironic

    Am I okay as a fan since I supported the team in Boca Raton today even though I won’t be going to a bowl the CUSA runner-up has no business playing in? Please let me know. K, thanks.
  12. Boca Raton Roll Call

    Did anyone pick up their ticket(s) from the ticket office? Curious what section we are going to be in.
  13. DRC: Friday Q&A with Chuck King of FAUOwlAccess

    I suggest someone watch for Kiffin to raise his head towards the video board to key when a run is coming.
  14. 3 Keys to Success... UNT vs. FAU

    1. Even on Turnovers 2. Score first 3. Limit Driskel's effectiveness
  15. Conference Championship Biggest Game

    Yes, this is the biggest game ever. The winner will be at 10 wins after beating either a team on an 8-game win streak, or one that has won 8 of 9. Conference Champ will have the only shot left at 11 wins and the Top-25. There are more eyes on this game because of Kiffin. I guarantee it's more eyes than will be on whatever bowl NT plays in. This will do more for the program than anything else for at least the next year. I'll be there, because I want to witness this turning point in person. I want redemption. I'm positive the Mean Green are going to win this game. Sadly, however, there is more talk about aerophobia, bowl games and Denton hashtags. So, maybe it isn't. It's a shame everyone isn't noticing the importance of December 2nd.