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  1. UNT Five&Dime

    Future OOC Games

    How does everyone feel about playing Liberty?
  2. UNT Five&Dime

    Sentinel C-USA non conference schedule ratings 2018

  3. You want us to click and read that?
  4. UNT Five&Dime

    Friday Boasts Best Student Incentive Yet...

    Also, he could only count to 17.
  5. UNT Five&Dime

    San Francisco (3/28/18)

    That’s why there’s a trunk
  6. UNT Five&Dime

    Riley Dodge named new Southlake Carroll HC

    Athletic Director reassigned. This is where TD or Lineweaver end up.
  7. UNT Five&Dime

    Who is your squad?

  8. UNT Five&Dime

    Jacksonville State (3/21/18)

    The people running the tournament are probably a good source for this info: CBI Website
  9. #NewWrinkledHundredDollarBill
  10. UNT Five&Dime


    T E X A S
  11. UNT Five&Dime

    Fine's knee brace

    He's fine. Literally.
  12. UNT Five&Dime

    Thinking about ordering this customized hoodie

    Shouldn’t it say “NTSU”?
  13. UNT Five&Dime

    Bowl Game shirts

    Throwback uniforms for the game?
  14. It's a shame you're not still stranded on an island
  15. UNT Five&Dime

    What is really disappointing and ironic

    To make me feel better, I’m telling myself it’s all to maximize ticket sales, interest in the bowls and wins for the conference. Neither us nor USM is going to move the needle of the casual fan for the Independence Bowl. FSU is doing all that. Ticket sales, again neither of us are going to outdo the other significantly there. That leaves potential wins. I think we have the better win probability against Troy. This is also why FAU is playing at home. Ticket sales. Poor bastards.