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  1. laxtonto

    UT's Warren Transferring

    If you look into it a bit more closely it looks like he is declaring for the draft because more than likely he was not going to be academically eligible next year for Texas and could not get into the school he wanted to transfer into.
  2. laxtonto

    Receiver Transfer?

    Hes leaving Austin to get closer to home in Houston for some personal issues. I am not thinking moving to Denton solves that.
  3. laxtonto

    Offensive Line Play

    Time to maybe dip into the JUCO well some, even if to just get some more solid depth. It really takes 3 years to develop kids to being a CUSA level OL from a strength and size standpoint. We need some help up front no doubt
  4. Fine had 300 yards and 3 TDs. If he was having to back peddle all game running fir his life there were 3 more TDS he under three. Wait till next year and pray the OL is better
  5. Pressure up the middle again on the 4th down pick. The OL is getting exposed at this point
  6. No Wilson and a problem OL makes Fine to have to run for his life
  7. laxtonto

    CHALLENGE - Send a Student to New Orleans

    Is there no way to get a sticky for one for a week or so?
  8. laxtonto

    CHALLENGE - Send a Student to New Orleans

    Done x 2.5. Is there a way I can get a bowl game hat sent to SD out of this?
  9. laxtonto

    UT San Antonio is not going bowling

    Funny to laugh at their fans, and as good as it is for the us fir recruiting, it sucks fir the conference perception that a CUSA team gets left on the sidelines with 2MAC schools.
  10. laxtonto

    CUSA Bowls Confirmed

    LT to Frisco it looks like...
  11. laxtonto

    Two Years Ago Today: Fire Rick Villarreal Banner

    Some times things like this do actually work. In some ways I was and still am a bit ashamed that I supported something as blatant as this, but then again it was effective and helped achieve the intended results. I am curious how Neal S and BOR feel about the banner now. At the time there was some conflicted viewpoints on how the optics of the banner impacted the overall brand.
  12. Just got mentioned during the Bama Miss State half time show :) Congrats guys!
  13. laxtonto


    Thought you guys would appreciate this screenshot