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  1. SteaminWillieBeamin

    AD is posting real donor numbers

    It is preaching to the choir -- for sure. We all give to the AD one way or the other. It seems like what we get back from the AD is less over time. Sure, I appreciate the large flag pole. It looks great when I drive to CO once every other year. Though for my four tickets on the HUB level, I am getting less and paying substantially more than under RV. My per seat money went up. The level of competition when down (dramatically). The number of games per year when down. The number of realistically attend-able games has gone down (Thursday night games!). The level of competition makes it impossible to even *give* my tickets away. The AD money it takes to park close to my seat has gone up dramatically - they want rough $500 PER GAME to have ONE spot on the north side of the stadium. Note: I am not and was not an RV fan. I think the transparency is great. Definitely better than RV. I don't think squeezing blood from a rock is the right way. I know 8 people that have dropped out from the HubClub and plan to just watch TV this year... they are gone. They don't donate to the AD at all anymore. They are likely not to come back. Frankly, I am teetering on that edge too. Trying to figure out if 5-6 game days per year is worth $5000+ dollars. Hard to stomach 2 home games to miserable programs and then a way late Thursday game... that will require a babysitter and time off of work to attend. Down vote all you want. This is a real problem. They need to get their headcount up.. Period. Not try to get me to donate $10k to make up for their poor sales numbers.
  2. SteaminWillieBeamin

    College Football Starting Quarterback Rankings for 2018

    It's not the banter that drives my preferred gender wild. Keep getting those trophies! I already said I was playing around with my reply. Sarcasm with hints of truthiness make me believe in America.
  3. SteaminWillieBeamin

    College Football Starting Quarterback Rankings for 2018

    Maybe someone can post a reply that shows how to really ignore me - so I become invisible to you? FWIW - I gave you a "Thanks" trophy. I like being one of 'those guys' who prefers to play decent caliber teams.
  4. SteaminWillieBeamin

    College Football Starting Quarterback Rankings for 2018

    I am hoping they actually happen and we don't restructure our deals to add the other types of teams on our future schedule - ACU(oy), Liberty(!), Rhode Island School of Design(?!), Incarnate Word(?!?!!), Houston Baptist(...) It is all in jest. We having fun, no?
  5. SteaminWillieBeamin

    College Football Starting Quarterback Rankings for 2018

    That requires playing them. Instead we will get the the fight bible schools and the pre-div1as.
  6. SteaminWillieBeamin

    UNT Expansion along I-35E

    It has happened. We agree on something.
  7. SteaminWillieBeamin

    Oh the Outrage!

    That's rich -- considering the GOP's track record with alcohol, 'deviant' sex and drugs. It isn't a crime moral turpitude. I think the left is more likely to forgive indiscretions from youth. Once you pay your price to the country for the mistake, isn't that enough?
  8. SteaminWillieBeamin

    Oh the Outrage!

    Ha! Ha! </facepalm> This is like one brother calling the other brother a son of a bitch. Why would you do that? Makes no sense. Perhaps UNT's engineering school doesn't have the remedial reading requirements -- which is how I was able to be degreed. I don't need to 'miss the part' - you obviously were trying to feign rage and pointing out ZOMG how dumb the liberals are by their outrage at having UNT's name as a sponsor to some controversial speaker.
  9. SteaminWillieBeamin

    Oh the Outrage!

    You could at least pick a liberal person who is ethically controversial to come and speak at UNT before feigning your snowflake rage.
  10. Maybe he is talking about it is a disservice to the students that are creeped out and they have to just fit in with the normal society outside college that can care less about the people pooping in the stalls next to them. Is that given too much credit? I have worked with a few trans-folk over the years and many many more manly looking women. I never cared about which door they entered to drop a poop in the toilet. Honestly, not once.
  11. I really think people not understanding it are being purposely obtuse. You see "women" everyday that aren't really "women" according to your book. They may have a penis in their undergarments. They may have had a penis at some point, but had surgery to remove it. The inverse applies to the "men" you see (complete with facial hair) that really have a vagina. You just don't realize that you see it, because you can't tell. Yet people are ooked out over this prospect and try to make a law making it illegal for them to use common sense on which restroom to use. If you look like a woman (regardless of what sex organ you were born with), then go into the women's restroom. It really is simple. Throwing up some lowbrow strawman argument - "ok, i will SAY I am a girl and go into the chick's restroom so I can see them nekkid -- IS THAT RIGHT?A?A ZOMG?1" doesn't really address what really goes on or protect anyone. It only serves to divide. There are lesbians in the women's bathroom nearly every time a woman goes in there -- bust is that dangerous? Let's take a person who looks like a woman (to everyone), is a woman in all their life capabilities (yet was born with a penis) and is attract to men (like a 'woman') -- why would them going into the men's room be safer for everyone involved? It really makes no sense. In the obtuse view, all non-binary or trans people LOOK like Tom Hanks in Bosom Buddies or Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie. This is NOT how it is in real life. They appear and present just like the gender they feel|are|whatever. That is their life goal. Sure... drag shows exist.. but that is like saying actors on broadway all have too much make-up, fake boobs and high heels.. singing every emotion they have. It is a very shallow view of humanity just for the sake of not wanting to empathize.
  12. I am pretty sure it says "restrooms" will be provided. I don't think *they* are the one needing it as opposed to all the people that feel 'icky' around them and continual try to pass "bathroom bills" to make it illegal for them to use the bathroom they really should be using.
  13. SteaminWillieBeamin

    Received my MG Membership Guide

    I think this AD is making a big mistake trying to milk his known donors instead of actively trying to get new donors (game attendees). If the club level family with four seats is already paying $4000+ a year to go to 5 games (+1 Liberty type school 'game') -- I really think they are barking up the wrong tree. I know of a couple families that dropped out this year since the cost outweighs any benefits. Any time they have extra tickets, they can't even give them away.
  14. Literal much? You are right, I should not use hyperbole. Obviously not everyone on this board loves spouse abusers. Since the very fact that I am on this board and don't worship spouse abusers, the very premise that everyone on this board does is clearly not accurate. It is like a intro to philosophy lecture. Thanks.
  15. Why does everyone on this board worship this substance abusing spouse abuser?