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  1. At least they are keeping their looney politicians where they belong -- at their own events. They aren't paying some controversial figure under some guise of 'openness' or 'diverse dialogue' when it is just a political campaign.
  2. Bad day for athletics fundraising

    Not that is matters currently, but I know some fence sitters up in the club level that are all paid off, but have soured on the whole gameday cost and have decided to not renew and let them lapse. I can imagine that some people, without the incentive of some money back on their club level investment may go ahead and let them lapse too. I, am not one of those people, but the bonus of writing off the MGC does play into where we do our end of the year holiday donations. We don't exchange gifts in my family, we donate to charities in the recipient's name. Definitely makes me want to veer toward ACLU or the Innocence Project with that end of year donation instead of upping the MCG. We can go back to the base level for MCG to have all our club seats. Donation pools are zero sum. Anyhow, just pointing out the edge cases where this does have an impact.
  3. There is... lots of it. Good thing I am degreed up from a party school.
  4. That's rich coming from the fear mongering reality challenged GOP'er. Scared of the mythical Antifa. Claiming everything is a false flag. 911 was an inside job. Newtown didn't happen. Child sex rings in pizza joints. Crisis actors. Kenyan born president. /facepalm But the liberals are void of anything close to reality.
  5. FSU May Not Actually Be Bowl Eligible...

    If you truly hate UTSA, this news makes you smile. They will sit at home with no bowl game, while a more popular team plays in a bowl when not eligible.
  6. Looking at the Kuehne Speaker Series yearly expenditures, it took a $110k 'donation' to make this event not be a $25k loss. Every other speaker in the series didn't require such a donation to keep it afloat.
  7. Hey, at least we were able to be told by the high oracle Jr that we are still a party school that hasn't become a haven for snowflakes!!one@!e11! Money well spent. All for that wisdom for $89k.

    I bump up my donations with direct what I can write off in mind. I justify an extra X amount because I know I may see Y back in April. It may seem silly, but that is what it is. Incentive drives the right behaviors.
  9. One Of the Few Bright Spots on the Field

    I was very impressed with kick placement and tackling too.
  10. Some Post New Orleans Bowl Thoughts

    To that 'guy from Texas' who drunkenly dropped his handgun TWICE while getting on my elevator at midnight... go to hell. Otherwise, had a great time. Would do it again. Hope to do it again. NOLA is a special destination.
  11. The New Orleans Bowl Experience

    I used to have a screenshot from the security cam at the Cat's Meow of DD and his team on the stage karaoking after the game. I am sure it is on some external HDD floating around my attic.
  12. Bowl attendance?

    One of the biggest mitigating factors is how close the date is to the CUSA championship game. We don't benefit from two week airfare booking or advance notice to rearrange work commitments, etc. Other bowls, or knowing before the championship game, would definitely help out.
  13. Stone Cold Giving UNT Props

    It's great it can recognize where he went to school and played football -- but I prefer our celebrity alumni that are at the games with the camera on them not to be the pill popping wife abusing type.
  14. Alumni Bus Trip to NO

    If we win -- it would be hard to get on the bus and not want to celebrate with all the fans that evening.