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  1. Literal much? You are right, I should not use hyperbole. Obviously not everyone on this board loves spouse abusers. Since the very fact that I am on this board and don't worship spouse abusers, the very premise that everyone on this board does is clearly not accurate. It is like a intro to philosophy lecture. Thanks.
  2. Why does everyone on this board worship this substance abusing spouse abuser?
  3. I am baffled at how UNT seemed to be growing fast (very fast) in the early 2000's and since then has been stuck at the same capacity. Is this the size UNT wants to be? Is this the high bar for all time? Other schools in the area like UT Dallas and UT Arlington have been exploding in students since then.
  4. Another school shooting

    I saw a tweet from someone yesterday that had this premise: Black shooter - need more militarized local Police. Latino shooter - need to close the borders. Build wall. Mulsim shooter - travel ban White shooter - let's not jump to conclusion. Wait for facts. Let's pray.
  5. lolz1?1?1eleven! pwn3d. I dream of a day we can all be wokez as myself. It would be so This is like talking to a 19 year old transported from 2001.BOOM GOES THE DYNAMItE Yes, I have only been on gmg for 15+ years to complain about racism. I have found my calling of actually commenting on race in a topic ABOUT race. This topic is not about sunflowers that led me to somehow bring up the historical importance of white nationalism from left field. Who is the snowflake? I am certainly glad you care enough about me that you hope I am doing something other than posting on subject on a thread's subject. Though I can put your mind at ease. This year I put my money and words into action via - Doctors without Borders. ACLU. International Rescue Committee. National Immigration Law Center. Amnesty International. The Innocence Project.
  6. Just released in-depth study on K-12 understanding of American slavery. The white washing is having huge success.
  7. Why would minorities care about praising the heroes of the Civil War -- the losing side that wanted to keep them enslaved? Right? Hard to imagine! MAGA! Snowflakes.
  8. I am skeptical of what they will add for context. "70 years after the end of the Civil War, cash strapped towns that worried about segregation ending and Jim Crow laws faltering, turned to donations money by the Daughters of the Confederacy to buy mass produced cheap monuments to create a public hero-worship for the war of traitors. They served a purpose to make people feel even more dug in on racial topics and ultimately kept racial tensions raised for generations. Raise a glass in honor of the losing traitors." ... Nope, instead it will be calm words and hero locals protecting their state in the war of 'Northern Aggression'.
  9. Jeff Wilson headed to NFL Combine

    Last I recall was Cody Spencer:
  10. Mean Green Scholarship Fund is replacing the Mean Green Club

    The name is just stupid. That is all... Doesn't roll off the tongue at all.
  11. It really isn't a slippery slope though. There was no war to keep women down. If there were a statue memorializing all the men that died in their fight women's' suffrage, then absolutely I would say it should be removed from public space. The Germany example is not even remotely the same. They kept the war CRIME locations as the monuments. They destroyed any and all Nazi public structures that memorialize their cause. They do not even talk about their fallen soldiers who died in the losing effort. So if you want how Germany was able to move on, then I agree. Get rid of these sanitized Jim Crow monuments. Keep the battlefields where they all died ... make them a memorial to how it was a losing effort for the wrong reasons. People can die in error and on the wrong side of the cause -- it happens. You don't need to keep a Jim Crow monument that was put up 70 years later.
  12. I am normally in lock-step with my man SE-66, but disagree here. You can add pictures and explain how blacks used to have to bow to drink water... the evils of segregation... the south lost the war, but continued the battle with blacks, etc etc etc. You don't have to keep some watered down cheap monument that now doesn't convey any of that. If you want to honor dead Americans who fought on the wrong side of the war, put it on their tombstones. Create a museum entry for how it used to be and not allow it to be washed and sanitized with time.
  13. That's a shame. It is where I bought my crystal deodorant while in school ;)