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  1. Washington State QB Tyler Hilinski dead at 21

    Smh. Prayers for the family and team. Rick
  2. Not sure liberal has anything to do with it. More like a combination of leftist policies and ideas that started out with good intentions gone bad. Here's an article that explains it a bit better in what led the City of Anaheim to declare a "State of Emergency" last September. Rick
  3. Welcome to Leftist-ran Orange County California. Rick
  4. And mine was too...which, if you hadnt shit your pants being in a hurry to criticise and scrolled down far enough to see the Twitter link of Ms. King defending Trump on Fox you would have seen it. Rick.
  5. Really? Your suddenly concerned about media bias? LOL! That's pretty funny. Rick
  6. "MLK's Niece Says It's 'Outrageous' That Critics 'Unjustly' Call Trump Racist" Rick
  7. DJ Draper

    Amazing for a walk on to score that much in a game. Don't think I've ever heard of it here before? Rick
  8. Rice (1/13/18)

    Breaks a 31 year record of 8 held by Tony Worrel, Ray Schufford, George King, Joe Ervin and Deckie Johnson. Rick
  9. Is McCasland allowed back in Jonesboro?

    Was this a concern for you with JJ and LSU being allowed back in Denton? Rick
  10. Dennis Parker retires

    You left out the worst mistake that happened earlier in that game, where on a drive deep in their territory we threw the ball away out the back of the endzone on 4th down(instead of kicking a FG)...because we mistakingly thought it was 3rd down. I'm sitting there pulling my hair out asking myself....."And this is who we chose over the great Paul Johnson??????". Rick
  11. Grades for all 130 FBS teams for the 2017 season

    Find a defense and we're an A+ next year. Rick
  12. UNT - National Champs!

  13. National championship games

    Right!!!! The next thing you'll try to have us believe is that your girlfriend works at some car dealership in Norman, Oklahoma where she keeps seeing certain OU football players who supposedly work there but never show up to actually do any work other than to pick up their paychecks? Rick