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  1. UNT Mean Green

    DRC: UNT wide receivers outlook for 2018

    Greg White and Darden are the fastest.
  2. Very underrated for sure. Maybe the second most important player on the offense.
  3. UNT Mean Green

    DRC: UNT player countdown Nos. 25-21

    Amen. Tyreke and Siggers are major upgrades athletically, and while they will make some young mistakes, they should be able to correct better due to their athleticism, and that mistake won’t be nearly as noticeable. Will be a fun pair to watch for the next 3-4 years.
  4. UNT Mean Green

    2 C-USA QBs drafted in 2018

    Guyton, Bussey, White, and Smith should all be NFL prospects. While Guyton has a shot, I’d bet that Bussey performs best in the overall draft testing when his time comes. He is freaky athletic.
  5. UNT Mean Green

    DRC: Examining UNT's 2018 schedule

    Yes, through the loss versus Buffalo. Then Lane took it over and they lit it up.
  6. Nice player. Wonder if he's kin to Jeremy Kerley ?
  7. UNT Mean Green

    DRC: Monday practice notes, observations

    Bingo. Receiver is absolutely stacked. 8, 9, 14, 18, and 32 are all special players brought in by the offensive staff. 8, 9, and 14 have the look of Sunday guys, particularly with their evidenced commitment to strength and conditioning this past offseason, which was short given the bowl finish and early start to spring ball. Wait until they have more time this summer... Throw in 2, 13, 88 for depth and Ogunmakin and Shorter for development, and you have what a bona fide position group should look like. It may not take too long for those two talented freshman to develop into the next wave of special talent(s) as 8, 9, and 32 enter their senior campaigns in 2019 along with their QB.
  8. UNT Mean Green

    DeAndre Torrey reels off a 55 yard TD run

    we should get new turf soon thankfully!
  9. Good to hear about the development of 24. Anxious to watch the youngsters 5, 6, and 31 today.
  10. UNT Mean Green

    Received my MG Membership Guide

    Annual fund donations and capital gift pledges are very different.
  11. UNT Mean Green

    Riley Dodge named new Southlake Carroll HC

    Riley has been OC at Justin Northwest the past few years. This is a neat deal for Riley, wish him nothing but the best.
  12. UNT Mean Green

    Finals - Best of 3

    Amen. He is much more professional and does a nice job. Should be a permanent fix!
  13. Assistant budgets under SL (more so since WB became AD -- and thank goodness he did!) have soared as related to G5 peers. UNT spends more % of total athletics budget on football salaries than any G5 in the country. That second one is nearly impossible to overcome. Salaries being at parity with Tech will be tough until more revenues are generated, and remember Tech has a built in $34,000,000 advantage with their conference TV revenues.
  14. Poor proofreading. Nic Smith will be a RS SO.
  15. UNT Mean Green

    FAU hires Southern Miss DC Tony Pecoraro

    Dang solid hire by Kiffin.