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  1. His grandfather played at Drake when UNT was also in the MVC. He would have played in the Snake Pit, I wonder if anyone who posts here remembers seeing Drake play here the year they made the Final Four.
  2. I really don't want to engage in some prolonged discussion on this so I this will be my last post on this matter. The information is relevant and beneficial to further research. As a parent I would I would want to know. Finally I don't know you or your professional background or experience, so none of this is intended to be personal, but let me note that I have in my profession been required to make decisions on the impact of concussions on individual conduct and I am not throwing wild speculation out there.
  3. I Hope they check to see if he has a concussion history. He clearly had so much to live for. This is very sad.
  4. Rosie (McCasland's nickname for him) should be selected all conference this year.
  5. Does anyone really make Jonesboro a destination?
  6. DJ Draper

    When a 5-10, 165 lb walk on scores 23 pts, snags 4 rbs, has 2 assists, and goes 8 for 11 with 6 three pointers he deserves praise. I know Smart was incredible but we don't win this game without DJ as well. In the post game McCasland said he is our best shooter.
  7. Rice (1/13/18)

    I did not listen to all the game but I doubt it. I think ESPN must have made a mistake in the Box Score. I hope so anyway.
  8. Mike Linehan LB Idaho

    His brother was QB. He is a LB. Idaho is dropping down to FCS this year. I assume he will have to sit out a year and he already has used a redshirt year.
  9. Just this morning an alum who attended a few games during the Jones era, and never bothered with Benford,told me he had taped the Georgetown game and just got around watching it. He grew up in northern Va and went to a lot of Big East and ACC games in his youth. He said we finally have someone who knows how to coach (he said neither Trilli or Jones or Benford could coach) and he is coming back.
  10. He was Offensive Coordinator at Plano in 1977. Bert probably misread the bio.
  11. If we lose a commit we must not quit.
  12. Charlotte (1/4/18)

    I was in a seat nearby. He did not ask him to sit down. He yelled "sit down". Then when exiting the guy said it was rude, used the F word and said he should kick his a**. All that for standing in the last minute of the game. He never said anything to the guy until the end when he told him children were present and he should watch his language. Further, I doubt that guy had a ticket for a seat in the donor section.
  13. Tikhonenko

    I think Taikwando is redshirting this year.
  14. SBC Bowl Season

    Does the Arkansas State self generated revenue include the $500,000 contribution from UNT?
  15. CFP Payout Group of 5 splits $81.32 million.