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  1. EagleMBA

    Loaded FAU will be aiming for a repeat

    I like the way you think! I just checked a random Vegas site that had FAU a 21-point dog to OU (also SMUt a 3.5-point dog to us). IMO, FAU is better than that and definitely has a "puncher's chance" in that game.
  2. EagleMBA

    SMUt tailgating

    Menu advice: Forget the brisket...the entree du jour is tenderized pony!
  3. EagleMBA


  4. I walked by the ADs offices last week and saw this dude in the weight room area. They told me he made a significant contribution to help fund the expansion. He was laughing and seemed to be taunting this guy...said the guy reminded him of someone he knew a while back.
  5. I'm with you. He was the best I've seen in a long time...maybe ever. I never worried when the game was on the line and the offense got him a reasonable shot. Very cool and focused under pressure.
  6. In Tech's case, as hinted in the article, they will want him and Filani as well. And they are probably not the only school that would want the whole package, thereby gutting us and bombing us back to the Stone Age.
  7. That, and previous stories like it, is a VERY tough read! Every time I see an article like that, I want to ignore it...but I can't. A song starts to play in my head and I am reminded of the words of the immortal Etta James..."I would rather go blind, boy, than to watch you walk away from me." 😞
  8. Trevor was a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of player and leaves big shoes to fill. From all I have read since Cole announced his transfer, he has the potential to step into those shoes. Lets get behind him. Would it be against NCAA rules for us to fund for Cole the same icewater IVs Trevor used?
  9. EagleMBA

    Get to know Charles Ashford (video)

    I'm not sure, but his momma inspired him to see that Bangers and Mash got added to the cafeteria menu. Another strange thing...he is the only guy on the staff that drives a Tardis.
  10. EagleMBA

    Vote vote vote

    Poll still open...we are #1. Vote again, it couldn't hurt.
  11. EagleMBA

    Please control this board better!!!

    Is THAT what she calls it?
  12. EagleMBA

    COACH - produced by Dabney Coleman

    Nothing to say about it that hasn't been said earlier in this thread. Damn good use of my time to watch it!
  13. EagleMBA

    Please control this board better!!!

    Oh crap! I just had a power anomaly here that got past my surge protector! Fried my external backup too!!
  14. EagleMBA

    Please control this board better!!!

    How about something a little more hardcore?