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  1. Agree with everything you said. I don't think I articulated my opinion correctly. What I felt was that "bouncing from pillar to post" and not forming a sense of community and allegiance to one's alma mater might result from repeated semesters of his experience. We are all different but speaking for myself, I might have been at risk of developing a case of the "giveashits".
  2. Wrestling with getting a baseball program going just got more painful.
  3. This is massive incompetence by the DISD. Then, there is the sicko who managed to pull this off. How many more situations like this must be out there waiting to be exposed?
  4. And then they wonder why it is so hard to get all those alumni to engage after graduation. I would think that prolonged experiences like cited above would tend to give one a bad case of the "giveashits".
  5. Long, long overdue. A great way to recognize this man...but I still want to see the statue!
  6. EagleMBA

    Apogee Turf Project Underway

    More likely, the ones that would pull such a stunt are a little more philosophical and snobby; they would do something like this...
  7. EagleMBA

    Happy Birthday, Stebo!

    Time flies! It seems like yesterday when I filmed you at a tailgate party behind Fouts. You look a little unsteady, are you sure you were legal then? No doubt you can handle it now. Have a great day.
  8. EagleMBA

    Happy Birthday, Harry!

    Here's the perfect shirt for you! Best wishes on your birthday!
  9. To clarify, that means to go there and show up like THIS ... NOT like THIS...
  10. Morris will surprise God and everybody if he can take an inherited roster, introduce his offense, and have it hitting on all cylinders by September 15. He probably has a quality group of athletes but I think we can overcome any edge he might have with execution and erection...the intense desire to get some payback for previous Arkansas trips (one in particular we coulda, woulda, shoulda) and a piece of the hide of the former SMUtmaster. A victory would be a twofer! Like oldguy, I'm hoping for the best.
  11. EagleMBA

    North Texas to Host MEGA camp!!

    Looks like a good camp . I'll admit to being up close and personal with Shiner at this moment and clicked on this because I thought it was about a MAGA camp.
  12. EagleMBA

    In honor of Cinco de Mayo

    To my knowledge, only one guy has posted anything like that... guess he's proud of how he uses it.
  13. EagleMBA

    In honor of Cinco de Mayo

    Like you, I can truthfully say I witnessed all three. What a great player Booger was and two series the likes of which I don't think we'll see again in our lifetimes. I'm looking forward to what excitement this coming season might bring us.
  14. EagleMBA

    In honor of Cinco de Mayo

    I am having second thoughts. Birds are people too...maybe, on this occasion, we should I propose we salute them ("Greek Salute" or other style will do) and play "The San Antonio National Anthem".