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  1. KRAM1

    Chase Griffin

    It's news out of Austin...does anybody really care?
  2. KRAM1

    Newest Hall of Famer

    I like this class. Every one has earned inclusion and alums can be proud of this class.
  3. KRAM1

    Apogee Turf Project Underway

    Sent you a PM
  4. I think it is more of starting a tradition for those purchasing class rings. Many colleges and universities do such things as “tradition”. As has been stated, this is an area of campus that holds great significance to many of our students. So, the location makes sense. As many of you already know, our youngest son graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY. When they get their rings, they did them in a bowl of water containing water from the Seven Seas and Oceans that has been gatherd and delivered to the Academy for the purpose. Many here ask for “traditions”. Perhaps this is the start of a good one for UNT. The ring ceremony was held outdoors as well for the first time. Talk about traditions...this ring ceremony thing has really grown in recent years.
  5. There name’s on it too!
  6. KRAM1

    Back up OL Transfers

    Don’t know how new, but observation confirms it is pretty much the norm now in most HS...and colleges. Make the team...get a letter. Ever notice how many drill team and cheer team members lots of HS have these days as well?
  7. KRAM1

    Back up OL Transfers

    Yep...or quarters played...some indicator of playing time. Not everyone lettered and let me tell you...players kept track of their plays and quarters and time. Lettering was important and something to actually earn. This, of course, before the days of “everyone gets a trophy”.
  8. KRAM1

    Zachary Simmons AIA Blog

    Great experience for Zach. he now going to Italy with the team as well?
  9. KRAM1

    Back up OL Transfers

    Nope...everyone gets to be a Letterman these days. HS as well.
  10. KRAM1

    DJ Draper put on Scholarship!

    Great news! Earned it.
  11. Texas men...yes, but, like you I don’t recall the UT women playing at the Super Pit. Let’s pack the pit for this one! Note to self: why just “this one”? Let’s pack the Super Pit for every game...women and men. Getting older...I need these little reminders. 🙂
  12. KRAM1

    Apogee Turf Project Underway

    Sorry...just now saw this...I am out of town, but when I get home I’ll pull out the documentation am PM you the answer. I’ll be home in about 2 weeks. Sorry for the delay.
  13. way to know at the start of a season who we will be playing and when. Going to make for some interesting scheduling situations.
  14. KRAM1

    Apogee Turf Project Underway

    The grandkids fort (you can see the end of it to the right of the shed) has a UNT metal eagle and the fort has green lights...light ‘em up after wins! The battle flag flies on a permanent basis in the front of our house along with a “protected by the Mean Green” sign and an Alumni Association banner. We got it pretty much covered! 👍 Proudly!