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  1. Kermit Davis is out at Middle Tenn...signed on to try to revive the Ole Miss program. Will Middle stay Middle or will we see a fall? I think Middle will find a new coach that keeps them in the top of CUSA. But, you never know. We shall see.
  2. Basketball and football are over

    Not so fast on basketball...UNT men will play Mercer at 7pm on Monday, March 19th in the quarterfinals of the CBI at the Super Pit! Be there Mean Green peeps...we need a good crowd to solidify this home court advantage! TOURNAMENT TIME at the Super Pit! Be still my heart! Go Mean Green!
  3. Mercer (3/19/18)

    I want my seats!!! YES! Go Mean Green!
  4. South Dakota Game MVP

    Well, thanks for the plug...but I think you mean MIKE Miller!
  5. New player in...Trent...another returnee! Thank you Trent...and I am working on some possible FC Dallas items for the Silent Auction.... Sign-Up donations link is: Sign-up fee remains $35 per player and includes the super "rare" and "hard to find" 8th Annual BB Classic T-shirt!
  6. Thanks Silver! I'm too busy driving back and forth to the CUSA tournament to focus on spring football, and your analysis is very nice. Appreciate it mucho! Cannot believe the women got their first ever win over LA Tech and it was in the CUSA Tournament! Now, we need to get our first win over WKY ever in today at 8PM in the semi-finals. Women are an 11 seed...really great they are in the semis! Top 4 CUSA team!!!!!
  7. women win again

    Maybe all the folks responsible for lighting the Tower are at the tournament supporting the team.
  8. Having to excavate into the hill. There will be a bit of a stage for music, expanded patio in back, new furniture and a type of cover. Going to be very nice!
  9. NT Women vs. Charlotte

    Need it to keep playing...let's do this ladies. See you at The Star! Sic 'em Mean Green! You got this.
  10. Sort of surprised it did not go to $1000 for a lifetime membership. At $700 still a pretty darn good deal for most folks. Appreciate your converting to a Lifetime membership! Good on you!

    New Silent Auction Item obtained: FOUR (4) FRONT ROW TICKETS to the Frisco Rough Riders! This is Founders Club Seating which is all-inclusive---dinner, drinks (draft beer, wine, soft drinks) and dessert. If you have kiddos who would like as pre-game stadium tour...or maybe an adult as well...these can be arranged. The3se are great tickets folks...and a $200 value!!!!! Thank you Eric Becker and Automation Integration for this generous donation for our silent auction.
  12. We are beginning to see a few player sign far we have: Grant, Rob, Will, Emmitt, Ben, Greendylan, Kris, Thor, Randall, Rico and Vince for a total of eleven (11) players. That's a great start, but we sorely need more. Some of our "regulars" have not signed up as yet. I hope they are just waiting a bit to confirm dates. Remember, this is a co-ed event. If any ladies want to play, it is AOK and we would love to have you. Playing time is determined by as little as you like or jump in often. No one need think they are too "out of shape" or "not good enough" at basketball to play. This is a fun game and we try to keep it that way. Also...need a couple of Captains. Andrew has informed me that he will not be playing this year as a family commitment is barring him from doing so. Andrew usually would captain a, this year we are in need of two captains. Not much to being a captain other than "herding cats" a little. Just let me know. Sign-up donations link is:
  13. 17.5 Years looks to be your breakeven at the new pricing...and who is to say that the annual will remain at $40/year over that 17.5 years? I would wager that you will live at least 20+ more years. Still a win if you think you will live at least 18 more years. Now, this just from a cost basis of course. :-)