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  1. UNT / FAU Highlights (?)

  2. UNT / FAU Highlights (?)

    That is hard to watch, so I stopped.
  3. Stadium Seats

    What about Interstate Battery money?
  4. New Halloween IT Graphic

    Hair Guyton?
  5. Someone mentioned the "athletic council" and their whereabouts. True. These guys were supposed to be the leaders of the team, responsible probably many things. One of which would be to get/keep the players fired up. Sounds like the athletic council leaders were the first in line at the pool party.
  6. '18 RB Anthony Johnson (Magnolia)

    Micah Mosley, 6-0, 219. Nederland HS
  7. Stadium Seats

    Yes, just like the ut stadium shows. But further down. UNT would probably charge more for chair back seating between the 30's, compared to what they are charging for the bench seating in the same area.
  8. Two Club Tickets for the UTEP game, November 11, 2017 for sale. Premium seats on Row 1, seats 5 and 6, 47-48~ yard line. Includes Parking Pass for the Athletic Center White Lot. $150
  9. Stadium Seats

    Sort of. Same type of seats, but like I said, between the 30 or 40 yard lines, 30 rows up. These seats would obviously cost more than the bench seats. I'll try and find a picture for you.
  10. Stadium Seats

    I think what sgt206 is inquiring about, and found in many stadiums, are chair type seats(much like the super pit chairs, but a little wider), usually between the 30 yard lines. Some may go up 30-50 rows, and are usually in the school's primary color.
  11. Rashawn Fredericks commits to UNT

    Crap! Wonder what happened.
  12. Any updates?

    Seriously folks. I think marinevet is right. The Mean Green never made it to Boca.
  13. Question on today’s game

    Actually meant to type "highlight", singular. Surely we had one good play during the game. Surely.
  14. When will the UNT highlights be up?

    Actual video of the Second Half of the game.