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  1. the UT beat writer does this all the time in the Statesman. Not sure about his tweets though. You can count on reading a recruiting article every day regarding UT recruiting....ALL YEAR LONG! And you would be surprised at how many UT "commits" end up de-commiting from UT and "committing" elsewhere. Not taking up for Bret, but it does happen elsewhere.
  2. I love to follow football recruiting, going all the way back to Harry's old board. But "at the end of the day", uh, season, I'm more interested in wins and losses.
  3. I think that was a good idea. But upon further review, the graduates who received the free season tickets have no skin in the game. Poor performance on the field will mean the graduates may just stay home.
  4. I'm out on the Left Coast right now, and I'm telling you, you can have it. I'll take the Lone Star State every day.
  5. Just kidding! You were too easy a target on that one.😂
  6. Seriously? You took pictures of guys peeing???
  7. Fouts had waterless urinals.
  8. Incorporate the battle flag onto the shoulder pad area or sleeve.
  9. An airplane banner flying at our home games. I like that greenjoe. Where's UNT90 when you need him? Guess he's following TCU baseball up in Nebraska. Sigh.
  10. I don't know how accurate that article is regarding crime rate/murder in Austin. I moved to the Hill Country almost four years ago and have been shocked at what goes on in Austin, Texas. There is not a night that goes by that the news doesn't report someone getting killed, run over, etc. Not all of it is murder, but Austin is a dangerous city from my perspective. Not what it was 30+ years ago. I hate going to Austin.
  11. I was at the game last fall too. Regardless of who plays there the Alamodome is truly a dump! I was shocked.
  12. Been going to Kyle field since my high school days when it sat 33,000 and the Corps was all men. (O.K., I'm ancient). I'm partial to Kyle Field of the past, not the present. Took one of my two Aggie daughters to a game a few years ago when Kyle was about 95-90% complete. It's just a typically big SEC('Bama type) stadium now that I don't care for. But they do pack them in on game days and it's hard to beat the Aggie game experience.
  13. Read my sig- "For those who have fought for it, Freedom has a taste the protected will never know".
  14. In the words of the younger posters here, "this is friggin awesome"!!!! Seriously, it is. And you can put my knowledge of "social media" in a thimble.
  15. Well it should be.