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  1. Evan's fault! I knew it.
  2. I hate to see players like this go out of state.
  3. I thought TWU was part of the A & M System at one time? Wardly, I'm with you on this Mean Green name thing. It's not a usable name of a team. The history of that name was attached to our great defenses of the past. And it sounds silly when attaching it to the ladies teams. Basketball for instance. The Lady Mean Green just does not register! The Lady Eagles does register. Time to go back to the roots of our University! GO EAGLES!
  4. Too many turnovers for MUTS. And Butler is damn good.
  5. is Spring training over? Spring break.
  6. Sexier than UNT the past umpteen years.
  7. Now that right there is something we can believe. "Unwashed masses". LOL! Heathens we are!
  8. Make it happen! And good luck.
  9. Piggy back? Sure. Calvin is what, 6-3, 310+ pounds? not gonna happen AAUNT.
  10. Because he went to Tech.
  11. I like our chances.
  12. The next Joe Greene in the making?
  13. Calvin is a top target for the Univ of Texas.
  14. She will look better in green. Edit: She is a lovely lady in either color.
  15. Hell, I don't even attend basketball games. Too far away. But I may buy season tickets to basketball just to support the program. I'll just give them away on!