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  1. I like the "old style" rings of yesteryear. I wear mine everyday. People still ask what University ring I'm wearing, thinking it's an Aggie ring. I proudly tell them North Texas and their reaction is, "oh".
  2. C’mon people! It’s all about the benjamins. Period. If Kansas wants him and makes him an offer of $3 or $4 million plus, he’s gone.
  3. DeepGreen

    Track and Field/ Soccer Complex Video

    Wait a minute! Obviously I missed the memo regarding this being a combination "track and field/soccer" complex. I thought it was a new track and field only complex? Don't we already have a pretty nice soccer stadium for the Ladies, next to the Lovelace softball stadium? What happens to the current soccer stadium? What did I miss?
  4. Is Brett getting a kick out of posting these recruits who have committed to smut over UNT?
  5. DeepGreen

    Austin Coaches Caravan Tonight!

    Welp, count me out. I had the wrong date down and now the wife has committed to another function.
  6. DeepGreen

    Meanwhile, in San Antonio...

    "Boom! And not only did UNT (9-5) and UAB (8-5) finish 1st and 2nd in the West (over USM and LA Tech), but both also beat USM and LA Tech, and beat us as well. Anyone who says we shouldn't be as worried about UNT and UAB as we should about USM and LA Tech needs to take another look at what's happened over the last 2 years with the new coaches at UNT and UAB. And as I noted on another thread months ago, 9 of UNT's 14 games last year were against bowl teams, making their 9-5 record look even better." (Volkmar)
  7. DeepGreen

    Sebastian Munoz back on PGA tour next season

    Munoz is also playing in the US Open.
  8. DeepGreen

    Callie Owens

    You just have to love this young lady’s drive and determination to reach a lofty and rewarding goal. Callie Owens
  9. And just like that....he's gone.
  10. DeepGreen

    Darn The Ponies...

    OK Emmitt, here’s one for you- smut vs NutsaK. I’ll wait for your answer.😏
  11. DeepGreen

    Darn The Ponies...

    - Great win - My favorite home uniforms - Gosh it was hot that day!
  12. DeepGreen

    Visitors in New Denton this weekend

    Reel ‘em in Coach!
  13. DeepGreen

    We Need A Baseball Team!!!

    Rick, is that $60 million figure for stadium, coaches, "scholarships"?
  14. “It’s a credit to the university that we are doing things that haven’t been done before,” McCasland said. Cant disagree with this statement.
  15. Thanks a bunch 95.