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  1. Ortiz with a good start to the season.

    He's on the tour, correct?
  2. Frog WR Isaiah Graham transfers to La. Tech

    Damnit! I’ve been saying for years that UNT should have a Director of Middle School Sports Relations. Wren Baker, are listening?!?
  3. DRC: Three reasons UNT could be better in 2018

    I’ve been beating the “we need big, quality offensive and defensive linemen” depth drum for years and years. And I’m still waiting. We can’t pin our 2018 hopes on DL English.
  4. This is how I feel. Except for a few bowl appearances, the 15 years under RV were a disaster. No disputing that fact. Culminated by the terrible hires in Men and Women's basketball, softball, etc. Bedford and the guy that coached the women. Terrible hires for which RV should have been fired long ago. That fact is on the hands of the prior administration. I think the changes that have been made over the past 2-3 years were definitely necessary. Probably should have been made 10 years ago. I think Smatresk gets it. The Wren "appears" to be a good hire, as have the hires that he has made. McCasland, so far, seems decent. I want to see his recruiting the next two years. My concern in football is recruiting. I'm not sure how well we have done under Littrell and staff. After the beatings we took at the hands of FAU(twice), and Troy, we better bring in some solid talent. To UNT90. Over the past 15 years, a lot of damage has been done to UNT's athletic image. Bad hires, bad records, bad results. I'm not trying to "convert" you over to following UNT again, I just hope, considering all the changes UNT has made, you will give it somewhat of a chance. And not criticize those that continue follow UNT sports. Yes, if RV was still here, Benford, and all the crappy results that have or would follow if not changes were made, then I would be in line with you.
  5. Rice (1/13/18)

    We took the redshirt off of Tikonenko(sp?)?
  6. Rice (1/13/18)

    82-77 UNT leads. 22 seconds left. What could possibly go wrong?
  7. New Commit Derrick Shaw 12/22

    Is that his high school's IPF? Nice facility.
  8. So, what's the latest on the Clinton Foundation? And were any of you Hillary for President supporters? Just curious.
  9. '18 T/G Thomas Preston III (Scottsdale CC)

    Not if I fix them the Sicilian way! Old family recipe from the ancients!
  10. Harrell rumor

    My people will take care of this. I'll assign one of my Lieutenants.
  11. '18 T/G Thomas Preston III (Scottsdale CC)

    Scottsdale CC. "The Fighting Artichokes". Now that name should draw fear to any opponent.
  12. UCF Commentary- Bob Ballou, CBS Austin

    Ha! I gave you the "Thanks" trophy. I'll tell him that, though they are already part of the "money minting" P5 machine.
  13. UCF Commentary- Bob Ballou, CBS Austin

    Well said untjim1995. to add insult to injury, my older brother, an avid Longhorn fan and graduate of UT, watched the FCS Championship. North Dakota State vs James Madison. He commented to me that UNT should consider playing at that level. Good football and we could compete. I calmly, very calmly, told him that UNT has no intentions of dropping down to the FCS level. Except for the Championship Game, no one knows that FCS exists. I went on to tell him about our drop down from the 1A level to 1AA, and the damage that it did to our once proud football program. All for a lousy 10,000 extra seats in Fouts. Which we added 10 years too late. We are what we are. Hopefully we can continue to be successful at the G5 level and not resort back to our losing ways. For that to happen, UNT needs to keep the pedal down to fundraising and facilities improvement. And hiring the best coaches we can.
  14. Top 25 Consideration - 4 teams UNT faced

    "Iowa, Army, FAU, Troy all received Top 25 votes." "The only loses we had were to those teams." Thus, Army was a loss??? No biggy, but what am I misreading here? Go easy on me. I'm old and can't understand the written word like I use to.