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  1. This thread has me confused with someone who gives a schit.
  2. I hate to see all of these ASU players and recruits coming down to Denton. I don't think it's right.
  3. Third time's a charm?
  4. Need to get some these deep East Texas players. Lots of talent down there.
  5. It's obvious that North Texas has a couple of weak links on the team. Too many strokes given up today. The UNT golf teams' M.O. will be to drop a few more notches by the end of the tournament. Hope I'm wrong.
  6. Fine looking Grandson, Joe. Congratulations!
  7. Why is the Men's Golf Championship being played in Texarkana, Arkansas? Of all the States that are represented by member institutions in CUSA, we pick Arkansas? Makes no sense.
  8. Without any knowledge of the softball coach's buyout, I would like to think UNT could move in a different direction. Softball is probably not a money maker. But North Texas has to win in something. I mean, what do we win at? What sports are we strong in? Men or Womens golf? No way! Just look at some of the tournaments we've played in and see who came in ahead of us. Ridiculous! To me it seems that Kee has major problems with her coaching method, or her interaction with her players. She has run off too many players. I hope Wren makes a change.
  9. According to the Austin "bird cage droppings catcher", York has not committed to any other school since withdrawing from his Tx State commitment. Also, Tx State has no commitments now. Seems like last year at this time they had 20 FB commitments.
  10. Austin TV did a segment on these lockers last night and reported that the apostrophe in Hook 'em was backwards/upside down. I doubt Whorn players would have noticed the mistake.
  11. Arkstfan, your university was not "Rv'd" with 15 years of ineptitude.
  12. Occasionally, I play golf with an ex-UNM AD from several years back. Interesting character.
  13. Do we know how to recruit in any sport at North Texas? Or, do we merely hand out scholarships, aka free education, to anyone who "looks" like they can play a given sport? With the exception of Soccer, we are not competitive in any of the minor sports. After Day 1-Conference USA Championship Central Team Leaderboard1. Old Dominion (+1)2. Middle Tennessee (+4)3. UAB (+8)4. UTSA (+10)5. Southern Miss (+12)6. Marshall (+16)T7. Western Kentucky (+17)T7. FIU (+17)9. North Texas (+18)T10. Florida Atlantic (+19)T10. UTEP (+19)