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  1. This would be horrible for G5's, therefore it will probably happen. Every good underclassmen will be recruited and many taken by the bigs. Imagine NT losing Smart and Fine. Yes, it will be easier to get the Bigs cast offs, but it is a very bad trade. This would cement the G5's to even a lower second class status. The great players that the "powers" miss recruiting the first time will be available again and it will allow them to discard all those they recruited that are not significant contributors.
  2. DRC: DJ Draper carrying on family legacy at UNT

    Yes, some of us oldsters remember; NT beat Drake 118-99 for all those that don't believe NT once played big time basketball. I also believe this is the game that earned the name of Snake Pit coined by the Drake coach Maury John. NT was only 15-10 that year (68-69), but I still believe it is the best team NT ever had.
  3. DRC: DJ Draper carrying on family legacy at UNT

    Good article. Draper has changed from a " who is he" to a big part of the team. Look for him to be part of the rotation from here on out even with Lawson and Duffy available.
  4. No one can deny the progress that the athletic department has made under Baker. Baker has been very good for NT, but he would not be successful without a supportive Administration. So I would add that the President and the BOR are also very responsible for this athletic turnaround. Also thanks to the big donors that keep the program rolling in the right direction.
  5. When you consider that there are 14 teams in the league, POW is a big honor. Both Smart and Bradley are turning into very special players.
  6. Why no one goes to SMU games

    Obviously, you can view TCU's attendance in two ways. One it is high for a smaller private university, it is much better than SMU and NT on an actual basis. I have not been to a TCU game since NT played there, but I can tell you that like SMU back in those days their attendance was very exaggerated. Now I am sure their attendance is much better. However, when you consider the great history TCU has and their status as the only game in a relatively big city and their current string of very good teams than I would think their attendance has to be disappointing. Their not trying to fill a stadium playing a CUSA like schedule, they generally play teams that should draw. A lot of TCU decisions have been proven to be great, but IMO Patterson is primarily why they are so successful. If Patterson was at SMU or NT, I think he would have similar numbers. It is rare that you find an outstanding coach, but even rarer to keep him particularly when TCU program was at a g5 level.
  7. '18 T/G Thomas Preston III (Scottsdale CC)

    Numbers don't necessarily equal depth. There seems to be a lot more offensive linemen at NT than any other position that never significantly contribute. It is concerning that NT is recruiting juco ol when they already have so many on ship. A rare good word from me on Dickey, he seemed to have a very good running game and he didn't give out close to the ships to the ol that both McCarney and Littrell have done.
  8. Is McCasland allowed back in Jonesboro?

    There is little comparison between Jones and McCasland on this point. Jones had been hc at NT for a long time in coach years and left for his dream job. I doubt many blamed Jones for that decision. McCasland had been at ASU one year and pretty much took ASU recruiting class including players that had already signed plus a current member of the squad. The NT job is a step up, but I doubt ASU fans see it that way. The recruiting thing is pretty standard when a coaching staff leaves, the players recruited by that staff are going to be allowed to look elsewhere. Leaving after one year is not going to please any school that loses their coaching staff. The other side is that NT paid more money and offered McCasland an opportunity to be close to family. There are a lot of coaches that would bolt for those reasons.
  9. Rice (1/13/18)

    Some observations: It seems McCasland has speeded up the offensive game. It may just be for teams he thinks he can out talent. Read Lawson was out, but were was Duffy? Draper had an overall good game. Does NT's one ship go to him? Temara seems to be in a slump. Need him much more active to be a big factor in the conference. Smart is playing at a NT historical level. First team all conference? Time to win some home CUSA games.
  10. women win

    They called a technical on Buckner that I thought was ridiculous. If it was a foul it was on the Charlotte player. Buckner rebounded the ball and the other player reached in and crabbed the ball and Buckner basically swung the ball with player attached and the Charlotte girl hit the court hard. The overall play under the basket was rough. Their 6'4 girl looked a lot taller than NT's 6'4 girl. The NT team to their credit are as tough as anybody.
  11. Rice (1/13/18)

    Not sure where NT defense went. Not sure which was the most impressive Smart with 42 or Drapper with 23.
  12. Rice (1/13/18)

    Glad to see Woolridge woke up with quick 5.
  13. Rice (1/13/18)

    Drapper with 11? Sluggish half, need to put this team away.

    That is for the whole tourney, session tickets will be probably available. However, I have no idea what the capacity of the tournament venus is, so that could be a problem for NT games.
  15. Dennis Parker retires

    You avoided the question, how is going for an onside kick in the last minute in a tie game a dumb play? By your definition anyone who ever went for an on-side kick, late game "Hale Mary" or a variety of trick plays would be dumb because they are low percentage play. Your analogy of a basketball full court shot is way off point, the play in question was in the last seconds of a game.