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  1. I believe the defense will be much stronger next year. The dbs should be a strong point and rank among the best in the conference. Both the dl and lb also should be much improved and should be of at least average CUSA quality. I think the biggest issue is lack of depth at linebacker, but there are a lot of young players that should develop. The defense is not going to dominate, but I predict they will much better than the doormat of last year.
  2. GrandGreen

    Garbage Stadium Rankings from the DMN

    Innovation is a lot different than inspiration.
  3. GrandGreen

    Garbage Stadium Rankings from the DMN

    Not really sure what they are rating. The stadium, the atmosphere or just who is big time or not. UT and A$M stadiums are big and costs were astronomical and if you get 100,000 fans; it is certainly a great football experience. The Alamo Dome is an indoor dump. SMU's stadium is fine if you forget about access and love disinterested small home fan crowds. Frankly, I don't go to a ball game to see a band and in my opinion the UT band would be far down my favorite list. I don't really understand how someone can criticize the NT band for lack of innovation and praise UT's band which has about as vanilla program as any band in D1 football. I have no idea why Vito harps on the price tag of Apogee. I think it was a good deal and if you add in a land value would produce a much larger number.
  4. GrandGreen


    I don't remember a year were the three main sports, football and both basketball teams, outlook was as promising. All three of these squads are well coached, return most of their key players and are coming off good seasons.
  5. GrandGreen

    Cooley's All Time UNT Basketball Team

    Beat writers, I don't even remember who was there before Vito. Galloway was a columnist for the Dallas paper and wasn't particularly kind to NT even though his daughter attended there. As far as coaches, I think the best coach who never gets any credit was Dan Spika. Blakeley has to be on the list though his good teams were courtesy of inherited players. Gales would be on my list just because of longevity and a couple of good years. It is still amazing to me that the NT two coaches with the best teams in my fandom: Dan Spika in basketball and Rod Rust in football are not in the NT Hall of Fame. .
  6. GrandGreen


    SMU has name recognition and conference advantages over NT. The problem is that SMU is one of the worst programs in D1 and maybe a middle tier G5 program. I or nobody else can deny that they have consistently and easily beat NT in recruiting. They are an area team and that makes them particularly relevant to NT. That private school advantage is largely myth. Ask Rice, Tulane, and Vanderbilt. SMU historically recruit well based on their relative lack of success, but in actuality the gap between SMU and NT is much more do to NT's poor recruiting than SMU's good recruiting.
  7. GrandGreen


    Littrell signed a lot of good player with Fine being the best. There are two facets to recruiting, one is identifying players that play division one ball, the other is being able to beat out rivals for players. Littrell has been great at identifying those players with few offers that can contribute at NT. What he has not demonstrated is that he can beat out peer programs in recruiting athletes with multiple offers.
  8. GrandGreen


    History plays a role, but it certainly doesn't explain why as noted above SMU as usual is clobbering NT in recruiting at this point. If history is the key what is it that SMU sells to recruits: that 51-10 bowl loss to La Tech to end last season or their sterling 109-237-3 record since the death penalty? We see new coaches all the time come into bad programs and recruit relatively well from the start. Littrell didn't do this, but the positive is that IMO his recruiting is steadily improving. I think NT's football recruiting woes are primarily a function of some bad hires and not a function of a lackluster football history.
  9. GrandGreen


    t Looks like a good hire to me. Those who think NT is going to spend top dollar for a softball coach are disappointed, but there is no guarantee those P5 top assistants are going to be any better than this hire. The Angelo State coach also looked good, but being married to head assistant coach might have been problematic. Austin Peay is also a D1 school compared to Lone Star conference Angelo State.
  10. This is a newspaper article not a blog, therefore it is assumed that a lot of the readers won't have in-depth knowledge of the program. I am not sure how you would write about the progress of a new coach without providing background on the status of the program before he arrived. Benford was an awful hire, I am not sure how you sugarcoat that. As for as hyperbole, how so? This seemed to me to be a fairly in-depth article that provided some unknown facts at least to most of us. Vito IMO definitely slants his writing based on his relationship with the subject. Dodge was horrible and Dickey was one of the best NT has ever had per Brett. In typical Vito fashion, he rarely expresses any position on current coaches.
  11. One of Vito's best articles.
  12. GrandGreen

    AD is posting real donor numbers

    NT fans in general bitch about anything. Imagine paying $5 coverage charge for the Coaches Caravan with refreshments provided. Now the shame of being charged like the vast majority of D1 programs for premium tickets. I made a very easy calculation, maintaining premium seatings is not high enough on my priorities to continue. However, I don't fault Baker or the university for their decision. There too many NT fans who squawk about lack of commitment to athletics by the University., but then complain when any attempt is made to raise revenues from fans. Kudos to Steamin- for supporting the program at a high level, but the truth is that athletic departments are not ran on prior donations. Contribute at the level you feel comfortable with. I don't understand why anyone who supported the program enough to have Club access would not attend future games because they have felt wronged because NT had the gaul to raise donations level for premium seats.
  13. GrandGreen

    Gymnastics at North Texas

    There are a lot more reasons not to have women gymnastics than to add the program. First it is far from a cheap sport. 12 scholarships max plus facilities and equipment. No D1 program in the entire state, so travel would be a huge cost. There is also no need for NT to add another woman's sport. The NCAA to my knowledge has never forced any DI program to add a women's sport. The threat is there, but I doubt NT would have a problem even if they added another male sport.
  14. GrandGreen

    Back up OL Transfers

    Off, note; but is there any standard for being a letterman? Long ago, a letter was earned by playing a certain number of plays or quarters. If you lettered it also meant that you would get a school jacket. The number of lettermen returning is still an often used statistic to denote the amount of experience a team has. Apparently, anyone who plays in any game is considered a letterman.
  15. GrandGreen

    DJ Draper put on Scholarship!

    Very well deserved.