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  1. NT Women vs. WKU (CUSA Semifinal)

    Good overall tournament performance by the Green. They needed another nearly perfect game like against La Tech, to pull this off or really make it close. I think next year will be very interesting, I can see a few players with heavy minutes this year being replaced by better players. Anybody else like it strange that WKU got every superlative honor in the conference besides coach as a second place team?
  2. NT Women vs. La Tech

    Great game by the ladies. They stopped Bradford to some degree but Mims and others took over. I was a little disappointed in Mitchell's team in conference play this year, but they have really amped it up. La Tech's Malone is a force, but she got benefit of a lot of questionable calls. I don't think she got a charging foul the whole game despite some obviously calls. WKU is probably too much, but I don't count NT out.
  3. NT Women vs. La Tech

    Nothing like having no broadcast of the last 40 seconds of a tight game.
  4. Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    It is definitely not a conditioning or effort issue. I don't think it is a depth issue either. Any coach is going to give heavy minutes to their best players. I obviously, don't know what happened at ASU. At NT, he played a very slow offense that allowed NT to be in all the games until it didn't work. He in the last few games, went to a faster game plan and that allowed more overall talented teams to take advantage of a poor NT interior defense. The thing that is forgotten, is McCastland does not have a lot of experience at the Division 1 level. Hopefully, for NT fans ; this is just part of the growing progress. In any case, next year will be a much better basis for his evaluation.
  5. Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    Did I say he missed on anyone? Read. I stated if the talent is not there it is because he missed on some recruits. The majority of the squad are McCasland's recruits. So I don't think as inferred in a post above that McCasland is being severely limited because he doesn't have open scholarships.
  6. Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    I agree Draper is a good defensive player, the problem is his lack of height. He is going to be exploited by taller players particularly in McCasland's defense where he ends up too often on a big. He has excellent feet and plays with maximum effort. I disagree to some extent, McCasland inherited much better players than what you would expect from a bottom of the league team. Woolridge, Lawson, Temara, Holston, Simmons and Draper were a good group to build on. McCasland chose to bring in basically the ASU recruiting class to fill out the roster. Smart was a great addition, but the jury is out on the rest. Duffy and Arikawe showed they can play at this level, but both must improve to challenge as starters. The point is that McCasland did have an opportunity to bring in a lot of his own recruits, 7 players so it is not like he didn't have a lot to do with shaping this team. So if the talent is not there on this team, it is not because McCasland didn't have ships to give; it is because he missed on some recruits. My guess there will be turnover and more ships to give. However, on the bright side NT is losing only one player and he was not a factor in the last half of the season. I think Simmons (the tall), Woolridge and Smart will start next year and there will be a battle for the other two positions.
  7. Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    I would think there is a big doubt. Gibson is an unknown other than he was starting for what the first two games. Woolridge has demonstrated he is without question the second best player on the team. If you think he is not a good enough shooter to play point, he sure is not enough for a wing position. Woolridge has to have the ball to be effective, there is a reason he logged by far the most minutes on the team. NT will have a bevy of guards: Duffy, Gibson, Draper, Smart, Woolridge and Simmons. The problem is whose going to play on the interior. Arikawe and Simmons and Tikhonenko are about it in the paint. I think Simmons has a big upside and Arikawe is capable. However, both of those players are going to have to get a lot better to be even be average in the conference. I would be surprised if Tikhonenko is going to be ready for big minutes. In any case, if NT ends up with any ships to give, they have a much bigger need in the front court than finding another shooting guard.
  8. Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    Predictable outcome NT with one win in last 8. I think McCasland earns a lot of criticism for the way this team finished. (Note, I am not saying he was a bad hire and recognize the turnaround in NT basketball he has engineered) I think the rest of the league caught up with his very predictable offense. McCasland managed for most of the year to hide a lot of talent deficities and what worked well early failed when it mattered. NT has two plus CUSA players in Woolridge and Smart. Yes, Woolridge with 20 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists is not point guard material. He is not the best pg in the league and obviously needs to work on shooting. If he develops even an average outside shoot and free throw accuracy; he could be the best point guard in the conference in the next two years. That is the opinion of someone who has seen a lot more than one game.
  9. Star Telegram Sh*ts All Over UNT

    Earth shattering information, this rehash of several other reports. Of course the focus is on the two metroplex state schools, but it could be on the majority of fbs schools that play below the pro level of UT and the SEC. College sports are heavily subsidized at most schools and I don't believe this can be sustained forever. This will ultimately end with the 80% of universities that lose money on athletics going away or some plan being enacted to bring more competition into college sports. Is the problem the $30m athletic budget teams that are heavily subsidized by students, or the $100m budgeted universities that have to find ways to spend their money and escalate the athletic arms race?
  10. Bradley was an easy pick. Glad to see Holmes on all freshman team. Best high school recruit by Mitchell thus far. With whole team back next year plus three redshirts and two promising freshmen, it will be time for Mitchell's team to be a contender in the conference.
  11. NT didn't get into the tourney last year, that is the only CUSA tournament that they didn't qualify. Getting into the tournament is not much of an accomplishment. To not get in is very bad. Winning 1 out of the last 6 is certainly limping into tournament play. I think it is a shame because I believe NT could have had a massive home court advantage with a little momentum. I fear the NT crowd is going to be disappointing now.
  12. Expectations for UNT in 2018 tourney?

    After tonight's game, my expectations are very low.
  13. Expectations for UNT in 2018 tourney?

    This team has proven they can beat anyone in the conference, unfortunately they have also shown anyone in the conference can beat them. A first round loss would be disappointing, but I don't think it is going to affect the program one way or another. The same with one win, however if they could get two wins I think that would be a strong signal that a lot of progress has been made. The biggest advantage, NT has is the number of very close games they have been involved in. CUSA is a strange league, in that prior year results and strong returning cast are not as meaningful as you would think. It is more who can bring in the best new transfer. NT should finish better in conference play next year, but they are going to have to get significantly better.
  14. Mason Fine

    Fine could make even a bigger splash on the national scene this year. However, what I am most happy about; this is the first season since Scott Hall played that NT does not have big questions about QB going into the season. There is no debate about who should be starting or high hopes on the new QB that is going to come in and take over.
  15. Wilson's Combine

    It has not been a perception problem, it has been a talent problem. Orr was not drafted because he didn't fit their physical metrics, not because he went to NT.