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  1. emmitt01

    Darn The Ponies...

    I root for SMU to lose their Spring game every year, you do the math
  2. emmitt01

    College Football News review of North Texas 2018

    I think I liked it better as the hunter than as the hunted.
  3. emmitt01

    Darn The Ponies...

    I have always said, if SMU played Al-Qaeda, I would take Al-Qaeda and the points
  4. It’s very impressive that someone who is not yet 2 years old is headed to North Texas to play football.
  5. emmitt01

    Fine New Youtube Video

    We may never see a Heisman winner at North Texas...but I will take this kid all day over some of the “superstars” of college football. He is humble, respectful, driven and appreciates the opportunity that he has. We will never see Mason Find running from the police during a public intox arrest, flipping off the opposing bench, grabbing his crotch during a football game, or anything else we saw from the last Heisman winner.
  6. I just love being a North Texas fan. An article about how we may see a second straight 9 win season (you know, because that happens so much around here) devolves into an argument about where our coach will be running off to at the first chance. Jesus, I’d hate to double date with any of you. Listening to you tell me how you don’t want to take our dates to a fancy restaurant because “they’ll certainly leave us after the bill is paid to go home and hook up with a cooler guy” would just depress me too much.
  7. He should have an easy adjustment, he was “Mr Irrelevant” to DFW football fans the moment he signed with SMU
  8. emmitt01

    Jeffery Wilson Draft Profile

    And McClain signs with Da Raiders
  9. Sorry to tell you this, but merely being honest about RV’s tenure comes across as “negative”
  10. emmitt01

    Jeffery Wilson Draft Profile

    I don’t give a damn where he goes (even the putrid Patriots) as long as he is drafted.
  11. emmitt01

    Got a call

    I got a call from Quinn Shanbour, but I was in a meeting. I’m sure he was glad that, in those cases where he can’t get through, there’s always voicemail as a backup.
  12. emmitt01

    DRC: UNT picks up commitment from Larry Wise

    Is this the part where we remind everyone not to get overly excited and mention that we had a losing record heading into the CBI tournament?
  13. emmitt01

    ODU new stadium info

    So, if I am understanding the OP’s statement, spending $65 million to get a 21,000 seat stadium makes you “tops in CUSA?” Maybe “best at getting little for a lot of money.”
  14. I don't think anyone blames the few donors we have who were willing to pony up the money to move us forward. I think the ire is reserved for the charlatan who kept a job for FAR too long on the backs of those same donors. RV took over an athletic department that was operating at a marginal D2 level and brought it up to a marginal D1 level. Nobody is denying that improvements were made, but some of us think the barometer for that success should have been calibrated a hell of a lot better. If I go from coming home drunk and beating my wife to coming home sober and psychologically abusing her I don't deserve a trophy...I deserve to be told "that's an improvement, but you're still a dick."