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  1. Here are his freshman highlights: He looks to have a good motor from these clips.
  2. Mean Green 93-98

    19 QB Chase Griffin - Hutto

    His character would increase exponentially if he were to change that commitment to UNT. Just my opinion.
  3. Mean Green 93-98

    Recruiting Prediction

    Good guess, but...Dan McCarney in a library? Did they serve Grey Goose?
  4. Mean Green 93-98


    There was a ton of hype when Todd Dodge came to town. Just sayin'.
  5. Mean Green 93-98

    DJ Draper put on Scholarship!

    Congrats, DJ! You earned it!
  6. Mean Green 93-98


    That's too bad. Wish him well in his future.
  7. Mean Green 93-98

    Which WR will have the biggest season in 2018?

    This is exactly how I see it playing out. I'm not sure who that really means had the "biggest season," but I voted Guyton since it's all about putting the ball in the paint.
  8. Mean Green 93-98

    DRC: UNT shines on NCAA's APR report

    Keep in mind, that was a transitional year with the coaching staff and with pretty much everything else. I'm not sure I'd look to that year as necessarily indicating a trend. Let's see what they report for the 2017-18 year.
  9. Mean Green 93-98

    The Newest Helmet Technology: VICIS Zero1

    If these are clearly shown to reduce concussions, the NFL will jump right on board. They can afford it. Spending an extra million or so per season is peanuts compared to the billions of dollars they could be looking at in terms of future CTE lawsuits. I would imagine FBS teams will have to find a way--easy for Bama, UT, and Ohio State; tough for C-USA and MAC teams. After that, though...if these helmets cost $950 apiece, and average a one- or two-year lifespan (a wild guess), not too many high schools or youth football programs will be able to afford them. So where does that leave them, when they know they're sending kids onto the field with far less head protection than others have?
  10. Mean Green 93-98

    Opening Week betting lines for C-USA

    In how many of our recent matchups against SMU have we been favored?
  11. Mean Green 93-98

    September Opportunities

    Two wins against Tech in the late 90's come to mind.
  12. Mean Green 93-98

    DRC: Five reasons for pessimism heading into 2018

    I don't think he ever had a blocked extra point. If the snap (or hold) was so bad he never kicked the ball, it doesn't count as an attempt or a miss.
  13. Mean Green 93-98


    Any suggestions on where they could "adjust their budgets"? It seems they could have had dirt turned on the IPF months ago if that's all there were to it.