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  1. I would have to say that your comments are not particularly administerial. The Eagles' Nest appears to be more toxic than ever. @Harry, IMO, this armpit of the board is a detriment to fan unity.
  2. Arizona hires Kevin Sumlin

    It seems like Sumlin could have waited out for a better opportunity. Tucson's a hard place to find sustained success.
  3. DRC: UNT picks up commitment from JUCO OL

    Great news--reinforcements are coming!
  4. Is McCasland allowed back in Jonesboro?

    Half a million. Ought to have been plenty to add to what they were already paying to hire a solid coach.
  5. Kason Martin on campus

    Hopefully he keeps it under 310.
  6. Grades for all 130 FBS teams for the 2017 season

    Smith was going to be the backup in 2004 anyway. And UNT still won the conference that year.
  7. Dennis Parker retires

    I assume you mean "tie"? By what I said, I didn't mean coaches never did. But the expectation was always for the coach to go for the win. A famous example of a coach playing for a tie was in 1966 when Ara Parseghian deliberately ran out to clock to hold on for the tie rather than risk a turnover. He was ripped to shreds (figuratively, anyway) by the media and Notre Dame fans for going for the tie. Except in particular circumstances--e.g., kicking a field goal down 3 with time expiring with the ball outside the 5--playing for the win was the general expectation. That's why they had the 2-point conversation for decades before the NFL did. I'm not necessarily agreeing with Coach Parker's decision. And for all of us, hindsight is 20-20. But I think your accusations of his "dumbness" need a little more context.
  8. Dennis Parker retires

    In fairness, we are talking about a time before there was any overtime. And back then, coaches were always supposed to play for the win...never for the tie.
  9. DRC: Source -- UNT expecting assistants to return

    Thanks for the detective work, Brett. At least we have a better idea where things presently stand.
  10. I think there will be a little dropoff without his running ability, but losing his passblocking ability will hurt worse, IMO.
  11. Dennis Parker retires

    Happy retirement, Coach Parker!
  12. National championship games

    Pull my head out of the sand? You're making allegations for which you have zero evidence. People move every day, and they do it without anything underhanded taking place. Do you even know the parents' financial situation?
  13. National championship games

    I don't even see the parallel. Recruiting is legal for colleges; recruiting is not legal for public high schools. Come out and say it--with what specific recruiting violation should Bama be charged?
  14. National championship games

    Well, I guess I'm missing more than half my brain because I still don't see the recruiting violation. Maybe they want to be able to attend their son's games? Maybe they want their other son to play in an area where he will get better coaching and more exposure? As long as Bama isn't bankrolling it, it's a choice they're free to make.
  15. National championship games

    I'm not sure what recruiting violations that would involve, unless Alabama paid the family's moving expenses.