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  1. Tragic Accident at FIU

    I didn't really see his post as taking a shot at "environmentalists" generally. But we've seen it before where, to please or placate certain groups, the tried and true has too quickly been set aside for the unproven, and negative consequences followed. As an aside, maybe these various threads on this same event could be merged into the initial thread?
  2. 2018 March Madness Thread

    Well, that didn't take long.
  3. First 2019 commit - Jalen Jackson

    Sounds like a quality get!
  4. Heart of Dallas Bowl Under Fire

    All that is very true, and it further underlines the point that DFW has no business hosting 4 bowl games (plus the FCS championship game).
  5. Heart of Dallas Bowl Under Fire

    Part of the problem is that there are way too many bowls in the DFW area to get much local support. I attended the Sun Bowl one year, and there were easily 20,000 locals in attendance who had no attachment to either team. They just wanted to watch a bowl game. DFW has what--4 bowl games? In an area that's not remotely a winter tourist destination.
  6. Heart of Dallas Bowl Under Fire

    Utah vs. WVU, 20,507.
  7. Could someone explain why I should be excited about this? I mean, of course I want UNT to win; but I look at the other teams in that bracket and I'm like
  8. Down Goes The MUTS
  9. Down Goes The MUTS

    I'm normally all about the underdog, but . . . MUTS would have had a shot at a decent seed in the Dance if they would have won the C-USA Tourney. Which means they would have had a better shot at an upset win. Which means more credibility for the conference and $$ for all of us.
  10. NT Women vs. Charlotte

    You would think only scoring 8 points in the 4th with :20 left would seal your doom.
  11. FAU hires Southern Miss DC Tony Pecoraro

    I imagine 9 out of 10 coaches would rather coach at USM (the other one is henpecked). But Kiffin is much more likely to be coaching at a P5 in 2019, potentially bringing staff members with him.
  12. It's "corps." Not "core."
  13. And I'm glad we played UAB early in the season. They continued to improve as the season went on.
  14. 2018 Jr Day

    Not sure if anyone posted this . . .