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  1. Where does Mason fall?????? Hint: he's ranked higher than the QB's at: WKU USF Virginia Texas Tech Florida FAU UCLA Southern Cal Houston Notre Dame Texas A&M Stanford Oklahoma Texas Florida State Ohio State Clemson
  2. WE COME IN AT #4!! Call this the puncher’s chance game. Under new head man Chad Morris, can the Hogs manage to come up with more of a defense than his SMU teams cranked up? At the very least, his offense should throw the ball at will. But North Texas is dangerous, with a loaded offense returning, and nine starters back on defense including all four in the secondary. This is a Mean Green team that put up 497 points last season in a nine-win campaign, and now it’ll be even more dangerous. And Arkansas – coming off a road game at Colorado State – might be looking a wee bit ahead to the SEC opener at Auburn, followed up by a trip to Arlington to face Texas A&M, followed up by Alabama. Whatever the total is, go over, and assume this will be a wild and crazy 47-42ish game with about 800 passing yards and lots of big plays. And an experienced UNT team that won’t be fazed in any way by the SEC environment.
  3. bdan2002

    Complaint Filed Against Student Fee Vote

    Not having read the formal complaint, and only piecing together based upon the tweet from SGA -- I don't think the complainants have have a strong case. Being a former SGA President, we had several people certify that we could actually conduct an election. The policy clearly states three things can't happen: 1. No new curricular content - that relates to teaching new materials by faculty 2. Student Organizations do not meet - if there is any case, it would be this one. Did student orgs meet to discuss the vote? From my understanding, these policy refers to formal or official meetings of these organizations. That would be more of an organizational issue, and not an SGA issue. 3. No extracurricular activities will be required - again, did a or several organizations make it "mandatory" for their people to vote? That may be the one thing that is left up to interpretation.
  4. bdan2002

    Complaint Filed Against Student Fee Vote

    This is the complaint. Looks like the person or people that submitted the complaint, are stating that it interfered with the 'Pre-Finals' policy at UNT.
  5. bdan2002

    North Texas Proud

    CBS picked us to win 4 games year; others (some on this site) picked us to finish last in our Divison. We exceeded expectations of 99% of the population - expect for those guys in the locker room who believed. We owe it them, as fans or bandwagon fans, to show this team some damn respect and congratulate them on winning 9 games. Btw, there are 129 FBS teams. How many won 9 games this year? Sun Belt - 1 SEC - 4 PAC-12 - 4 Mountain West - 3 MAC - 1 Independent - 1 CUSA - 2 Big 10 - 5 Big 12 - 3 AAC - 3 ACC - 3 If my math is correct, there are only 30 teams (23%) who won 9 games this year. This is the start of something great, and I’m UNT Proud! Now let me find some bourbon to drink.
  6. What an interesting article - This is crazy This weekend brought the ousters of Arkansas’ Bret Bielema, Nebraska’s Mike Riley, Arizona State’s Todd Graham and Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin. That quartet alone is owed a combined $35.2 million. The $5.9 million owed to Bielema and the $6.6 million to Riley are subject to offset from future income. But Graham’s and Sumlin’s contracts do not address an obligation to mitigate the amounts they are owed by finding jobs with offsetting payments. So, Graham is set to collect $12.3 million in varying amounts through June 30, 2021, and Sumlin $10.4 million within 60 days.
  7. bdan2002

    2017 Coaching Carousel

    Looks like they are stealing my other alma maters coach - Jimbo Fischer. The TAMU regents have called a Thursday afternoon call to discuss the new coach. Sources w/knowledge of TAMU search process tell me Jimbo-Fisher has a deal to be next Head Coach @AggieFootball .Fisher will coach 1 final game at FSU but not Bowl game should they become eligible. I'm told his TAMU contract will be at least 5 yrs/7.5 million per year. @KPRC2
  8. Here is our Post Season website - Per the site: North Texas is bowl eligible and will learn its bowl destination and opponent on Sunday, Dec. 3. The announcement will be made on on, on and @MeanGreenSports on Twitter. will have complete details, including ticket information.
  9. Looks like the team will be playing in a post season tournament
  10. Looks like there is a message board for everything! Seems like they have our ladies in the tournament as the last one in. Also seems like there is a postseason tournament for those that didn’t make the NCAA
  11. bdan2002

    Littrell bonus kicks in

    $35,000 for becoming bowl eligible Others Iowa - $100,000 FIU - $35,000 Wyoming - $25,000 West Virginia - at least $25,000 UAB - $50,000 Virginia - $75,000
  12. bdan2002

    2591, 999, 729

    We are inching closer to the infamous 3000, 1000, 1000 for our team Mason - 2,591 passing yards (409 yards remaining) Jeffrey - 999 rushing yards (1 yard remaining) Jaylon - 729 receiving yards (271 yards remaining)
  13. bdan2002

    3,000 - 1,000 - 1,000

    Have we ever had a 3,000 yard passer, 1,000 yard rusher and 1,000 year receiver in the same year? I am looking, and going back to 2000, we haven't.
  14. ESPN is the only site predicting us in a bowl. Am I missing something? ESPN - Gildan Holiday Bowl - North Texas vs Boise State ESPN - Gildan Holiday Bowl - North Texas vs Wyoming
  15. Where would you like to see us play and who? These are based on current projections CBS Sports - North Texas v Memphis - Cure Bowl, Orlando ESPN - North Texas v. Nebraska - Heart of Dallas Bowl ESPN - North Texas v. Wyoming - New Mexico Bowl SB Nation - North Texas v. Army - Armed Forces Bowl