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  1. ODU new stadium info

    They claimed that their home games would be at the Palouse at washigton State, IIRC...
  2. I’ll be blunt—there are a lot of people who believe that for all the good you and your buddies did from funding, it kept a cancer here for 10 years longer than he should’ve been. That stadium only passed because of the student vote that UNTFlyer led...the one where RV had to be as far away as possible. He, nor you and your pals, got that thing passed. The students did. Anything else is revisionist history. And with that brand new stadium coming and then built, RV’s hires got us 28 wins in the next 6 seasons and 71 losses. He also torched our basketball program with a colossally stupid hire in Benford, who would’ve been hired away to his alma mater in Lubbock at a moments notice if he had accomplished anything here in a year or two. I believe in Wren Baker. And I believe he will get us a helluva lot more than 17 donors in 15 years to make this place something great. Done
  3. Maybe you should pay him...
  4. DRC: Examining UNT's 2018 schedule

    I'd add in UAB here, too. I think their recruiting has been absolutely great and their head coach is a winner. They will be really tough to beat, since we play them in Birmingham this season.
  5. I’m just glad that there are folks out there that recognize the reality of just how bad an AD we had for so long and how he was insulated by donors that were deemed to be big (by our standards). To me, any decent AD would’ve had quadruple the big donors RV got, in part because we would have actually had some success that got attention from donors. We are starting to see that now with Baker, Littrell, and McCasland. RV could only dream of having both revenue sports produce the season we just saw.
  6. I may be a clown, but my pockets weren’t fleeced by a hustler that was using him to keep his job. There are lots of names you can use for anyone that falls prey to that kind of deal...I’ll let you decide what the best ones are.
  7. Thank you...I can understand all of those points. I just was wondering why some posters don't care for him. He seems harmless to me and I feel bad for anyone who had to cover the $hitstorm that was UNT Sports for most of tenure at the DRC.
  8. Wow!! And on the hoops board, we have people that say they want him gone and call him stupid names that supposedly sound like Brett Vito. BV does a fine job covering us. Maybe if he had some competition for that job, it might make him even better, but for now, its a non-competitive gig. Getting acclaim for doing the work he did this year hopefully makes him feel better for having to sit thru Todd Dodge and Tony Benford teams, while listening to RV's lazy ass for all of those years.
  9. DRC breaking news -- AJ Lawson to transfer

    I am not sure how I'm hijacking something that a few posters made comments about BEFORE I asked the question...
  10. DRC breaking news -- AJ Lawson to transfer

    Actually, Cooley made it take this turn when he said he wished Vito would be gone...and Bert Frito references got made by one of RV’s pals. I started nothing—just asked the questions that very few have answered.
  11. DRC: Examining UNT's 2018 schedule

    I like this, although I'll believe it only when I see us beat UTSA down there. Those people get fired up for their Super Bowl every year. Its amazing to see a team in Texas that cares so much about beating us--never dreamed that day would happen. I see us at 9-3 on the top end, but 7-5 on the bottom side. SMU, LT, @ODU, and @UTSA are the tossups that add to strongly probable wins over IW, Liberty, UTEP, USM, Rice. I don't see us beating Arky, UAB, or FAU, either...
  12. DRC breaking news -- AJ Lawson to transfer

    I mean, does Brett Vito cause that much heartache by being the only beat reporter we have in the entire world? To me, any sins of Vito, that the fans of UNT feel complain about, are all miniscule compared to those that were caused by those who personally supported and funded RV's lazy ass being here for 15 years while he hired the worst three coaches in our athletic history for each revenue sport...Brett Vito didn't hire Todd Dodge, Tony Benford, or Shanice Stephens. Brett Vito didn't cause less than 2% of the UNT Family to not give two $hits about our athletics to the point that virtually nobody joined the MGC.
  13. DRC breaking news -- AJ Lawson to transfer

    So does anyone want to answer this question that doesn't like him or calls him "Bert Frito"? I am just curious what people don't like about his coverage of our teams...