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  1. DRC breaking news -- UNT fee vote passes

    Because I didn’t believe this one would pass...I didn’t expect the students to add another increase, but I’m sure glad it did.
  2. DRC breaking news -- UNT fee vote passes

    This is fantastic!! Unbelievable!! I never thought I’d see the day that athletics would get this kind of support!! There is no reason we cannot be the dominant force in CUSA West for a long time!! Very proud of the Mean Green tonight!!
  3. DRC: Results of UNT fee vote delayed again

    Exactly—self imposed death penalty
  4. DRC: Results of UNT fee vote delayed again

    I saw UH beat Temple this weekend and they are currently sitting pretty for an at-large bid for the NCAA Tournament. This is happening while they are playing at a different court while Hofheinz Pavilion is being renovated. And then I sighed as I thiought about our athletic department compared to them. UH likes sports and have a larger endowment that helps them get rid of losing coaches before it gets out of hand. It just reminds me of how different my alma mater views sports. As I’ve said before, there’s nothing wrong with UNT valuing other windows over athletics, but it just makes guys like me that love college sports wonder what it’d be like to have gone somewhere that winning at sports really mattered like it does at the schools in the AAC, MWC, and the P5s.
  5. DRC: Results of UNT fee vote delayed again

    So what does this mean to you as a supporter of our sports team if the university basically allows this vote to be overturned or have to be re-tried again until the no’s win? Because that’s what I feel like is going to happen here.
  6. Place your bets

    This is just so very much North Texas...
  7. Place your bets

    I just don’t see how this passes, but I’d love to see it pass, just to catch us up to what we should have been at to begin with when Apogee was built.
  8. There is no doubt that the anthem deal killed their ratings...
  9. Injuries, time, attention, cost, etc...t
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2017/apr/25/illegal-streams-live-sports-sports-industry-group This isn't the only article I can find, but it pretty much represents the reality that millennials don't like the traditional sports the way previous generations did. Injuries, time, attention, cost, etc...they all factor in as reasons that football doesn't appeal to this generation.
  11. As far as price, at the P5s, people complain and give away their tickets for non-conference matchups with FCS spares or bodybag games. The other variable that needs to be factored in is that millennials just don’t like sports the way previous generations do. That will have an affect on everything. Football is the sport that is most susceptible to this change in interest.
  12. This was exactly how UNTFlyer got the stadium vote to get passed. Run it steathily, it gets passed, the masses get pissed and complain loudly, then the athletic department benefits. Hope it happens again here.
  13. 2018 C-USA Preseason Power Rankings

    This. UAB, UTSA, LT, ODU, and Army were all games we won with some clutch plays at the end. We won games against Lamar, UTEP, Rice, and USM comfortably. As I look at the upcoming season, SMU better be a win. We get them here, they lost their coach, and they are losing Sutton. If we can't beat them this year, it ain't happening anytime soon. And it probably means FAU is still going to truck us again if they have anything close to what they had last year--and I think they will be even better in 2018 than they were this year. UAB has a ton coming back and probably the best coach in the league. I see them winning CUSA West. UTSA will treat us as their Super Bowl, as normal, so winning there will always be tough to do. We have beaten them twice in miraculous fashion at home, in part because they just get up for us big time. Its so weird to be somebody's Super Bowl--never imagined I'd see the day when anybody would care so much about beating us that it can literally make or break their season, but look at UTSA and how they handle beating us or losing to us. Unbelievable... I'll believe we beat a P5 power on the road when I see it actually happen, even if Arky is way down from where they have been. Home cooking, more talent, and a strong OL will help the Hogs a lot against our defense. Louisiana Tech is the true wildcard. They have a solid G5 coach in Skip Holtz, always recruit well, and usually surprise when they have a good QB. They are a team I can see winning the division or finishing in the middle of the pack. They are always packed with talent... But the rest of the schedule is pretty soft. Incarnate Word is just embarrassing to even play, but we got RV'd here. Liberty, UTEP, and Rice are just terrible FBS programs right now. ODU is still building, but we do have to play them on the road, which is never easy.Add in wins over SMU and USM at home and I think 7 wins come from here, with a win at home against LT giving us 8 wins.
  14. 2018 C-USA Preseason Power Rankings

    Usually, when a team wins a lot of close games in one season, the next year is sort of a return to the mean. Look at the Cowboys and Rangers from 2016, when both won close games over and over, but then 2017 saw them lose those games. I think 7-5 makes a lot of sense. I see us beating SMU, IW, Liberty, Rice, UTEP, USM, and either LT at home or at ODU.
  15. I'll be SHOCKED if this thing is even close. Asking kids to vote to have their costs go up at a G5 school is tough, asking to do it at a place that doesn't normally hold athletics in a very good light seems impossible. I guess we will see, but I am not holding my breath here. I will say this, though. If we do pass this vote, I will believe for the first time that the view of UNT Athletics within the community has finally come around to being something worthy of major support. This would make us look more like UH than UTSA, which would make future conference realignment something we would be a better player in.