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  1. We would win the conference, hands down, with that defensive unit. Even FAU wouldn’t handle that defense very easily. Our pass rush, run defense, and secondary were the best I’ve ever seen us roll out in my 30 years of UNT fandom.
  2. The one thing I will say about that A&M 77-0 loss to OU that day is that it was the worst loss I've ever seen a P5 team take from another P5. From a resource standpoint, this outcome should NEVER happen. OU was ahead 77-0 very early in the 4th quarter and then got a fumble return inside the 5 yard line . Stoops immediately tells the QB to take a knee on 1st down, as if there were 30 seconds left on the clock, not several minutes. Stoops then realizes how sad that looks, so he asks his QB to handoff to the FB, who IMMEDIATELY dives down on the ground each of the next three downs, which then gets capped off by A&M DE Johnny Jolly celebrating the "stop" on 4th down like it was something huge. To me, that game for a big time Power Conference Team was the low point for that level of play. OU scores 100+ with ease if they wanted to. A&M never crossed midfield in the entire game, a game where OU's scrubs played almost the entire second half of the game against A&M's starters.
  3. Rice in 2008 was the low point for us as a FBS program... Until this debacle. It will not get passed up anytime soon for worst loss in modern college football history, either. FCS Portland State comes to your place on Homecoming and you lose by 59 points, only scoring a meaningless TD late in the game to keep you from getting shutout. The coach got fired immediately afterwards. That combination of everything, while adding in the worst QB collection that a FBS team can roll with in a season, just makes this the clear winner of Worst Loss in Modern College Football History. Its not Ga Tech beating Cumberland 222-0, but it was awful.. Even the A&M loss to OU wasn't this bad. OU was ranked #1 that year and had a Heisman winner at QB. They played for the national championship. FCS Portland State lost in the first or second round of the FCS playoffs to some other FCS team.
  4. Two years ago--TWO YEARS AGO---we were generally rated anywhere from 126 to 128 (out of 128). The biggest improvement you make is going from being awful to average. We have obviously done that. The hard part is making your way to being great from just being good, so that challenge lies in front of SL and Company. If we get 9 wins again this year, the opportunities in front of us will be unlike anything we have seen around here in the last 40 years. Even if SL leaves, the chances of keeping the momentum going will be there if we can hire from within--looking at you, Graham Harrell... As I have said, enjoy the ride--as UNT fans, we don't have many times like this to look back on with great fondness. This is just amazing!!
  5. untjim1995


    This is what Steve Kragthorpe did when he went to Tulsa. He immediately used his ties in the DFW area to build up Tulsa's roster, at the expense of both UNT and SMU. Now, Seth Littrell is doing the exact same thing to them, getting kids from Oklahoma that would be good Tulsa recruits and getting them to come down here.
  6. Fritz would be a great pick, too...
  7. Here's the thing with the KU job--you get time, money, and the very real probability that Old Man Snyder quits/dies soon at KSU. Last time he retired, K-State went almost immediately into the crapper and KU rose up so fast that they ended up winning a BCS Bowl game, the Orange Bowl over Va Tech. To me, the KU job is way more attractive than the Tech job--those people think that they can just find the next Leach protégé and start winning again like they did in his last four seasons in Lubbock. Truth is, the only reason that Leach had the success e had there was his spread offense was way ahead of its time and only UT and OU had the athletes to slow that offense down. Today, everybody plays that system, in some form or fashion, in the Big XII. Tech isn't ever beating out people for recruits because of its remoteness. DFW kids can play in the Big XII now by playing at TCU or Baylor, their two peers in the state for recruiting. KU can pay some big time $$$ to a coach, let him rebuild, and then benefit from the inevitable retirement/death of Bill Snyder. They will want someone who has proven to be a rebuilder of a program, from the ashes. Let's ask ourselves who the college football world thinks has done that recently? Hmmm, 2015 season, some team loses 11 of their 12 games, including the 66-7 FCS Portland State loss that ranks as the worst in modern college football history, then two seasons later, said program has won its division in CUSA and wins 9 games. Just like Arkansas looked at Chad Morris as the guy who rebuilt their program from the ashes into a winning program in 3 years, so others will look at Littrell in the same way IF we have another 8+ win season. But my guess will be that jobs MUCH better than KU will open up for him across the country if he wants them--and seeing how he applied for the Tennessee job after last season, I think we know that this is probably the last season we will see him around Denton if he has the season we all hope and believe he will have.
  8. untjim1995

    Biggest Area For Improvement?

    I agree--I see 7 wins as the minimum. I think we win games against SMU, Incarnate Word, Liberty, Rice, UTEP, USM, and ODU. I see losses against FAU and Arkansas. Its the games at UAB, @ UTSA (their Super Bowl), and here against La Tech that make the difference between 7 and 10 wins, as well as being CUSA West Champs again. I think UAB will win the West this season, as I think we will lose 3 CUSA games (UAB, UT-KFC, and FAU). I could see the UAB game being the tiebreaker. I have said all along that 8 wins in the regular season seems right to me, especially since we won so many close games last year, but also because we are just better than most of our schedule by a little to a lot--we shouldn't have any trouble with Incarnate Word, Liberty, Rice, or UTEP at all, the last two teams amongst the worst in FBS by a long ways...
  9. untjim1995

    Biggest Area For Improvement?

    Last year, it seemed like we blitzed a lot on 3rd downs, which is why we got beat on that down often. To me, each side of the ball has its own issues. The OL has to be better or Fine may not be able to take another year of abuse. The DL has to get pressure, period...and ST, we gotta find a kicker.
  10. Baylor will still get their due punishment in the years coming. No other power conference will touch them because of their Baptist connections, as well as the bad PR that comes from the basketball and football incidents over the last 15 years or so. The Pac-12 won't take them because of this. The Big Ten and SEC don't need them for obvious reasons. And the ACC already has plenty of regional private schools with much less baggage out there. They will be SMU and Rice in due time. Looking back always, bitching about getting left behind, and watching the Power League TV money dry up. It will be glorious to watch.
  11. The NCAA has the perfect piñata to beat the hell out of in Baylor. They are a pissant P5 school, that will not be in a P4 league in the years ahead when the Big XII and Pac 12 eventually merge and other pieces find homes. Yet the NCAA doesn't seem to look at this as their chance to pound them. This is worse than SMU--by a large margin. They aren't Penn State, whose problems were worse, yet they are a bigtime program with a huge enrollment in a big state. This is a freaking small, Baptist school that doesn't even register on the national front--even when Baylor was really good, their ratings were terrible for their games, unless they were playing UT or OU. Baylor sold their souls for the $$$ that athletic success brings. They deserve everything that the law can throw at them.
  12. Great hire by Texas Southern. JJ will be a perfect fit down there and will rebuild his coaching reputation again. I can see him being a coach in the SBC or CUSA again in the future if things go well for him.
  13. untjim1995

    Kuehne Evaluation from SWC Roundup

    I like Minute Maid--and I love the Ballpark in Arlington, just sad to see us build MMP 2.0 up here to withstand the heat. But I do get why they are doing it, since it costs the team in gate receipts bigtime during the weeknight games in the summer. MMP is nice, though, even if its mostly used as an indoor stadium. I like it even more now that the hill is gone in center field.
  14. untjim1995

    Kuehne Evaluation from SWC Roundup

    Its probably STILL better than the Alamodome, even in its current dilapidated state...
  15. untjim1995

    Garbage Stadium Rankings from the DMN

    Yet another example of how you cannot make people care about anything related to football that loathe its existence...this guy’s response just screams, “We only show because they make us. Otherwise, we wouldn’t waste our time any further. Besides, WE are the window to the university, not this stupid game...” This is what we have faced for decades because of our priorities being placed on them over athletics, the exact opposite of how it is everywhere else around the region. At the worst, we should be somewhat close to UH and at the very best, we could have been like Tech if we had focused on athletics and football after Hayden left. Instead, we basically gave up to the mindset listed above. And make no mistake about it, those same voices HATE what’s going on in New Denton right now—and it’s glorious to watch!!