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  1. MeanGreen01

    Seth litrell

    Our offense did their job for most of the year. It was our defense that was awful. Reffett has to be on the hot seat.
  2. MeanGreen01

    Eric Jenkins in the NFL?

    Not even close to the NFL
  3. What a find! Love this guy’s passion, I’ve truly enjoyed watching him play. Great leader, pulling for ya Wilson!!
  4. Typical Vito! Ends this article with: “UNT fans might as well get used to it. Littrell's name is going to continue to come up as long as he is in Denton.“ Vito can’t wait to maybe report for SMU one day is the real deal.
  5. MeanGreen01

    Bowl Poll (CUSA Out of Town)

    ANY where but those 4 bowls haha. Would love if we could get HoD again. Or even Frisco if that’s even possible. Especially considering we we recruit just the DFW area. If out of town, I prefer Independence
  6. MeanGreen01


    Not a fan of the full eagle decal, not to mention it does look misplaced. I wish they would only use the eagle wing! The chrome eagle wing we had for the UTEP game looked great.
  7. MeanGreen01

    New helmet for Homecoming!

    Like the tight new looks and I know the players do even more! Nicely done
  8. Bein Sports broadcast for the NT games have been impressive. Would like to see Bein take even more marketshare away from ESPN. It was great seeing their logo on the Conference USA media day banners.
  9. MeanGreen01

    USM Claims First Place in CUSA West

    I agree and love it. We should as it’s our brand! That USM tweet is what we call FAKE NEWS! 👍
  10. MeanGreen01

    Why is Fine still in

  11. MeanGreen01

    Why is Fine still in

    I need to remind coach Littrell and GH about STD!! First, don’t be “Selfish” with putting his team at risk of injury to pad his productivity! The “Toughness” and “Discipline” wasn’t there either.
  12. MeanGreen01


    That’s what I want to hear. And if the coaches “had a good week of preparation” or did they all take vacation this week!
  13. MeanGreen01


    I think Littrell and GH are just trying to keep their offensive production numbers up, making them look good statistically. All while putting your starters at risk and only producing against FAU’s 3rd team! Horrible team and coaching effort! Couldn’t agree more, this is exactly what it was about.
  14. MeanGreen01

    Embarrassment in Boca

    WHAT THE &(#& are the coaches thinking! Get your starters out shitheads
  15. MeanGreen01

    Embarrassment in Boca

    Agree, this isn’t on Mason. This is the whole team, including this coaching staff! Why they still have Fine in there with 12 minutes left in the 4th, down by 45+ points, is asinine! Coaches still don’t have their head in the game.