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  1. Charlie NT 73

    Visitors in New Denton this weekend

  2. Charlie NT 73

    DRC: Sosaia Mose named to Rimington watch list

    Congratulations big guy!
  3. Charlie NT 73

    Spring football game

    I am driving up to Apogee Stadium tomorrow morning, to watch the Spring Football Game. Anyone else going to see the game?
  4. Charlie NT 73

    2018 Jr Day

    Garrison Johnson, the 3 star RB from Manvel. Did Johnson attend the Junior Day event?
  5. Charlie NT 73

    Another 3 star could be added to 18 class

    Could a big DT be coming in?
  6. Charlie NT 73

    '18 DT Darren Brown (Judson)

    Brown has a North Texas offer! That is what counts! Can Brown visit North Texas before LOI day?
  7. Charlie NT 73

    DRC: Steven Shaw makes decision

    Who is the next man up? So, that is recruiting! Lose one gain one! Get back up on that recruiting saddle and ride that horse hard! The staff must have more than one option for DT. Or, use Shaw's scholarship for another player that is yet to be named? How about saving the scholarship for a player that becomes available later in the year?
  8. OLB Tim Laison, 6-2, 225, from Independence JUCO commits to the Mean Green this evening! Check out the recruiting section of GMG!
  9. Williams can certainly move around for such a big OT! Just the type of OT the line needs! I hope Williams will commit to North Texas!
  10. East Mississippi CC is the school that just about all SEC teams, send their prospective student athletes to school, to help the athlete to learn how to read and write, and to make grades high enough to qualify! I would bet that Saban is really pissed that these two big DT's jumped ship from Bama to join Butch Davis at FIU! What the heck does Davis have to offer to sway away players from Bama, Auburn, Mississippi, Miss St, SC, and Kentucky?
  11. Charlie NT 73

    18' JUCO DT Duane Tuitasi

    I like this guy! Get after him now Coach Yellock! I cannot believe Tuitasi does not have any offers! Better go after Tuitasi now before the coaches at Troy or FAU find out about him!
  12. Charlie NT 73

    North Texas Proud

    Don't blame the coaches for this loss! FAU is a very good team, very good players! North Texas played the best they could have against a very good team.
  13. Charlie NT 73

    Ready for a brand new OL

    There are 4 or 5 redshirts and or blue shirt OL guys that will be available this spring. Maybe in that group, the OL coach can find some one who can block anybody! Not just stand there like sumo wrestlers! The OL was pushed around by bigger and more athletic FAU DL players! Simple as that!
  14. Charlie NT 73

    Volleyball loss

    Man that is a tough game to lose! Damn! Regardless- Congratulations on a great season! Looking forward to next season! Go Mean Green!!! Again, congratulations!
  15. What ? Two years after inheriting a 11-1 team? I think you meant to say a 1-11 team.