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  1. Basketball and football are over

    This is more of a college basketball problem now since the NBA made the rule change this year to only allow each team to take 2 timeouts into the final 3 minutes of a game. It's greatly helped the flow of games IMO. http://www.nba.com/article/2017/07/12/nba-board-governors-timeout-rules-game-flow-trade-deadline#/
  2. Looks like only 29 RBs bench pressed for a total of 500 reps. 500/29= 17.2 reps...15 reps = below average He tied for 15th with 5 other guys so even his place is technically below average. Just to be clear, I'm rooting like heck for Jeff. Just pointing out he didn't exactly have a good day. Especially, when you consider he's not a speed back.
  3. Um...I believe its below average for this year's running backs.
  4. Based on what I read in the past about why UT was not included in the first few years of this promotion, I'm guessing this is a UNT decision.
  5. Now that the Athletic Fee has been set....

    It’s happening. I’m pretty sure 2018 will be the last season with the Jumbotron in front of the AD building.
  6. Rice (2/3/18)

    I’m simply referencing what our athletic director told another poster and what the website says. If a conversation you had with some staffer means more to you then so be it. Hell, you might be right. Im just betting they decided to not really enforce the student section until we consistently have good crowds. No feelings hurt. Your passive aggressive attempts on calling people out for not being good enough fans have always amused me.
  7. Rice (2/3/18)

    Why are you taking this so personally? I'm simply saying why the seating arrangements probably haven't been enforced very much. I've seen a lot of the crowds this year online and in pictures and most of them have been SPARSE...BUTTT I'm sure if things continue to improve you'll see a better effort to corral the students into their sections.
  8. Rice (2/3/18)

    So our athletic director and website are wrong? http://www.meangreensports.com/tickets/mensbasketball.html Lets not point to the last few homes games to discount the last 4 seasons of an empty Super Pit. And since you like to make things personal; I'm going to try to make it to a game in Denton and definitely will be in Frisco for a game.
  9. Rice (2/3/18)

    I’m guessing there’s still a student section, but no enforcement of it since there are hardly any students or fans at the games.
  10. Mike Linehan LB Idaho

    Cowboys do not have a solid WR core
  11. No, you do that by winning and not getting your ass kicked on national television. Can't believe you're still pushing this "close wins aren't good enough" BS.
  12. National championship games

    Actually, you missed one of the best championship games in the history of college football. Your loss.
  13. 2018 Conference Schedule Predictions

    I think you misunderstood...Liberty will be considered FBS next year. Our one FCS win will come against Incarnate Word. All of our games will count towards bowl eligibility.
  14. Missouri home and home in exchange for...

    We're complaining about an OC who led our offense to 37.5 pts/game with a mediocre offensive line? I swear, some of y'all will never be happy.
  15. Bowl attendance?

    I agree. I swear, every year since the 2013 HoD Bowl our attendance has gone up 1K-2K. By 2030 we'll have people on GMG saying we sold out the Cotton Bowl haha..In reality, we probably had a little over 30K in 2013 and maybe 25K last year.