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  1. UNTcrazy727

    2018 Schedule Thoughts

    Yeahhhhh...that's just dumb. You always take the better record and division crown. The wins versus Arkansas and SMU would be very hollow if we crap the bed in conference play.
  2. UNTcrazy727

    Top Jerseys: Look Who's #17.

    If you think UTSA was okay, I'd love to hear what you thought was the worst. We had a handful of good ones, but my favorite were the all whites and the homecoming/bowl unis.
  3. UNTcrazy727

    FAU at North Texas Game Moved up to Thursday

    I just don’t think the AD has much say here. CUSA wants to highlight what might be the best game of the year and since our TV contract is so crappy this is probably the best way for them to do it.
  4. UNTcrazy727

    Top Jerseys: Look Who's #17.

    We already have quite a few. I don’t like wearing different combos every single weeks. Especially, when some kinda suck...I.E. the UTSA combo.
  5. UNTcrazy727

    Top Jerseys: Look Who's #17.

    Just get rid of the full SOW logo or at least make it smaller. The current size looks unbalanced and awkward on the helmet.
  6. UNTcrazy727

    Coaches Caravan

    A little disheartening to see the Dallas event move from Dot's Hop House to Happiest Hour. Hands down one of the most overpriced, douche bars in Dallas.
  7. UNTcrazy727


    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think a big part of the AD building expansion with the indoor practice facility involves a TOTAL remodel of the locker room and weight room.
  8. UNTcrazy727

    Is tonight's game the biggest ever ?

  9. UNTcrazy727

    Littrell and Wilson both applied for Tennessee

    Within two years he took a 1-11 program with a LONGGG history of losing to 9-3 and a spot in the conference championship. As long as we win 8+ games he'll be gone in 1-2 years.
  10. UNTcrazy727

    Jacksonville State (3/21/18)

    I swear it was a little brighter in the Johnny Jones days and even Benford. It was never lit up like the AAC, but sure seems darker than when I was a student and the last game I went to a couple years ago I'm a Mavs fans so I'm conditioned to the bright lights. Can't stand the curtain of darkness like Staples has.
  11. UNTcrazy727

    Finals - Best of 3

    Doesn't help that the PA sound is awful the lower you get in the stands. It seriously is a spot on impersonation of the teacher from Peanuts.
  12. UNTcrazy727

    Jacksonville State (3/21/18)

    Sorry if this has been discussed previously, but was it McCasland's decision to go with the Staples/MSG stage lighting? I've never been a fan of stage lighting at basketball games because it forces fans to sit in darkness and puts a damper on crowd atmosphere IMO.
  13. UNTcrazy727

    Tonight"s Game On ESPN 3

    It was actually a very good broadcast in terms of quality of picture.
  14. UNTcrazy727

    Basketball and football are over

    This is more of a college basketball problem now since the NBA made the rule change this year to only allow each team to take 2 timeouts into the final 3 minutes of a game. It's greatly helped the flow of games IMO. http://www.nba.com/article/2017/07/12/nba-board-governors-timeout-rules-game-flow-trade-deadline#/
  15. Looks like only 29 RBs bench pressed for a total of 500 reps. 500/29= 17.2 reps...15 reps = below average He tied for 15th with 5 other guys so even his place is technically below average. Just to be clear, I'm rooting like heck for Jeff. Just pointing out he didn't exactly have a good day. Especially, when you consider he's not a speed back.