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  1. 15 bench reps for him - not too shabby!
  2. Troy OC to South Alabama - Same Position

    I bet he gets to call the plays at USA. Neal Brown calls the plays for Troy.
  3. San Diego (12/16/17)

    UNT up 37-35 at the half!
  4. Here’s An Idea...

    I was thinking the same thing - we need to fire all of our defensive coaches and hire theirs.
  5. We are turrible on defense
  6. Things Not To Do in New Orleans

    Don’t do what I did when I went to the New Orleans Bowl in 2001 when I was 21 and go into a casino and lose every bit of money you had and have to walk back to your hotel in the cold through not the greatest parts of Town.
  7. Ladies Hammer LaSalle

    If you look at the roster, with transfers that will be eligible next year, this team could be really, really good for years to come.
  8. Who’s got the dumpster fire meme ready?
  9. Attendance Prediction vs Army?

    I just bought three tickets in 207! I’m going with 28,350
  10. UNT v Eureka

    If this was a Benfor coached team we would have won 84-78.
  11. Bought Tickets Today @ Apogee Tckt office yet...

    I get the whole number 7 with extra sauce every time I go to Denton.
  12. Attendance Prediction Thread

    30,850, as all games should be!
  13. Army vs Rice

    Rice looks awful. Three bad turnovers on the last three plays they have run from scrimmage.