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  1. Streaming options?

    Or Playstation Vue, Direct TV Now, or Sling. They all have trial options and you can watch directly on your phone. Playstation Vue is my favorite out of the 3. YouTube TV hasn't made it out to the Great White North of Texas AKA Amarillo but I'll try it once it does.
  2. Saw These at Downtown Mini Mall

    I want the white one. Anyone want to buy and ship to me?!
  3. Food in Denton

    What about Katz behind Maple Hall...please tell me that place didn't close?
  4. Battle Flag Giveaway

    That would be awesome. I’ll check in with you after the game. Wish I could make it down.
  5. Battle Flag Giveaway

    So...who wants to get this out of towner a battle flag?? Great giveaway, those are sweet!!
  6. Love the Unis

    I usually enjoy the Uni threads but this has got the be the most negative one I've read. Based on the players reaction...which I don't think we've ever had a video posted like this with their reaction...who gives a crap what we all think?! They played terrible but I don't think the uni's had much to do with that. For recruits, this is just like a girl: its the initial, physical attraction that gets your attention. Based on the players reaction, I'd say any recruit had a very similar one.
  7. Another new jersey?

    To anyone who says unis don't matter...just watch that video. They say black/grey/black but those helmets look grey, right?
  8. Another new jersey?

    These are sweet...
  9. Time for another look-a-like thread

    MICHAEL SEHLINGER Chris Biggurs Megamind
  10. Is Game Streaming

    Glad to know it's not just me. I've got a full signal and I keep getting "unable to play"
  11. Uniform Release Reaction Thread

    When do they normally make mini helmets available? I almost bought our old green one with SOW but I'd rather have that White or Black one.
  12. Uniform Release Reaction Thread

    Nailed it. The all white is pretty awesome...Is the black almost a matte charcoal?
  13. Uniform Release Reaction Thread

    They're here!
  14. Uniform Speculation

    I'd be ok with that.
  15. Denton County Fastest Growing in America

    I live in Amarillo. Maybe once we get this Double-A baseball team we'll see the younger generation stick around since it should help spur downtown growth. I sure miss Denton and DFW, (minus traffic) though.