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  1. He is pretty good, too. Article (from The Ringer) mentions his Mean Green football career. Looks like Nwigwe is about to be big-time!
  2. Feb. 13, 2018 DENTON - In some respect, it's a good thing Kason Martin left Manvel when he did. The freshman quarterback enrolled early at UNT just two weeks after playing in one of the most talked about high school football games in history. He said he couldn't walk around town without people asking him about the game - the Class 5A Division I state championship game, which his team lost in heartbreaking fashion after coming up literally a yard short of winning as time expired. He figured with a relocation to Denton, he'd be able to walk around campus without people asking him about the game that was still weighing heavily on his mind. He was wrong. One of his first days in Denton found him eating in the cafeteria at his new dormitory when an upperclassman student-athlete came up to him. "Hey, you're that Manvel quarterback, right? I saw you in that game." "You've gotta be kidding me," Martin thought. read more:
  3. Hope Y'all are ready to open up your wallets!

    Doesn't demand have to go up for prices to go up? How can you raise prices when attendance is already not good?
  4. Athletic fee referendum to be put to a re-vote

    Sounds like the fee failed and the SGA members who support it passing are trying again. With voter turnout so low historically, if we can just get the student athletes themselves to vote for it then the fee has a good chance to pass.
  5. 14 of 24 on field goals for his career. Yikes. i will choose to trust Seth on this.
  6. Frank Wintrich going to UCLA

    Wintrich was amazing. I LOVED his social media updates on how the players performed in his off-season program. So much accountability! I wish we still had access to that kind of information. Wintrich is a star.
  7. Connor Means

    And obviously not every scholarship can turn into an all-conference performer or starter. So a scholarship player who stays in the program, never gets in trouble, works hard, provides a body in practice and ultimately graduates, has value. The Dan Mac era certainly has many examples of scholarships that were misallocated worse than Means' was. I am rooting for Means to have a great senior year.
  8. Connor Means

    Do you know how many guys rush for 500 yards in high school? Very, very, very few of them deserve to ever see a carry in C-USA. I would love to see Connor Means turn into a playmaker his senior year. He is obviously a good student and teammate, but his production on the field so far is no better than what you could get from thousands of available walk-ons.
  9. Turn on Fox Sports SW

    Hate on John Stephen Jones all you want. The kid just set the all-time 5A state title game passing record and notched his second straight state title. Look at his stats, look at his wins. He is now one of the all-time greatest high school QBs ever. He is a more polished version of Baker Mayfield/Johnny Football (a friend who works for the HP school district said he is A super nice kid too). And btw, Jerry drives me nuts. I wanted to hate on JSJ, but I have eyes and I see greatness. Kason Martin is BIG, can throw the ball a mile, is a great leader and demonstrated impressive maturity in his behavior after that loss. Martin's throws are also wild as hell and many of his yards are the result of throwing to superhumans with video game speed. But the raw tools are there for him to be special. Excited to watch him develop.
  10. Jordan Redfearn Aubrey (Aubrey, TX)

    I don't think blueshirts actually sign anything. The lack of paperwork is one of the ways that football programs use blueshirting to "get around" the scholarship limitations.
  11. Early signing period expected signees

    Is it chess? Or is it poker? A committed kid who doesn't sign with us today should run the risk of losing his UNT scholarship to some other kid whose P5 scholarship fell through at the last minute. There are going to be a lot of kids who get left out who thought they were going P5.
  12. Early signing period expected signees

    Seems like coaches should make everyone sign today to guarantee their scholarship. Only reason a kid would wait is because they are holding out for some other offer. I agree with the idea of saving some ships for the traditional signing day for elite kids who fall through the cracks, but if you are committed to UNT you need to sign today or your scholarship may be given to someone else.
  13. Hmmm... waiting until NSD? Wonder if he has qualified yet?
  14. Rice game ESPN3 question

    I have a family obligation that is going to prevent me from watching the game live. I've noticed that ESPN3 sometimes posts replays of their games. Will there be a replay of North Texas/Rice? Are the replays available immediately? Or is there some kind of waiting period? I'm wondering if the replay will be available to watch tomorrow evening.
  15. Punt return #1 team in nation for Blocks

    That graphic is confusing. Are we blocking our own punt?