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  1. Yes, unfortunately, we all do....DAMMIT RV!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Maybe the AD is taking the term "Battle Flag" a bit too literally....ok, it doesnt have to ACTUALLY look like it's been IN a battle...
  3. Football Banquet?

    I don't get it, it was a lot of fun back in the day...Because especially after a really successful year, they could EASILY sell out tickets/tables @ $75 per ticket and get 400 people on the floor of the colosseum = $30K Gross. Seems like an easy fundraiser...
  4. Football Banquet?

    Doe UNT still have these? I went years ago back when Dodge was coach, but havent seen anything about this season's banquet, if tickets are available to the public, etc. Anyone know anything?
  5. Home Opener Against SMU

    Yeah It was. I remember so many people had the top of their knees sunburned that day. 1:00 kickoff in September, against a school that could drive home in 45 mins, in100 degrees. Thank you RV, brillant idea. 🙄
  6. FAU - Boca Raton Bowl

    FAU must be proud to have this jackass representing their program on National TV
  7. How does attendance look on TV?

    Not clear If we had a choice, but if we did, we picked the wrong bowl to go to. Poor crowd, outplayed by a clearly better team. Hope the team had fun in the Big Easy.
  8. Greetings from the 118th Army Navy Game
  9. College Gameday N.O Bowl predictions

    Few weeks ago, all of them, including Bear, picked Army to beat us.
  10. Greetings from the 118th Army Navy Game

    Yep. We’re Navy fans and have gone the past 6 years. Oh well. Not everyone can beat Army on a last second field goal.
  11. Hahaha

    SMU won’t show to this. Like everything else, they’ll act like this is beneath them, they deserve a better bowl, blah blah blah.
  12. Every time when one of these referendums comes up, the Daily, Tweets, FB everything gets blasted with the contingent of students who don't care at all for sports, and decide to put down their XBox controller for a couple of days, and finally stand up for something they "believe" in, and shout "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" from the mountain top, and try and convince all of their friends to do the same... In reality, it's not fair for me to criticize/profile those students like that, the same way they criticize the reasons/justifications behind the proposed increases. There's always 2 sides to an argument, and I'd like to think that I can objectively look at their side... They will argue, that it's an increase in money, and they're already paying enough, period. OK - I get that...I gotta admit, the cost of tuition just seems to escalate every semester, nationwide. But, if that's your argument, leave it at that...Nothing more....Shut up....You hit oil, stop drilling... I get SO angry when they start pulling ridiculous reasons out of their A$$ "I don't like sports, so why should I pay for it?" "Do we REALLY know where the money is going?" "I'm so sick of Athletics getting all the money. Why don't they give that money to the Arts/Music/etc dept, they have out dated equipment?" If YOU really want the ARTS/MUSIC etc departments to have new shiny stuff, then why don't YOU get off your A$$ and spearhead a campaign to raise money for such items????????? Or work with the dean of your department to help turn this into a grass-roots movement????????? Hell, do it and I'll even throw some money at the cause because I believe in the ENTIRE university, not just athletics....But it's easy to sit there and throw shade at Athletics, because you don't understand it, or have taken some kinda solemn vow to never go to a football game, because it's somehow beneath you... You don't like football? OK seriously, I can respect that...Do you also hate the outdoors, spending time with friends, wearing pride on your face, hot dogs and marching bands? If so, then you're right, you'd be absolutely miserable on a Saturday night at Apogee in the fall. 23,000 people are in that place generally having fun, so much in fact they actually interact with each other and cheer out loud...Might not kill you to take a peek just once...So put on your best Emo makeup and get out there! In short, I can respect your money...But come up with a valid argument, and don't dis something you know nothing about. One day your'e gonna leave UNT, and God willing, your mother's basement, and have to sit across the desk from an potential employer. Your degree and department should speak for themselves....But Athletics/Branding is juggernaut of a calling card that people recognize because it will get more media attention than your major did...
  13. SMU considering Littrell among others

    Money plays a big part. But I also think the following: a. Litrell while being considered, he wouldn’t be SMU’s first pick, maybe not even 3rd or 4th. He not part of their “culture” b. I’d like to think that Litrell, being a smart guy, and has his eye on something bigger. If I were him, I wouldn’t go to SMU, when the likelihood of TTech job will be likely be open soon, possibly by mid season next year. On the record, KK was given another year. I’m guessing Off the record, KK was told he better win a certain number of games by mid season, etc. He starts losing, he’ll be gone, SL phone will ring. I’m gonna hate it when he leaves, but can’t stop a guy for taking care of his family C. Personal feelings aside, while money can change minds, I think Litrell would recognize that going to SMU could some have negetive blowback. He has goals here, he sees things through. To bail on his team and staff (And believe me, I’m not saying it DOESNT happen.) for a program that isn’t a big step. Right off the bat, can SMU immediately pay SL more money? Sure, likely so. But will it be enough for him to go to rival school, only 40 miles away, with terrible attendance? I say No. Again, I think he’s gonna get a bigger better opportunity mid-late next season. d. Do we absolutely know, 100% for sure that NOBODY called SL about consideration/interviewing? He very well have turned down some considerations, maybe a little bigger or smaller. He might the kind of guy that puts those things away and won’t talk about it. When North Texas considered head coach possibilities in the past, they have had candidates that we never had any idea were contacted until several months afterwards. Some were interviewed, some just weren’t interested, but it wasn’t revealed to anyone til much later.
  14. SMU considering Littrell among others

    Denton is only 40 miles from SMU, but last time we played them at Apogee, they brought only about 250 people. (Yes, INCLUDING their band)