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  1. Basketball and football are over

    Ah the majestic sounds of the clink of the bat. College baseball < MLB
  2. Updated Roster for Spring Ball

    Yea I didn’t remember him doing much other than returning a few kickoffs last season but it surprised me that he would leave after getting playing time as a true freshman walk-on.
  3. Updated Roster for Spring Ball

    Any ideas on why Connor Howard left?
  4. Updated Roster for Spring Ball

    What happened with Connor Howard, the WR from Westlake? Any ideas @TheReal_jayD? @BTG_Fan1?
  5. ‘19 RB Garrison Johnson (Manvel)

    247 has Kirk Martin listed as his primary recruiter at Syracuse.
  6. Updated Roster for Spring Ball

    Yep, that’s the one. I know Burress is coaching up in OK but hadn’t seen anything of Chapman.
  7. Updated Roster for Spring Ball

    Whatever happen to the Ryan before Ryan? The DE from China Spring that came before him? Any idea?
  8. '19 QB Maverick McIvor (San Angelo)

    Yes, my understanding was that he was asked to leave the university and not the football program.
  9. '19 QB Maverick McIvor (San Angelo)

    Even DeMarcus Smith(who was a me first guy) and Dajon Williams (who got thrown out of school)?
  10. But is it really that hard to believe coach? Look inward and you may find the answer. Don’t pull a Baker Mayfield and act like nobody recruited you.
  11. It’s tragic that some of these HS coaches let their egos get in the way of these young men making the best decision for their own future. That coach hung this kid out to dry waiting for an offer that never came. Oh well, if he has to go P5, he will likely enjoy a year at juco first.
  12. '19 QB Maverick McIvor (San Angelo)

    Canales coached Rivers in ‘01 and ‘02 which means he didn’t recruit Rivers and he also didn’t coach Rivers in his best season(the one that got him that 3rd overall draft spot). But I guess he can wow the recruits with that, “I spent a couple seasons with the Chargers quarterback back in college at NC State.” . Never mind the fact that he has been coaching quarterbacks for nearly 25 years and only has Phillip Rivera to hang his hat on. What has he been doing in the 16 years since he last coached Rivers? Because from my understanding I believe he has spent it job hunting because he has been run from one job to the next ever since. SEC qb coach my rear. He got run out of Utah State because they had their worst season of their current HC’s tenure the one year Chico was there. He then went to the other UT and helped Butch Jones get fired. Diner will be fired within 4 years and Chico won’t last any longer than that if he makes it that long. I appreciate Canales’ positive attitude while he was here but I’m glad we “LOCKed THE GATE” behind him when he left.