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  1. Marshall QB declares for NFL Draft

    Could be one of those deals where he graduated and didn’t want to spend another year in college so he does the draft dog and pony show knowing full well he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of being drafted. Also, Marshall has a new OC coming so that could be a factor too.
  2. Todd Dodge to UT

    Thompson was a Todd Dodge signee. He was signed in ‘09. The last Dickey signee should’ve left by ‘11 or ‘12. ‘Kelvin Drake and Craig Robertson were the last Dickey players I can recall seeing playing time. 2013 was all Dodge and Mac players.
  3. Harrell rumor

    I wish I had a link but I don’t. A buddy of mine that went to Tech asked me if it was true and so I asked him where he heard it and he said it was from their board. I never saw the thread directly, he was just asking me if it was true, I hadn’t heard anything which is why I posted it here to be vetted.
  4. Harrell rumor

    Haha I love it.
  5. Harrell rumor

    They just needed a reason to talk about Todd Dodge again.
  6. Comes from Scott Hall country looks like.
  7. Wilson Signs with Leigh Steinberg

    Best of luck to Jeff.
  8. Harrell rumor

    Yes. This is a rumor going around the Tech boards right now. It may just be to rile up the crowd but I figured I’d put it up here anyway so Don Vito, et al could see if there is any smoke to it.
  9. Harrell rumor

    Rumor out that Graham Harrell may head to UT as a 10th assistant. Please let this be false.
  10. Todd Dodge to UT

    Fred Bleil, Ron Mendoza, and Gary DeLoach. Robertson was a Dickey recruit. He redshirted in ‘06 while Dodge was coaching Southlake to a state title. Dodge recruited NFL talent in Orr, Dunbar, Antonio Johnson, and Brelan but Dickey recruited NFL talent in Awasome, Kennedy, Spencer, Cobbs, Quinn, and I’m sure I’m missing some. Even McCarney got Cyril Lemon and Trice in here. So every coach in recent years recruited at least one player with NFL level talent. It’s still too soon to know on Littrell but Guyton, Bussey, and a few others look very promising.
  11. Todd Dodge to UT

    I don’t know about the other schools but I do know that Fossil Ridge was a relatively new school when he was there. I know because we played against him in HS. He was their 2nd head coach and started in coaching them in their 3rd football season. They went 2-8 the season before he took the reins.
  12. Todd Dodge to UT

    Yep, in the season he got fired we had 11 starters injured in the first 3 games including Tune and Thompson(qb1 and qb2). Qb turned wr because of ulnar nerve damage Riley Dodge was forced back into a qb role even though he had little to no velocity. Riley got hurt mid-season and qb4 walk-on wr Chase “Tebow” Baine was called to the starting qb role. TD had a bad start due to bad decisions and a bad finish due to bad luck.
  13. Todd Dodge to UT

    I did and while Todd Dodge’s teams were frustrating to watch at times, the games were much more fun to watch than 05-06 Dickey. 05-06 were the hardest to watch other than 2015. 2015 was just disgusting. Wow, those downvoting are saying that Dodge’s team was less entertaining than 05-06 Dickey? I’m guessing you didn’t see that 7OT pillow fight disaster of a game against winless FIU.
  14. Todd Dodge to UT

    He could actually be really good surrounded by actual experienced college coaches.
  15. Giovanni Vizza - UTSA

    To put it BLUNTly, it was HIGH time Gio was ROLLED out there as a real assistant instead of waiting in the WEEDs.