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  1. I thought you were one of the ones that said Seth and Co couldn’t recruit. I could be wrong, I have been wrong before, just ask my wife. If I was wrong then please accept my apologies.
  2. Cr1028

    3 Years Ago: A QB Race

    As a reminder, here is the stat line for Greer and McNulty combined for that first game in 2014 when we were coming off a bowl championship season with Thompson. 3 of 17 for 15 yards and 4 interceptions. One interception was a 28 yard pick 6. There was also a fumble lost by one of them. Greer’s QBR was -11.1 while McNulty’s was -40.2. Worst quarterbacking performance I’ve seen at any level. Just to recap, we completed more passes for more yards and more points to the opponent than we did to our own team. Almost impossibly bad but we found a way to do it coming off a 9 win season.
  3. Cr1028

    3 Years Ago: A QB Race

    Yea the qb there won the d2 equivalent of the heisman and got signed by the rams as a udfa
  4. Cr1028

    Chase Griffin

    Austin news doing what Austin news does to mid-majors. Make us out to be trash like we are a fcs program. “Before UCLA, his best offer? North Texas.” That was not meant to be flattering. Somebody ought to tell old Bob Ballou that Mason Fine had a better season than UCLA’s Josh Rosen.
  5. Cr1028

    Change to Redshirt Rules

    That happened but in the end it didn’t matter because he redshirted the following season due to injury anyway so he would’ve lost both seasons regardless. You don’t get a medical redshirt at that time unless you can prove your first season redshirt was due to injury. But yes, if Derek Thompson had not been injured in 2010, this rule (had it been in effect at the time), would’ve given his eligibility for 2009 back.
  6. Cr1028

    '19 QB Will Kuehne (Owasso)

    Offers from Brown, Dartmouth, Arkansas State, and Maryland in addition to our offer. He would be our highest rated quarterback (star-wise) on 247 since 2008. Chase Griffin is rated higher but his offer list is exclusively Ivy league and us. Heck, I'd love to have them both. I hope Will sticks with that North Texas Legacy. Be the change.
  7. Damn, they had to wait til I will be out of town. Oh well, I will just see them at Apogee instead.
  8. I’m not complaining one bit. If you had told me 3 years ago that we would have one of the 25 best quarterbacks in college football, i wouldn’t have believed a word out of your lying mouth.
  9. Cr1028

    Owls ranked #17 USA Today

  10. Cr1028

    2 C-USA QBs drafted in 2018

    He wasn’t the same after the Army game collision with captain cheapshot. I truly believe Bussey is every bit as good as Guyton and just a step slower.
  11. He’s a really good player despite being from the wrong team
  12. Cr1028

    Tobe Nwigwe is now a famous rapper

    I think I remember in a video he did for meangreensports he was referred to as Tobe like lobe or robe and not the Toe-bee as it was pronounced when he was at NT.