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  1. looks like UTEP found a QB

    I have no idea why you say "Not enough to win a bunch of games.." We'd be drooling over the recruit. 4 Star QB and Top 300 player in the country in 2015. Here is his profile: His offer list is crazy too.
  2. C-USA Updated Pomeroy Numbers

    That loss to Charlotte really sucked.... Real eyesore of the season so far. Should have won against ODU, but simply couldn't make free throws, but that is a not a "bad" loss.
  3. DRC late night hoops rewind: UNT 85, Rice 78

    Duffy didn't play. Is he injured too?
  4. NT Daily: Temara's block seals win over UTSA

    Anyone found a video of the "block"?

    Merry Christmas!!
  6. This is definitely good news. What would Tikhonenko have done if they did not? Go back to high school to take classes the NCAA said he needed? Like I said in another thread, this is a bunch of horse sh*t! If this were Duke or any other noted P5 bball program, he would have been cleared before the start of the season.
  7. Georgetown (12/20/17)

    We are only 9 point dogs on this against a really good Georgetown team. We took a very good San Diego team by surprise... this might be a better game than predicted. I guess we hang with them for most of the game only to lose in the closing minutes, if we lose.
  8. Kiffin signs 10 year extension

    I remember that thread where Kiffin said he loved living there.... I guess he meant it.
  9. San Diego (12/16/17)

    I was thinking the same thing. Would be nice to have another athletic big man beneath the basket. The NCAA sucks. They are so biased. If this was a noted P5 basketball program, they would have cleared this player before the season even started. Atrocious! Robbing this young man (and our team) of playing time...almost half the season is done. THE NCAA powers that be SUCK!!!
  10. This staff is ours until WE want them gone

    I mentioned in another thread that essentially our defense sucks and got down voted multiple times. What's wrong with good analysis even if it doesn't involve green kool-aid?
  11. Louisiana-Lafayette

    I'd take Louisiana but only if they drop the "Lafayette" from their name. I'm tired of hyphenated schools. Sounds very minor league. :-)
  12. College Gameday N.O Bowl predictions

    I'm not surprised by their predictions. When your defense plays mostly terrible against non-bottom feeder teams, it's expected that you will lose against a once ranked Troy.
  13. Mario Cristobal

    FIU really screwed up on that one. I remember he had them playing very respectable, and he even turned down a P5 job because dedicated to FIU. They have one down season, and fired him... idiots.
  14. Missouri home and home in exchange for...

    I would say hard to hold on to everyone exclusively on the offensive side of the ball. Let's face it, our defense was horrible except against the CUSA bottom feeders. I've wondered if we might not have a new defensive coordinator next season.