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  1. chrisfisher

    CBS Sports Network C-USA TV schedule 2018

    Because SEC Network is showing it already.
  2. chrisfisher

    CBS Sports Network C-USA TV schedule 2018

    Get a grip guys. TV contracts are not about respect, but instead eyeballs on the TV. CBS picks the games they think they can get the most viewers to sell TV ads. Notice that 4/9 regular season games involve out-of-conference match ups... Houston, Indiana, Virginia Tech, and NC State. If I were paying big time $$$ for games, I'd do this too. They try to get games that can generate the most fan/viewer interest.... When they broadcast our UNT vs. FAU game, if they have fantastic numbers, they will want to pay for more UNT games... fans need to turn out for our game and on TV.
  3. I hope for the best, but this never (ever!) works out for UNT.... The crooked NCAA will see to it that this does not work either by denying the waiver or waiting an extended period of time to even consider it while the whole season passes this athlete by.
  4. chrisfisher

    The Newest Helmet Technology: VICIS Zero1

    This new technology could not only protect the athletes significantly better, but also save football from the concussion related issues that are on the horizon. The original intent of the plastic helmets was to reduce skull fractures, which it does a great job. However, I do not think they really understood the process of a concussion decades ago like we do now...They unknowingly created a helmet that facilitated concussions....Good intentions, but bad design.
  5. chrisfisher


    I read somewhere that he is on a academic scholarship and doesn't need an athletic scholarship.
  6. chrisfisher

    DRC: UNT signs JC wing

    Nice! Sounds like a good addition to the team with some much needed height in the guard/small forward position.
  7. chrisfisher

    DRC: JUCO wing high on UNT after visit to school

    Two star recruit with great height for a guard...much needed height.
  8. I'm not disappointed. When was the last time we had a Top 25 QB?
  9. K State has an in-home visit for him. Scouts shows him as a 1-star recruit. He must of had a heck of season at NJIT (signed in 2016) to receive all this attention, including from a power program like Kansas State.
  10. chrisfisher

    Marcus Davenport goes 14th in !st Round

    I've read and re-read your posts on this thread. I'm trying to figure out your point here? We need more people drafted? That seems too obvious. I think you might have a different point?
  11. chrisfisher

    Tony is back

    My heart skipped beat....Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Not Tony Bendford! Phew! Tony Mitchell, nice!
  12. chrisfisher

    DRC: UNT picks up commitment from Larry Wise

    Looks like a quality pick-up with quality offers! Nice too that we now have a 6'5" guard... we are lacking in the height department.
  13. One of the best basketball reviews I've seen in a long time with all of the video examples. Great job!