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  1. scratch1976

    Yahooooo! Ranks All 39 Bowl Games

    Read what they said about S. Miss three way tie in the west! What?
  2. scratch1976

    What is really disappointing and ironic

    Troy 10-2 .. win over Akrum 7-6 who FAU is playing in bowl game and they beat LSU 8-3. Bowl destination New Orleans and game on Saturday before Christmas. Troy is a good team!
  3. scratch1976

    CUSA Bowls Confirmed

    By the way Troy beat Akcrum 7-6 this season. Not to mention LSU 8-3. Troy did win 10 games!
  4. scratch1976

    DePaul at NTSU

    I was there!
  5. scratch1976

    Not gonna lie

    the Magic man or Magic Fine!
  6. scratch1976

    Two Free Tickets HoD

    I'll take my grandson can go to game cell 972-896-8786 Thanks Rick
  7. Anybody got extra tickets for HOD Bowl my grandson is able to go now. You can text me at 972-896-8786 Thanks Rick
  8. My grandson Hunter able to attend HOD Bowl game tomorrow. Anybody got extra tickets? You can text me at 972-896-8786 Rick You can text me at 972-896-8786 Rick
  9. scratch1976

    Did u know Army beat ...

    Army beat Temple and Navy both teams the best of the AAC. At least who played in the AAC title game.
  10. scratch1976

    3-2 makes history for Littrell!

    We got credit for 10-1 season instead of 9-2. Players playing ineligible. We might have lost on field but rewarded with win because of cheating! There has to be consequences when you cheat! I'm proud of UNT that as far as I know never been put on probation! I hate a cheater!
  11. scratch1976

    3-2 makes history for Littrell!

    just so u know which I think most do, those Miss St. L's turned to W's due to cheating by Miss St. using ineligible players...that's how we have record 10-1 ... all those Miss. St. L's turned to W's back in the 70's ... cheaters never win!
  12. scratch1976

    Bethune-Cookeman Program Info

    they also have men's baseball team!
  13. Is Stephen Dieb from Highland Park on UNT team???
  14. scratch1976

    What should I wear September 3?

    Be the 12th fan! Be loud! Be proud! And wear your green! Make yourself part of the Mean Green!