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  1. Jacksonville State (3/21/18)

    I prefer us being the dog. Think we play better when we are. GMG!
  2. Basketball and football are over

    Oh, ok. That makes sense. I like the pace. Like people say, it's a talking sport, more laid back than most sports. With the way people's attention spans are shrinking, baseball doesn't stand a chance.
  3. Basketball and football are over

    Alright, I'll bite. Why?
  4. DRC: Saturday practice notes, thoughts

    True, but guard?
  5. Cool stickers this year

    Never received them before. Or I thought the thing i received was a membership card.
  6. Cool stickers this year

    To piggy back off this topic. Are the Olympic sport's passes our gift for donating? I do like the stickers too by the way. Also, I guess Connor and you aren't on a first name basis lime he an I. ;)
  7. DRC: Saturday practice notes, thoughts

    Am I the only one that thinks Jordan Murray playing second team guard is a big deal? Wtf happened here for Vito to think Woodworth would start over him?
  8. Looks like we added another to the '18 haul

    That seemed like a vague tweet. An "offer to play" I would think he would of used the word scholarship if there was one offered to him.
  9. Wilson's Combine

    This sucks! This sucks! This sucks! This sucks!
  10. jordan lynch of northern illinois finished 3rd in 2013 behind jameis winston and aj mccarron. he threw for 2900 yards and rushed for 1900 yards.
  11. I'm putting th he over/under at 4.58
  12. Florida Atlantic (2/24/18)

    The second half is atrocious
  13. Florida Atlantic (2/24/18)

    Has the game started?