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  1. Since I haven't yet seen a GMG group mentioned for this year's tournament, I went ahead and created one called "GMG Tournament Challenge" (so catchy--I know). If you have a bracket filled out via ESPN, please join!
  2. Mercer (3/19/18)

    Too soon
  3. Still no word on TV/Internet viewing options?
  4. According to the NT Daily article, we received the invitation a month ago. Exactly one month ago we were 14-11 and competing for one of the first round byes in the CUSA tournament. We appeared to be on the upswing at that point, and one could have reasonably projected us to finish with 18, 19 wins or more. In my opinion, the chance to pull off an upset against a really good team in a meaningful postseason game provides a great opportunity to put that nasty 1-7 finish firmly in the rearview mirror as we prepare for next season. Every single one of our players who will be available against South Dakota will be back next year. .
  5. It must be the CBI, which is a pleasant surprise!
  6. Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    So, we're going to finish the season by losing 7 of 8. I am very happy to have McCasland overall, but that is a HUGE cause for concern moving forward.
  7. Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    The last 8 minutes or so of the first half do not give me much hope for the second half.
  8. Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    CUSA has got to have the worst officiating crew in the nation. They get duped by everything.
  9. Expectations for UNT in 2018 tourney?

    Whatever team we face in the first round will be better than the bad UTEP team we couldn't beat at home. My expectation, sadly, is to immediately lose and hope for our breakout year next season.
  10. UTSA 3/1/2018

    I'm pretty sure we would win the tie breaker vs. FIU and the potential three-way tie with FIU and UAB. Today's games are critical because we can only finish between 6-9, and it is REALLY important to not end up in either the 8 or 9 slot.

    I think good old medium should suffice.
  12. Florida Atlantic (2/24/18)

    Welp, it kind of feels like this team is done for the year. We have a lot to look forward to, but it stings to see how disastrously this season is coming to an end.
  13. DRC: Results of UNT fee vote delayed again

    Touché, good sir.
  14. DRC: Results of UNT fee vote delayed again

    We should probably hold off on castigating an anonymous student (and by extension an entire generation of UNT students/prospective students) based on a slew of assumptions and no actual facts at this point. As of right now, we don't know the nature of the complaint and if it does/does not have merit. We don't know which side the student who filed the complaint represents. We don't know what side would have won had the results been announced as scheduled.

    OK, I'm in. You had me at "real basketball gym."