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  1. NM Green

    Garbage Stadium Rankings from the DMN

    With all due respect the sun bowl should be in top 7. An awesome venue to watch a game in. I highly encourage all Mean Green fans to stay at Camino real in early October and witness a Mean Green victory under the desert night. It’s pretty awesome. The Dome belongs on the bottom 2 it’s a dump. GMG
  2. NM Green

    Mean Green gear at Target in Houston

    That is a sharp shirt. Happy Father’s Day! GMG
  3. NM Green


    It is great to have expectations though. It’s nice to be sitting in the premier section this offseason. Sat next to a Texas Tech fan on the plane and he was asking what it was looking like for us this fall. He proceeded to say that he believed Kliff’s days were numbered in Lubbock. I congratulated him on tech making Omaha and he said it was strange how things were flipped in Lubbock - b-ball and baseball good while football was down. It was nice to reflect on the upswing of our Sports. GMG
  4. NM Green

    Who will be our first signature win?

    Next signature win is going to be over a ranked FAU team on national tv. Never seen my Mean Green beat a ranked football team. This is going to be sweet! GMG
  5. NM Green

    Owls ranked #17 USA Today

    Rushing of the field and goal posts down when we beat them in November! This would be the first win over a nationally ranked team since I’ve been raising my talon since September 1986. Go Mean Green!!!!!
  6. NM Green

    Mean Green 2017 Football Survey Results

    Not all Five Stars are created equal and the best of the best in the land is who we should be striving to be. We have the musicians we have the setting we have an emerging brand. When doesn’t do things to rubber stamp approval. I am confident he read between the lines about what is hitting the mark getting better and needs intense attention. Its like trying to be the best without knowing how high he bar is really set by the best. keep refining Mean Green! GMG
  7. NM Green

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome Brendan. Too late you’re hooked for life. GMG
  8. NM Green

    DRC: Examining UNT's 2018 schedule

    Chad Morris got an sec job. Littrell will have options. People are looking at him now. liberty is the next BYU. That is going to. E a difficult game. Odu there will be tough. I think we split those. I think we beat uab in bham. I think Fine gets revenge in San Antonio. Utep should be a win but something about that desert and sun bowl. I think we play arky state tough and win. I think we hammer smu and incarnate word. La tech will be tough southern miss will be close. I think we lose a close one to fau. Big wins smu and ark. Upset losses odu and utep. back to boca another loss win the bowl game. GMG
  9. NM Green

    Favorite Mean Green Game

    All of the above plus Idaho for our first bowl game. In 1aa bowl games were a pipe dream now we were heading to one, in New Orleans! Also loved the Nevada game, getting the monkey off our back in a soaker. Beating Texas a&m in the sp then driving home to Santa Fe that night to work the next day. That 15 minute power nap at the Texas border was gold! gmg
  10. NM Green

    Big Question

    To win a championship in Denton in front of the home crowd was sweet and so unique. I loved the sign off of the broadcast tonight, “Goodnight from title town, Denton, Texas. See you for the start of Mean Green Football.” Shortest off-season ever! GMG
  11. NM Green

    CBI Champions

    The radio broadcast was intense and great! They had a long show all the way through the celebration. It feels good to be on top of the CBI World tonight. I saw the Mercer win and thought, this team is fun to watch and just might have something. Then things aligned and bam championship banner going to print soon! GMG
  12. NM Green

    CBI Champions

    That is some nice company! Definitely a top moment in my Mean Green fandom since 1986 and I had to listen to it on the radio in Cali. Still bursting with Pride! GMG
  13. I actually think this is a sideways move by Gonzaga. They could be king of the hill and top 4 seed every year or fade into a BYU status after the big fish moves to the bigger pond. They can play for the national championship from the wcc. They will be lucky to win the mwc in the coming years. UNLV coming Boise strong SDSU always around and Nevada doing it occasionally. They fit the footprint. Here comes BYU to rule the wcc. gmg
  14. I’ve never been a time watcher at athletic events. However, since I started following FC Dallas and the premier league, the fact that I can squeeze a 1:50 minute drop by the pub to watch a game midweek is sweet. The intensity of a game in a 2 hour block start to finish works. 4 hour college football games don’t bother me. 4 hour any other sport games wear me down. Insert baseball, hockey and especially the nfl. So over that league. GMG